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Boramae Park in April – 보라매공원 꽃구경

Boramae Park (보라매공원) is a famous recreational park established in Sindaebang-dong, Dongjak-gu.  It is a former Air Force Academic site that has been taken over by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. There is a variety of amenities and features including exercise facilities, musical pond, playground, picnic sites and various multi-purpose areas.

While you can enjoy the beauty of music fountain performance exhibiting during summer, the park is also noted as an attractive place to sightsee cherry blossoms in spring.

In April, Boramae Park comes to life with trees laden with cherry blossom, and colorful flowers. The park is quiet and peaceful in the heart of such busy city of Seoul. If you would like to avoid squeezing yourself through a very congested road full of people at other popular cherry blossom viewing spots like Yeouido Park or Seokcheon Lake Park, this place is highly recommended.

Common Cherry Blossoms (벚꽃)

During the first two weeks of April, a small road across an Air Force Historical Zone inside the park is whitened with common cultivated cherry blossoms. Walking through this path would indeed make you feel absent-minded and relax.

Moreover, within a week or two, after the pale colored petals of these cherry trees are shred, another kind of cherry blossoms will start to take turn.

Donarium Cherry Blossoms ( 겹벚꽃 )

Around the third week of April, Gyup-beotkkot (겹벚꽃), another cherry tree variety begins to bloom. This type of flower comes with deep pink petals and voluminous bunches. One blossom can display as many as 50 petals. The most famous place for viewing Gyup-beotkkot in Korea is Bulguksa Temple located in Gyeongju province. Even the fastest route would take you at least 4 hours from Seoul to the temple. Hence, if you are up to hanging around in Seoul during a day, Boramae Park could be one impeccable place to soothe you up with colorful floral and relaxing atmosphere.

How to get there

Seoul Subway

  • Line 2 –> Sindaebang Station –> Exit 4 –> 10 min walk in the east
  • Line 7 –> Boramae Station –> Exit 2 –> 10 min walk to the south


  • Number: 5523, 5524, 5526, 6511,5011, 5516, 5529, 5535, 5612, 5614, 5711, 6513, 6514, 152, 461, 504

Homepage: parks.seoul.go.kr (Korean only)

Access Map

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