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First Cherry Blossom Festival in Gangnam – Seoul

Struggling moments of Seoul frozen winter has finally left. We can feel a change fluttering in the air. March has passed. April is now visiting us bringing the most delightful season to town. An array of events celebrating the spring can be found if you google ‘what to do and see in Seoul’ during this period of time, and at the top of the list would doubtlessly be attending in cherry blossom festivals.

Crazy works and erratic weather make me realize I might be missing those enjoyable sakura sightseeings this year since it rains a lot on weekends (I have no idea why). What a sad thing to learn for someone who can only be able to go out on weekends, someone like me. Then, out of the blue, I was shown to a local bulletin. It was an announcement of the first cherry blossom festival on Yeoksam street started from 1st April which I found out it is a couple of blocks away from my office. So, I would not miss this for the world. Today, I dragged my colleagues out and we spent some times after lunch strolling along the road.

Lucky us that the sun is out in a very clear sky and those cherry blossom trees are all in full blooms. Their scenic blossoms are quite impressive. They have drawn some people to stop by and capture some pictures. I am pretty positive that this spot will be much known later on since it’s convenient to reach. It is a ten-minute walk from exit number 4 of Gangnam station. If you are around, go check it out! I tell you it’s worth a shot 🙂

Gallery: Cherry Blossoms in Gangnam

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