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Azalea Sightseeing at Wonmisan – 원미산 진달래 꽃구경

If your cherry blossom sightseeing plan has been disrupted by unpredictable climate changes, don’t despair! Give another kind of flower a chance to uplift your spirits. You might be surprised to find that they are just as beautiful as cherry blossoms when they burst into full bloom.

One friendly flora that will undoubtedly warm your heart is the azalea, also known as “jindallae kkot” in Korean. As cherry blossoms gracefully bow out and make way for the next lineup of lovelies, azalea flowers take center stage, adorning neighborhoods with pinkish hues that capture everyone’s attention. In Korea, azalea festivals come alive in full swing during April. If you happen to be near Bucheon, a city not far from Seoul, there’s a fantastic place to admire the grand display of azaleas.

At the foot of Wonmi-san, also known as Wonmi Mountain, an annual festive event celebrates the beauty of fields of azalea flowers. The Wonmisan Azalea Festival usually commences from the second week of April until the end of the month. During this spring fiesta, besides marveling at the stunning sight of azalea flowers, visitors can engage in various hands-on activities, such as traditional handcrafting, flower pancake cooking, and caricaturing. If you’re fortunate, you might even spot some gigantic cherry blossom trees that are still in full bloom.

Despite the hill becoming crowded, the place offers ample space, allowing you to find a private corner for yourself to capture some Instagram-worthy shots. A visit to Wonmisan in April will undoubtedly replace any lingering disappointment from the departure of cherry blossoms with the joyous vibes of pinky azalea blankets, rekindling the essence of spring in your heart.

Gallery: Azalea Viewing at Wonmi Mountain

How to get to the Wonmisan Azalea Festival
  • Take Seoul subway line 7 –> Get off at Bucheon sports complex station –> Go to exit 2. –> Walk straight for 500m and turn left or just simply follow the sign to the Festival
  • Admission Fees: Free of charge

Access Map

More Information
www.bucheon.go.kr (Korean only)

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