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Autumn in Korea – Glamping in Namyangju

Camping is known as a fantastic activity. It provides hours of enjoyment and a welcome opportunity to expose yourself to wild adventure as well as to connect with your loved ones. What if there is a way you can unwind and connect to nature without relinquishing your material comforts. I believe that is the foundation of glamping aka glamorous camping. It is an idea of catering campers with all convenience in fine accommodations located in the countryside or somewhere you can feel at peace with trees and rivers. Glamping is increasing its popularity and becoming a growing trend internationally. Even here in South Korea, more and more glamping grounds are popping up throughout the country.

With glamping, you no longer have to worry that bad weather will ruin your vacation. Most glamping structures are insulated for toasty indoor temperatures. So now a relaxing stay can never be disturbed for the whole year-round. Even during the fall season where there is nothing like soaking in the last of the Autumn sun to create memories to embrace you over the Winter months.

Last autumn my friends and I spent a joyful weekend glamping at the Dreamping in Namyangju. It is a fifty-minute drive from Gangnam, Seoul on a low-seasoned holiday. And with autumn was around the corner, the scenic mountain landscape along the road was a spectacle to witness with exploding of rust-colored leaves.

Thanks to the route we opted, the glamping site was easy to find, and also allowed us to pass by some local convenient stores. We stopped at the one closest to the ground and picked out some fresh ingredients for our BBQ dinner as well as some extra snacks and drinks. No need to feel obligated to go over this shopping because most of the Korean glamping sites usually provide glampers the Korean style BBQ dinner, it was just good to know you have options.

The Dreamping

At the Dreamping glamping ground, there are 4 main accommodations; Vintage Caravan, Hangul Cabana, Cube Cabana, and VIP Cabana. The privet zone for tents is also allocated for campers who are willing to tote their own tents. After checking in at the customer office, we ran directly to our booked Hangul Cabana. The cabin was fully furnished with a bed, sofa, mini-fridge, air-conditioning, Ondol (Korean underfloor heating system), and even a shower booth. The sleeping area was fairly spacious and easily fits three adults comfortably.

There was a kitchen that extends out onto the wooden deck. Equipped with an old-schooled fire pit, cutlery, plates, pots, and pans. Really, all you need to pack is a change of clothes and anticipation to enjoy your stay. As the sun began to set on the campground, a friendly staff stopped by our cabin with two hands full of firewood. We then started up a fire in the raised pit on our wooden deck to prepare a delightful meal for the night.

As the late-night took over, the temperature falls into a single digit. People started to mingle around the fire pit on their deck incorporating drinking and singing along into the music that comes out of the Bluetooth speakers they brought. Korean traditional camping style was very well observed.

Despite the frigid temperature, the Ondol floor kept us cozy all night. We woke up to a view of the misty river and rusty colored mountains in the morning. After whipping up a brief breakfast of a cup of instant ramen, we took a nice walk around the campground. We found out that The Dreamping also accommodates a number of facilities that provide holiday activities such as climbing, swimming, fishing, and many water leisure activities including wave surfing. They really do know how to keep people sticking around.

All in all, I had so much fun enjoying my first glamping in the Korean countryside. While some might consider it a bit too pricey but I weighted up my stay as good as one decent resort that brought you so close to nature. Moreover, Korea mountainous landscapes and picturesque rivers give out such a nice setting for an outdoor retreat. There is no better way to experience a culture than to immerse yourself in it.


More information about The Dreamping
  • Contact Details: Gyeonggi-do, Namyangju-si, Hwado-eup, Geumnam-ri 105-1 경기도 남양주시 화도읍 금남리 105-1 (북한강로 1630-18)
  • Phone Number: +82 31 595 2345
  • Open: 09.00 | Close: 21.00

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