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Cafe in Taean – Travel Break Coffee

It is June already and the sweating heat striking Korea hard keeps me daydreaming of taking a break and getting chilled somewhere far away and peaceful. This somehow reminds me of my last visit to Taean-gun, a beautiful county on Korea’s western coast. During the trip we took a rest at a cafe which turned out to be one of the most relaxing coffee places that I have ever been to outside of Seoul. It is called Travel Break Coffee (트레블브레이크 커피).

The cafe is located in the pretty secluded area near Changgi Reservoir (창기저수지) in the northern part of Anmyeondo in Taean county, the sixth largest island in Korea. It has a very spacious parking space so you do not have to worry about driving around looking for a spot that is close to the premises. Follow the track uphill to the entrance then you can see how big this coffee place is. There are many rooms that provide indoor seating and terraces for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Focusing on the outside, they smartly organized the spaces by placing numbers of wooden tent-shape shelters on the left terrace which has quickly become iconic. Many people who travel with dogs have also  stopped by because it is a pet friendly cafe. We luckily got seats at the popular terrace area which a shelter fits very nicely for a group of 3-4. They have quite a list of beverages varied from coffee, fruit tea, smoothies to bottles of soft drinks. And a few foods and desserts on the menu. From what I saw, the price was a little expensive compared to a regular cafe, especially to the one in Seoul. We ordered two cups of grapefruit tea, one strawberry smoothie, a cup of ice americano, and a dish of honey toast and ended up paying the bill of forty thousand something won. But overall with all the friendly services, clean toilets and lovely mountainous landscape scenery, Travel Break Coffee is still on my recommended list when visiting Taean.

Access Map

More info about Travel Break Coffee
Address: 125 Deungmaru 1-gil, Anmyeon-eup, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Hours: 10:00AM-8PM (Weekdays), 10:00AM-8:30PM (Weekends)
Telephone: +82-50-2266-1000
Naver map: 충남 태안군 안면읍 등마루1길 125

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