Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo: Elevating the Yukhoe Experience in Korea

Yukhoe (육회), also known as Korean-style beef tartare, is often listed as one of the must-try adventurous foods when visiting Korea, and I wholeheartedly agree with that recommendation. It took me years of living in Korea before I finally mustered up the courage to try my first bite of Yukhoe. Since then, I can’t go a month without visiting a Korean beef tartare restaurant. However, my recent discovery of Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo restaurant has taken my yukhoe cravings to a whole new level. What used to be a few visits within a month has turned into a weekly indulgence. In this article, I will share all the reasons why Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo keeps drawing me back for their delicious servings.

About Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo:

Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo (육회바른연어), which translates to “Beef Tartare & Salmon,” is a Korean franchise that specializes in, as the name suggests, serving yukhoe and salmon. With over 55 branches operating throughout the country, it has become a prominent presence in the culinary scene.

What makes the brand successful?

The ever-increasing number of Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo restaurants and my personal spending habits are a testament to the brand’s success. Here are a few reasons why yukhoe enthusiasts, like myself, adore this place:


In Korea, dishes made with beef or salmon are generally considered expensive. For example, a single plate of yukhoe can cost anywhere from 20,000 won to 30,000 won. The price for salmon, served as sashimi, is even higher. However, at Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo, you can enjoy unlimited refills (무한리필) of yukhoe for only 19,900 won—a rare option among yukhoe restaurants. Moreover, for those who love both salmon and beef tartare, Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo offers unlimited refills of yukhoe and yeoneo (salmon) for 27,900 won.

Options for Solo Diners:

Apart from their renowned unlimited refills, Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo also caters to solo diners with various single portion meals. They offer deopbap (rice bowls topped with toppings) options such as yukhoe deopbap (육회덮밥) for only 6,900 won and yeoneo deopbap (연어덮밥) for 8,900 won. For those who want to savor both yukhoe and yeoneo, the Yukyeon deopbap (육연덮밥), a combination of both toppings, is priced at a reasonable 8,900 won. Additionally, they serve a generous bowl of Yukhoe Jjolmyeon (육회쫄면)—chewy noodles marinated in a sweet and tangy gochujang (chili paste) sauce, topped with yukhoe—for 14,900 won. Although this option is intended for a group of two, it’s worth every bite.

Taking Yukhoe to the Next Level:

While rice bowl selections are commonly found in yukhoe and yeoneo restaurants, Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo goes above and beyond by offering cho-bap (sushi) options. In addition to yukhoe and yeoneo sushi, they include unique variations like steak sushi (스테이크초밥) and tofu sushi (유부초밥) on their menu to add a touch of excitement. The torch burned steak sushi is a standout, offering a unique and delicious twist to the traditional yukhoe. Another noteworthy option is the tofu sushi, which comes with flavorful fillings such as spicy yukhoe and raw squid cut-ups, although the availability of the latter may vary with the season. The tofu sushi starts at a reasonable price of 2,500 won per piece and boasts a satisfyingly plump serving of yubu-cho-bap.

Finding a Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo Restaurant:

Since I moved to the Sinjeongnegeori neighborhood area, I have frequented the Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo Sinjeongnegeori Branch (육회바른연어 신정네거리점) the most. All the qualities described above are based on my experiences at this particular branch. However, if you’re eager to sample the delightful offerings of Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo, you can easily find one of their branches in trendy areas of Seoul, such as Hongdae, Wangsimni, Jongno, Yeongdeungpo, and Socho.

In conclusion, I’ve shared my thoughts and reasons behind my admiration for Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo. If you’re considering trying the adventurous delicacy of yukhoe in Korea, this establishment is an excellent place to start your culinary journey!

Access to Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo Sinjeongnegeori Branch

Quick Info About Yukhoe Bareun Yeoneo Sinjeongnegeori Branch

Address: 서울 양천구 중앙로 286 1층 101호
Naver Map: Link 
Hours: 11:00AM~2:00AM (Everyday)
Phone: 02-2696-5418
Website: http://육회바른연어.com

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