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Two Ultimate Hanami Spots of Tōhoku

My last Spring trip to Japan was surprisingly wonderful and memorable that I accomplished my hanami (cherry blossom viewing) during its peak at two most famous cherry blossom sightseeing spots of Tohoku region.

Tenshochi Park

This very place was actually not on my list at first but as we were heading up to Aomori from Ibaraki, Tenshochi park happened to be a very recommended rest spot on the way up north. The park occupies the Kitakami riverside in Iwate.

After arriving at Kitakami Station very late in the afternoon, we made the 15-minute walk across the Kitakami river to Tenshochi Park. There actually was a ferry service shuttling visitors directly across the river for 400 yen which is temporarily available during the blossom season.

We were just in time for the last light of the day as the sun was about to set. Nonetheless, it was intense enough for capturing the beauty of the 10,000 cherry trees lining along the riverside. They were already in full blooms whilst some of them were losing their petals. The wind was very strong and each gust brought petals flying everywhere, made the scene magically beautiful.

Time of visit: 22 April 2018

Access to Tenshochi Park

Hirosaki Castle Park

At the northernmost ground of Honshu, Japan’s main island, located Aomori city. It is the capital city of Aomori Prefecture in the Tohoku region. Our genuinely intended destination for this visit is in Hirosaki, a western city of Aomori. It is well known for its magnificent hanami spot at Hirosaki Castle Park.

Unlike our yesterday visit at Tenshochi park that we unexpectedly bumped into its peak of cherry blossoms, but for this place, we planned it pretty well. With a tad of research, we learned that an annual cherry blossoms festival is held from April 23 to May 5, when the blossoms usually in bloom. Then I started following ‘hirosakipark’ instagram account where livefeed captures of cherry trees around the castle are posted daily.

Besides good organizing, still, we also considered ourselves very lucky that the weather a week before our visit was in very good conditions. We then were able to witness such breathtaking scenery of Hirosaki Castle surrounded by full-bloomed cherry blossoms.

Time of visit: 23 April 2018

Access to Hirosaki Castle

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