Spring in Korea

Gallery: Cherry Blossom Road in Gangnam – Seoul

One of my most cherished activities during the spring season is hopping from one beautiful blooming sight to another. However, due to my 9 to 5 working lifestyle, I must plan my spring quest carefully. Fortunately, my office’s location allows me the freedom to explore a specific road that I’ve never failed to visit during its finest moments since I started my career in Gangnam, Seoul.

This road is none other than “Yeoksam-ro-7-gil” (역삼로7길), easily accessible on foot from Gangnam Station of Seoul Subway Line 2 (green line). Starting from Gukgiwon Entrance Junction (국기원입구 사거리) and extending westward towards Ssari Gogae Park (싸리고개공원), this approximately 900-meter-long stretch is adorned with cherry trees lining both sides.

My first encounter with these cherry trees in full bloom was during the spring of 2019, which also marked the inaugural year of the Yeoksam cherry blossom festival held on this very road. The sight was nothing short of amazing, leaving me in awe as the trees created a magnificent display of pale fluffy clouds amidst the urban landscape. Since that moment, it has become my regular refuge, a place where I find solace and joy during the season. Even if my plans to visit other cherry blossom spots may change, I can always look forward to the nearby bloom at my workplace~:)

Scroll down to witness the stunning beauty of Yeoksam-ro-7-gil in Gangnam at its peak!

  • Camera: Fujifilm X-A5 + 35mm f1.4
  • Edit With: Lightroom Mobile Preset
  • Location: Yeoksam-ro-7-gil [Naver Map]
  • Shooting date: 2020.03.30|2022.04.06

Spring in Gangnam

Access Map

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