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As the autumn breeze gently caresses, there’s nothing more delightful than enjoying an outdoor meal in the company of good friends. Especially if you reside in Seoul, a city blessed with numerous picturesque parks lining the Han River, embarking on a splendid picnic adventure becomes an ideal choice for your upcoming weekend—provided the weather forecast promises fair skies. With this in mind, an array of thriving picnic rental services are emerging near these popular recreational spots, ready to enhance your picnic experience.

Over the past weekend, my friends and I were enticed by the radiant, sun-kissed blue sky. Naturally, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to bask in the perfect day outdoors. Wanting to avoid the hassle of packing, we decided to reserve a delightful picnic basket set from the ‘Pikuni’ (피쿠니) curator located near Ttukseom Resort Station on Seoul Subway line 7. The set, priced at 25,000 KW, was designed for two persons, which meant we had to supplement it with additional food from nearby stalls and convenience stores.

The charming picnic set (피쿠니 세트) we selected comprised of:

  • A charming rattan picnic basket
  • A lovely bouquet of artificial flowers
  • Fun photo props, including 2 to 3 mini rubber ducks and a bottle of bubble blower
  • A comfortable picnic mat
  • A box of delicious Gimbap (16 pieces)
  • A box containing 2 delectable ham and egg sandwiches
  • A small box of assorted snacks
  • 2 cups of refreshing hibiscus raspberry tea
  • A 500ml bottle of water
  • 2 pairs of chopsticks and an ample supply of napkins
  • A convenient camping tent

Our day under the sun turned into a memorable, blissful picnic experience with the help of this well-equipped and delightful Pikuni picnic set.

The full option package always includes a convenient camping tent, catering to the growing popularity of camping in the park among Seoulites. Along the riverside parks, it’s now a common sight to witness a sea of tents dotting the landscape. Once you’ve successfully made a reservation, the picnic basket will be promptly delivered to the designated pick-up spot at exit 2 of Ttukseom Resort Station. It’s advisable to arrive at least 10 minutes before your reservation time. You’ll have a generous 4-hour window to relish your delightful picnic setup before returning the kits to the same pick-up location.

However, please be aware that if you decide to use the camping tent, revised regulations dictate that tents and canopies are permitted only in designated zones within the park. To comply with the rules, it’s essential to keep the sides of the tent open at all times for periodic inspections to prevent any inappropriate activities. Additionally, no tents are allowed to remain set up after 7 p.m.

How to Make a Picnic Rental Reservation at Pikunic (@Ttukseom Hangang Park)

Please note that some basic knowledge of the Korean language may be required for this process, as the service is not yet available in English.

  • Create an account on by clicking the relevant link.
  • Make your reservation through Naver Booking by following the provided link.
  • Click on the ‘Reserve’ (예약) button.
  • Choose the basket picnic set (피쿠니 세트) you prefer.
  • Select your desired date and time for the reservation.
  • Check the box for 이용자 약관 전체동의 (Agree to all terms of the user agreement).
  • Click on the ‘예약신청하기’ button at the bottom to submit your reservation request.
  • Your booking is now in progress.
  • Please wait for approximately 5 to 10 minutes for the reservation to be approved.
  • Once approved, you will receive a text message containing a bank account number.
  • Transfer 25,000 KW to the assigned account to confirm your booking.
  • Your picnic basket can be picked up at exit 2 of Ttukseom Resort Station (뚝섬유원지).

Congratulations! You are now all set for a fantastic picnic experience amidst a picturesque ambiance, perfect for showcasing on your Instagram feed.

[Last Update: July 21, 2023] Unfortunately, the picnic rental service mentioned in this post is no longer in operation. Nevertheless, if you’re interested, you can find a list of alternative picnic providers in this post under the “Rent a set from a picnic service provider” section.

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