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Greetvi Coffee: Where Architecture Meets Ocean Views in Ulsan

During my recent trip to Busan, we decided to swing by Ulsan, a city that always felt close to my heart, not just as a travel blogger but as a process engineer. Ulsan’s rep as South Korea’s industrial giant usually brings to mind rusty shipyards and clusters of factories. But surprise, surprise—turns out it’s also home to the coolest ocean-view café, GREETVI COFFEE Seosang branch. Shoutout to our spontaneous vibes for adding it to our plans. Now, I’ve got another awesome café to recommend! Let’s dive in and see what GREETVI COFFEE Seosang is all about.

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    Spreading good vibes through cozy, modern spaces and killer ocean views is GREETVI COFFEE’s game. Both spots, one in Busan’s Ilgwang Township and the other in Ulsan’s Seosang, rock eye-catching architecture right by the sea. While the Ilgwang joint serves up tasty brunch plates, it’s the Seosang spot that’s stealing the show lately, almost eclipsing the Busan store. What’s the hype? The Oceanic Auditorium, as I like to call it! Plus, the GREETVI COFFEE Seosang Branch snagged the 2022 Architecture Awards for its unique design, adding extra shine to its already glowing reputation!

    GREETVI COFFEE Seosang Spot:

    Just a 30-minute drive from Songjeong Beach in Busan, the GREETVI COFFEE Seosang Branch (그릿비 서생점) is the perfect pitstop, especially if you’re hanging out on the east side of Busan. Curious to know more and figure out if it’s worth a visit? Here’s the scoop to help you make up your mind:

    The Architectural Marvel:

    For those who appreciate modern spaces, the GREETVI COFFEE Seosang branch deserves a prime spot on your Korea bucket list. The building’s exterior is crafted in the form of a coffee dripper, with two triangles converging in the center, symbolizing the brand’s commitment and future. This innovative concept clinched the Architecture Award for the branch last year. In stark contrast to the traditional vibes of the nearby Korean fisherman village, the cafe’s polygonal design and neutral color palette inject a futuristic spectacle into the surroundings.

    A Multifaceted Seating Experience:

    Within the confines of the cafe, three floors unfold, each offering a unique and captivating ambiance.

    The first floor beckons you with a welcoming walkway adorned with fluttering grass, leading to a spacious area with high ceilings. Here, you’ll encounter the ordering counter, a pastry table, and cozy seating by floor-to-ceiling windows. Adjacent to this space, a sand garden awaits, where the ocean breeze accompanies the joy of your little ones building sandcastles.

    Ascend to the second floor, a charming loft boasting the same breathtaking view as the first floor but from an elevated perspective. What sets this floor apart is the addition of a photo printing machine, injecting an extra element of fun into the atmosphere.

    Venture to the third floor, where the GREETVI COFFEE Seosang Branch’s pièce de résistance awaits: the ocean cinema. This auditorium-style room, akin to a concert hall, features rows of seats facing a massive wall made of crystal-clear glass windows, serving as a captivating monitor screen. Picture the anticipation of entering a movie theater, only this time your chosen cinematic experience is the awe-inspiring view of the East Sea, a spectacle designed to soothe and calm your mind.

    For those craving a higher vantage point, two rooftop seating areas provide an opportunity to relax and soak in the expansive ocean vistas. It’s an ideal spot to unwind and revel in the coastal beauty. With views that seem to transcend earthly bounds, you’ll feel as if you’re suspended among the clouds, with the vast expanse of the ocean unfurling before you.

    What’s Cooking at GREETVI COFFEE Seosang Branch:

    Let’s take a peek at the delectable offerings on the menu of this GREETVI COFFEE branch. The beverage selection is quite extensive, catering to both coffee enthusiasts and those looking for non-caffeinated options. Here’s a breakdown of some drink choices and their prices at GREETVI COFFEE Seosang Branch:


    • Espresso: 5,000KW
    • Americano: 5,000KW (hot) / 5,500KW (iced)
    • Caffe Latte: 5,500KW (hot) / 6,000KW (iced)
    • Vanilla Latte: 6,000KW (hot) / 6,500KW (iced)
    • Condensed Milk Shot Latte: 6,000KW (hot) / 6,500KW (iced)
    • Cold Brew: 5,500KW (hot) / 6,000KW (iced)
    • Decaf Cold Brew: 6,000KW (hot) / 6,500KW (iced) 

    Signatures (only ice):

    • GREETVI Coffee: 7,500KW
    • Blueberry Cream Latte: 7,500KW
    • Mizane Chamomile: 7,500KW
    • Mangone Lemon Sky: 7,500KW
    • Yujane Fruit Berry: 7,500KW

    When it comes to baked goods and sweet treats at GREETVI COFFEE Seosang Branch, the variety is even more extensive than the beverage options. A lengthy table displays an array of choices, including madeleines, salted bread, croissants, bagels, tarts, scones, and more. But the sweet journey doesn’t stop there – a temperature-controlled case next to the ordering counter features additional cake options, such as cupcakes, tiramisu, and cheesecake. It’s a true paradise for those with a sweet tooth!

    Extra Nuggets of Info:

    Now that you’re well-acquainted with the enchantments of GREETVI COFFEE Seosang Branch, and if you’re all in for adding this café to your schedule, here are some additional insights to keep in mind:

    Kid-Free Zones: Unfortunately, kiddos aren’t allowed in certain areas like the third-floor highlight room and the rooftops. It’s a safety precaution, given the design of these spaces—high altitudes and numerous decorative elements, mainly rocks and shiny steel furniture, make them less suitable for little ones.

    Prime Time for a Visit: From a photography standpoint, I’d suggest planning your visit before noon for the optimal lighting and a picture-perfect glistening view of the ocean. Since the establishment faces the East Sea where the sun rises, mornings showcase the ocean in its full glory, with sunlight streaming through the café’s windows.

    Nearby Gems: Explore the vicinity with attractions like Sunrise Mureungdowon Park, Nasa Beach, M.Amply Cafe, and Ganjeolgot

    Getting to GREETVI COFFEE Seosang Branch via Public Transportation:

    For those not up for driving, here are alternative public transportation options to reach GREETVI COFFEE in Ulsan from major cities like Seoul and Busan.

    From Seoul:

    The quickest route involves taking the KTX train from Seoul Station to Ulsan Station. Upon arrival, catch bus number 5001 at exits 2 or 3 of the station. Ride for 5 stops, then transfer to town bus number 715 at the City Hall bus stop (stop number 31109). Finally, disembark at Sinam Entrance bus stop (stop number 15951), and you’ll find the cafe just 5 minutes away. While the entire journey is feasible, it can be time-consuming and involves several transfers, not to mention potential costs, especially with the KTX train ticket possibly reaching 50,000KW. Consider planning your visit to GREETVI COFFEE Seosang Branch when you’re in Busan—it’s closer and more convenient!

    From Busan:

    If you’re starting from Busan, hop on the Donghae Line train and get off at Jwacheon Station (좌천역). From there, take town bus Gijang-gun 3 (기장군3) at exit 1. Ride for 14 stops and alight at Haesutang (해수탕) Bus Stop. The cafe is a mere 2-minute walk down the road!

    Access Map:

    Quick Info About GREETVI COFFEE Seosang Branch:

    Address: 울산 울주군 서생면 신암해안1길 4
    Naver Map: Link
    Hours: 10:00AM~9:00PM (8:30 PM last order)
    Instagram: @greetvicoffee

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