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Seoul Autumn’s Splendor: Exploring the Cosmos Flowers Field at Olympic Park

The flourishing cosmos flowers serve as a beautiful harbinger that autumn’s peak is approaching in Korea! In the heart of Seoul, there’s no better place than the captivating wildflower field known as ‘deulkkotmaru’ (들꽃마루) at Olympic Park to witness this enchanting transition. After years of admiring the cosmos field’s beauty through online pictures, I was fortunate to finally witness this breathtaking spectacle this year. In this post, I’ll fondly recount my visit and share valuable tips to help you make the most of this extraordinary experience!

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    Discovering the Wildflower Haven:

    Located within the serene confines of Seoul’s Olympic Park, the Wildflower Ridge (올림픽공원 들꽃마루) offers a delightful contrast to the bustling urban surroundings. This expansive wildflower complex graces a gentle hillside, serving as a tranquil connection between the Rose Park near the Olympic Park intersection and the Hanseong Baekje Museum. Spanning an impressive 2,800 square meters, this natural oasis is thoughtfully designed and brimming with character.

    At the crest of the hill, a charming thatched hut awaits, while on either side, well-planned pathways wind their way through the field. Two sizable sections on each side of the hill host a diverse array of blooming flora, creating a visually captivating landscape.

    The Wildflower Ridge holds a distinguished status among Olympic Park’s eight prominent photography zones, beckoning visitors to savor the ever-changing beauty of wildflowers across the seasons.

    Autumn’s Wildflower Extravaganza: Cosmos Galore

    As spring unveils its vibrant canola flowers and poppies across the landscape, the fall season at the Wildflower Maru promises a breathtaking display of cosmos flowers. This time of year, your gaze will be captivated by the cosmos’ vibrant presence, and you’ll discover two delightful varieties: the common/garden cosmos and the sulfur cosmos (황화코스모스) here at the ridge.

    Sulfur Cosmos Flowers

    The garden cosmos presents a mesmerizing palette of colors, ranging from delicate pinks to pristine whites and regal purples. Meanwhile, the sulfur cosmos takes on striking shades of sunny yellow and warm orange. What’s truly fascinating is that these two cosmos species dance to their own rhythm when it comes to blooming.

    Garden Cosmos Flowers

    As you explore the ridge, you’ll find each half of the flowering space adorned with one of these cosmos varieties, creating two distinct and stunning seas of flowers. Prepare to be enchanted by their vibrant hues and the intriguing contrast in their blooming schedules.

    The Cosmos Blooming Seasons: A Colorful Timeline

    As the calendar flips to mid-September, the Wildflower Maru undergoes a stunning transformation as the yellow cosmos takes center stage. It paints one side of the hill in a radiant, golden hue, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. During my recent visit, I was fortunate to witness this spectacle, and it truly stands as the most extensive yellow cosmos field in the entire city!

    While the sulfur cosmos begins its gradual bloom, the garden cosmos on the opposite side of the hill remains in a state of dormancy, adorned with lush green leaves and sturdy stems. However, come early October, the garden cosmos awakens, unveiling its enchanting pinkish charm, as if the park itself were blushing with delight!

    The Garden Cosmos on the Opposite Side of the Hill in September

    As these cosmos flowers reach their peak, they grace the landscape for approximately 2 to 3 weeks before gracefully fading away. So, if you plan your visit between mid-September and late-September, prepare to be dazzled by the golden hues of the yellow cosmos. But if your visit falls beyond this window, fret not, for you’ll be greeted by a sea of mingling shades of pink, white, and purple, creating an equally enchanting display.

    Additional Tips for Your Visit:

    Avoid the Crowds: The Wildflower Maru at Olympic Park is no secret, and during the cosmos peak season, it can get pretty crowded. If you prefer a more peaceful experience, plan your visit for a weekday when the park tends to be less congested.

    Golden Hour Magic: Timing is everything! Visiting during the golden hours of sunrise or sunset adds a magical touch to your photographs, as the soft, warm light accentuates the beauty of the cosmos field.

    Prepare for the Wildlife: The lush and bushy surroundings of the flower hill are teeming with life, including bugs and insects, notably those pesky mosquitoes. To ward them off, dress in long sleeves and pants, and don’t forget to pack some insect repellent.

    Footwear Matters: Given the need to explore dirt trails around the field, it’s highly recommended to wear water and dirt-resistant shoes. This way, you can traverse the area comfortably and without worrying about your footwear.

    Dress for the Season: The cosmos season marks the onset of autumn in Korea, so anticipate cooler weather. Pack a light jacket or windbreaker to stay comfortable while exploring the area. This will ensure you can enjoy the cosmos in comfort, regardless of the changing weather.

    Getting to the Flower Ridge: 

    Reaching Seoul’s Olympic Park is a breeze with accessible public transportation options. When your destination is the wildflower ridge, the most convenient subway station to disembark at is Olympic Park Station (올림픽공원역), which is served by Line 5 or 9. Once you arrive at the station, take exit 3, and from there, it’s just a pleasant 10-minute stroll to reach the flower ridge.

    Alternatively, if you prefer bus transportation, you’re in luck. The flower ridge has a nearby bus stop, numbered 24239, which caters to buses such as 30-5, 35, 3412, and 3413, making it a convenient choice for travelers who prefer the bus route.

    Now that we have reached the end of this article I hope you are fully equipped with all the things you need to know to enjoy the first sign of autumn here at Olympic Park! Hope you have fun soaking up in this beautiful season in Seoul!

    Gallery: Captivating Snapshots of Yellow Cosmos on the Ridge

    Access Map:

    Essential Info About the Wildflower Ridge at Olympic Park:

    Address: 서울 송파구 올림픽로 424
    Naver Map: Link
    Hours: 5:00AM~10:00PM (Everyday)
    Admission Fee: Free

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