Hello there! I’m Ploy, the creative mind behind this blog, responsible for both the captivating words and stunning photographs. Since 2010, I’ve been immersing myself in the wonders of Korea, constantly exploring and discovering new treasures. Despite my decade-long adventure, this captivating land of the morning calm continues to surprise me with its limitless offerings. If you’re seeking inspiration for picture-perfect locations to visit during each season in Korea, consider this blog your treasure trove of ideas. And since I have lived in close proximity to Japan, I’ve become a frequent visitor to the enchanting land of the rising sun. So, amidst the extensive content covering Korea, you’ll also stumble upon exclusive travel guides unveiling the wonders of Japan. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here!


Tun is the website’s troubleshooter, the personal camera holder, as well as the sweet life partner to Ploy. Ploy has crafted this ‘about’ section to shed light on Tun’s identity, as his name frequently appears in various entries. He loves good food and is a big fan of Eomuk (Korean fish cake). His unwavering passion has led to numerous remarkable culinary finds featured on this blog.

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