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Autumn in Yangcheongu – Seoul

Searching for a suitable place to live can become a recurring challenge that you willingly add to your schedule if you have been residing in Korea for a while without having a permanent residence. Typically, rental agreements are set for 1 or 2 years, but you do have the option to extend your stay if you are content with the living conditions, although renewal depends on the room owner’s discretion. From my own experience, these conditions often fluctuate, such as an increase in monthly rents, prompting me to relocate frequently.

Yangcheon-gu (양천구) marks the third district I have resided in since arriving in Seoul. Positioned on the southwest side of the Han River and to the east of Gimpo International Airport, this neighborhood boasts the prestigious Mokdong ward, which you might recognize as the location of Seoul Immigration Office Mokdong branch.

In October of last year, I completed my relocation process, which allowed me to experience the beauty of autumn in my new neighborhood for the first time. After the tiring process of moving, there’s nothing better than taking a leisurely stroll to explore the area and see what it has to offer.

My walking adventure began on Mokdong-Dongro-2 Road (목동동로2길), where I followed a group of spry ajummas and ajusshis to Mokdong 10.12 Complex intersection. There, I caught sight of a row of fluffy trees lining Sinteuri Park across the street. Intrigued, I decided to venture deeper into the heart of this charming little park in the area.

Sinteuri Park:

One of the aspects I truly appreciate about Seoul is the abundance of city and local parks, a testament to how much the residents of Korea’s capital cherish having access to open spaces.

Among these parks, Sinteuri Park (양천구 신트리공원) stands as a small community park nestled in Sinjeong-3-dong, a southwestern part of Yangcheon-gu. In close proximity lies the much larger Gyenam Neighborhood Park, which tends to attract more visitors. However, it is precisely this proximity to a larger park that grants Sinteuri Park its charm and tranquility, even on weekends, as it remains a peaceful haven with fewer crowds.

The park is nestled within a long, narrow hilltop adorned with a delightful array of deciduous trees, such as red maples and ginkgo. Despite its classification as a small public space in the area, the park is thoughtfully designed to serve as a perfect place of solace. It offers a variety of impressive amenities, ranging from well-maintained walking trails and serene shelters with benches to an unexpected urban garden and even a rice paddy field – a pleasant surprise indeed.

During my visit, the temperature had begun to drop, and the garden was already captivated by the enchanting spell of autumn. What was once a flower and vegetable ground now lay serenely beneath a vibrant carpet of yellow leaves, offering a delightful treat to camera-wielding wanderers. Immersed in the beauty of fall colors, I eagerly anticipate returning to witness the lush greens of spring and listen to the chorus of blaring cicadas during the summer at Sinteuri Park.

Mokdong-Dongro-1 Road:

After being enchanted by the autumn foliage at the park, I continued my stroll along a serene road lined with apartment complexes. The Sinjeong neighborhood, including Mokdong-Dongro-1 Road, showcased a lovely arrangement of mature zelkova trees (느티나무) at regular intervals. However, the ground covered in crisp fallen leaves and brick-cobbled paths indicated that I had just missed the zelkova trees at their peak, leaving me a tad wistful. I could only imagine the breathtaking sight of wandering through a golden-brown tunnel of foliage when the next fall season arrives. 

Luckily, numerous towering ginkgo trees adorned every corner of the street, successfully diverting my attention from the disappointment of missing the mesmerizing sight of color-changing zelkovas. As I continued my walk, I eventually reached the end of Mokdong-Dongro-1-gil at the three-way intersection near Bangju Church, where the sunbeam had dwindled, and a sudden chill set in. Despite this, the entire stroll was delightful, and I eagerly look forward to exploring Yangcheon district again. Next time, I hope to embark on longer and more immersive journeys, exploring different sections in various seasons!

Autumn Shots From Mokdong-Dongro-1-gil:

Access to Sinteuri Park

Quick Info

More information

How to get to Sinteuri Park
⇒ Take Seoul Subway line 2 (green line)
⇒ Transfer at Sindorim station (신도림역) to the direction of Kkachisan (까치산)
⇒ Get off at Sinjeongnegeori station (신정네거리역)
⇒ Get out of exit 4
⇒ Walk straight for 10 minute

Naver Map: Yangcheongu Sinteuri Park
서울특별시 양천구 신정동  310-7

Date of my visit: 2021.11.07

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