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Back to School! SNU’s Cherry Blossoms – 서울대 벚꽃구경

Nostalgic wander at Seoul National University (SNU), the place I am always proud of being called its alumnus, perfectly indulge me in enjoyable recollection of my past events.

SNU is well known as Korea’s first national university and the undeniable leader of highly qualified education in Korea. Beside being much sought after by students for studying, it is also a destination to many agile ajusshi and ajumma (Korean words for aged man and woman) who addict to hiking.

The campus locates in southern Seoul. It is built up and down hilly slopes of Gwanak Mountain. I consider this is one immense university campus as there are at least four public transports running through it. There are steep roads and paths linking various buildings and departments along the campus. The setting is very sensational with views of mountains in all directions. Flowering trees and blooming shrubs make SNU even more lively particularly in Spring.

With mountainous conditions, hundred of cherry trees found within the campus bloom pretty much later than other areas in Seoul, making it a great place to see cherry blossoms in a calmer environment. In this very last week of April, the cherry blossoms at SNU can be observed at their peak whilst the last petals at other famous spots are all long gone.

In this very post only that I am going to reveal a secret path to my utmost favorite spot inside the campus. This very premier is situated in the midst of Engineering School.

You can easily reach it from Seoul subway line number 2 by getting off at Nakseongdae station, coming out of exit 4, taking a local green bus number 2 at first street on the left (next to the GS gas station), dropping off at 16th stop. If you follow the instruction correctly, you will now stand before Institute of Genetic Engineering. Down the street, lining up the wild pink cherry blossoms await. Enjoy!

Gallery: Cherry Blossoms in SNU


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