Spring in Korea

Gallery: Romantic Spring Outside Seoul – Misari Regatta Park

Misari Regatta Park (미사리 조정경기장) was established and used as the hosting ground for the rowing and canoeing competition during the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Olympics. Now it has become one friendly recreational park in the neighborhood of Misa-dong in Hanam City, Gyeonggi Province, in the vicinity of 20 km east of Seoul.

After accomplishing its original purpose of serving for the rowing race, the park was open to the public free of charge later in May 1995. It is becoming such a popular place for relaxation. There are various sports and leisure facilities for friends and families to enjoy particularly during spring or summer season.

According to my last visit, it was at the end of April, I considered this place could also be one great spot for those who love to witness the beauty of cherry blossoms. The heart of Misari Park is a big lake surrounded by bike trails and hiking paths. At the opposite side to the main parking area, there a long line of Gyup-beotkkot (겹벚꽃), another cherry tree variety with deep pink petals and voluminous bunches awaited in full blooms. Strolling along this beautiful road of flowering trees is one thing you cannot miss when visiting this park in Spring!

Gallery: Gyup-beotkkot in Misari Speedboat Park

Essential Info About Misari Regatta Park

3-16, Misa-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do (
경기도 하남시 미사대로 신장동 505)

Option1: Gangdong Station (Subway line 5) --> Exit 4 --> Take bus number 1-4 --> Get off at Misari Regatta Park rear gate

Option2: Cheonho Station (Subway line 5 or 8) --> Exit 7 --> Take bus number 1-4 --> Get off at Misari Regatta Park rear gate

Parking facilities:
Available (very spacious parking areas)

Parking Fee:
small cars|2000 to 4000 KW,
Large vehicles | up to 10000 KW

Access Map

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