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Gallery: Anyangcheon Cherry Blossom Walkway – Mokdong Area

Although I had been eager to plan a cherry blossom sightseeing excursion at Anyangcheon (안양천) or Anyang Stream last year during the spring season, it almost slipped through my fingers due to my busy schedule. Numerous impromptu additions to my planner occupied my time, but fate had other plans. Thanks to the Yangcheon Global Migrant Center (YGMC), where I attended a weekly language program during the spring semester of 2022, my wish came true when they organized a delightful picnic at the stream during the peak of the cherry trees’ bloom.

Together with my classmates, our beloved teacher, and the center’s staff, we set out for the closest area where the stream winds through the Mokdong neighborhood, conveniently accessible from Omokgyo Station (오목교역) on Seoul Subway line 5 (purple line). This spot is renowned as the hottest cherry blossom viewing destination in western Seoul, as evidenced by the throngs of people we encountered along the way, all eager to witness this beautiful event.

On a picturesque Sunday afternoon, the sky painted a stunning shade of blue, the sun beamed brightly, and a gentle, refreshing breeze occasionally brushed against our skin. While the growing crowd on one side of the walkways (안양천 산책로) made me feel slightly overwhelmed, the sight of the seemingly endless cherry blossom tunnel was an exquisite treat. I’m filled with excitement to revisit the place this year, and it would be a dream come true to experience the flowers with fewer people surrounding the walkway.

  • Camera: Fujifilm X-A5 + 35mm f1.4
  • Edit With: Lightroom Mobile Preset
  • Location: Anyangcheon in Mokdong [Naver Map]
  • Shooting date: 2022.04.10

Cherry Blossom Lining Walkway at Anyangcheon in Mokdong

Access Map

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