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EDIYA Coffee House Hwajin Beach Branch

About a month ago, I accompanied a group of friends on a road trip to the east coast of Korea. We visited Pohang city out of one purpose in particular: to fulfill a wish of our trip members, which is to follow the footsteps of the Hometown Cha Cha Cha TV show. However, since there is a lot to see in this main seaport city of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region, we ended up stopping by places even though they are not parts of the filming locations, taking EDIYA Coffee House on Hwajin Beach for instance. 

Located on route 7 of Donghaedae-ro (동해대로), the most scenic road that runs along the east coast, Ediya Coffee House Hwajin branch is among ten other cafes in Songra township that ooze the beautiful views of the East Sea. But what makes this branch of the Korea notable coffeehouse chain more distinctive than that of other shops scattered throughout the country is its intricately designed architecture. It has a straight-lined layout of the Korean traditional house or ‘Hanok’ as it appears from the outside. 

Since I have visited many cultural sites in Korea, I have come across numerous Hanok structures, but none of them have cobblestoned walls like this one does. The subdued colors of the clasts beautifully concur with the cafe’s anchor gray colored giwa (기와), Korean style clay-made tiled roof. It really was a quaint sight to behold. 

From inside, the cafe offers the magnificent ocean view through its floor-to-ceiling windows installed on the Hwajin Beach facing side of the walls. Not as conventional as it looks from the outside, the branch has a fairly modern looking interior. It features sets of comfy wooden furniture dappling in a warm and welcoming ambiance. We also admired the amount of natural light that the space receives reflecting the original attribute of a straight-lined Hanok house. 

As much as we were impressed by the neat design of the indoor zone, we opted to expose ourselves to the breezy sea breeze on the cafe’s terrace. From there, a panoramic view of the East Sea is appreciated to the fullest. On top of that, there is a set of stairs descending down from the outdoor space providing the shop’s visitors an access to the beach area. 

Hwajin Beach is a 400 meter long seaside located in the northernmost part of Pohang. Although the beach is very much beloved by numerous vacationers, the Ediya coffee house is; however, established on the least crowded section of Hwajin Beach. That is because this strip of the beach is covered in rocks and pebbles instead of fine, white sand. Regardless, we enjoyed our visit very much. We wound up spending a good few hours at the cafe even though it was not on our itinerary from the beginning and so should you! If you have traveled to the east coast of Korea and got your heart set on a tranquil beachfront location with such eye-catching design, Ediya Coffee Hwajin Branch is your best option!

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Essential info about Ediya Coffee Hwajin Branch

Operating Hours: 8:00-22:00 (21:50 last order)

Parking Area: Free

Naver Map:
EDIYA COFFEE Pohang Hwajin Branch [map]
경북 포항시 북구 송라면 동해대로3378번길 2

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