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Captivating Pohang’s Horizons: Exploring the Beauty of Igari Anchor Observatory

I still vividly recall the day when I sat in the front seat of a rented KIA, driving along a road flanked by majestic pine trees on both sides. As we followed the guidance of a smart, mobile phone-based navigator, we were treated to an incredible sight. To one side of the coniferous forest, a breathtaking panorama of the East Sea unfolded before us, stretching from Igari Beach (이가리 간이해변) in Pohang City’s Cheongha Township (청하면).

One spot that had long been on my Pohang bucket list, ever since its opening in 2020, was the Igari Anchor Observatory Platform (이가리 닻 전망대). Located halfway along the Haean Road’s tributary, this platform protruded gracefully from the shore into the glistening seawater. Offering a jaw-dropping bird’s-eye view of the anchor-shaped pier featured in the K-drama ‘Run On,’ it was an irresistible invitation to explore this enchanting part of Korea’s east coast. The experience was nothing short of captivating, leaving a lasting impression on my heart.

At an impressive length of 102 meters, this wooden deck stands tall, offering an unparalleled panoramic vista of the East Sea from a height of 10 meters above the ground. Undoubtedly, it has earned the distinction of being Pohang’s ultimate seaside viewing location. You don’t need a photography drone to capture the mesmerizing sight of the winding walkways artistically arranged to resemble a giant ship anchor, its pointy bottom aimed towards the boundless horizon. A moment spent on the highest step of the entrance stairway provides an equally breathtaking view.

Legend has it that if you were to draw a straight line extending from the anchor’s pointed tip, it would intersect with the distant island of Dokdo in the East Sea, located an astonishing 261 kilometers away. The Igari Anchor Observatory Platform promises an unforgettable experience, where nature’s beauty and human craftsmanship merge, leaving visitors in awe of the boundless sea and its distant wonders.

During my visit on a Friday afternoon, I noticed intermittent waves of people strolling through the elevated passageway, a clear testament to the location’s soaring popularity. As I made my way through the crowd, heading towards what appeared to be a bell-less tiny red bell tower, I couldn’t help but steal a glance over my left shoulder. To my delight, the breathtaking scenery of Pohang’s Wolpo Beach unfolded before my eyes. On the opposite side, the tranquil crescent of Igari Beach stretched peacefully. It was a captivating experience, witnessing the bustling atmosphere on one side and the serene beauty on the other.

Wolpo Beach Observed From Afar

A Breakwater on the Edge of the Crescent Igari Beach

For avid Instagrammable spots hunters, the dirt ground beneath the observatory deck proved to be an even more captivating attraction. From this vantage point, one could notice the uplifted structure from various unique perspectives. Luckily, my visit didn’t coincide with high tide, and the wind conditions remained calm – a perfect indication for a leisurely stroll along the beach. It was an ideal moment to savor the picturesque surroundings and capture some truly remarkable shots from this enchanting spot.

That evening in Cheongha-myeon, Pohang, was a truly unforgettable and fleeting moment that lingered in my thoughts. It left me contemplating a future return to the Igari Anchor Observatory Deck. Perhaps on my next visit, I’ll be fortunate enough to bask in the gentle rays of sunrise. The mere thought of witnessing such a breathtaking spectacle from this incredible vantage point feels like a dream worth cherishing, don’t you agree?

Access Map

Essential info about Igari Anchor Observatory

Operating Hours: 09:00-18:00 | June - August: 09:00-20:00

Naver Map: Igari Dat Observatory [map]
경상북도 포항시 북구 청하면 이가리 산67-3

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