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A Stroll Along Han River – Seoul Wave Artcenter

Going for a sluggish stroll along the dividing line of Seoul is always the best favorite way of keeping my mind sharp!

Han River, the fourth longest river on Korea Peninsula, is perhaps the most defining landmark in Seoul. There are more than 10 parks sit on its meandering bank where many fun seekers come for different relaxations. Besides the fun, some are lured here just for the view!

These following shots were taken in Jamwon section of the river nearby Seoul Wave Art Center, the city’s newest landmark that I am going to tell you about in this post.

Opened in late 2019, Seoul Wave art center is a three-storey exhibition venue floating on Han River bank not very far from the Han River Renaissance star, Sebitseom (세빛섬).

I believe that the center is too a part of revitalization of unused urban space in order to create attractions for recreation and culture display. All floors are dedicated to the upcoming showcases of artworks.

Besides being a great place to discover the work of up-and-coming artists, it was a grand opening of the COFFEE WAVE cafe this year that drew me to visit.

Located on the first floor of the building this is probably going to be the closest spot to the Han river surface to sip on a cup of good latte with a spectacular view of Namsan/Seoul tower before your eyes.

Put COFFEE WAVE on your cafe hopping list next time you are in Seoul if you are up for a romantic sunset by the river πŸ™‚

*Last Update: the COFFEE WAVE is now replaced by Starbucks (See new post)

How to get there:

By Seoul city bus: Take bus number 143, 362, or 4318 –> get off at Jamwon Hanshin Apartment bus stop (μž μ›ν•œμ‹ μ•„νŒŒνŠΈ μ •λ₯˜μž₯) –> Use a crossroad in front of CU convenient store –> walk towards or follow the traffic signs to Han River (10 mins)

By Seoul subway: Take subway line 3 –> get off at Jamwon station (μž μ›μ—­) –> come out of exit number 4 –> turn left at the corner of the first road (μž μ›λ‘œ 8κΈΈ) –> walk towards Han river (20 mins)

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