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Inje Unveiled: A Stay at Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort

If you prefer to savor the charms of Inje City at a leisurely pace and immerse yourself fully in its offerings, a day trip might not suffice particularly when exploring the renowned winter destination like Wondaeri Birch Forest is included in the itinerary. To truly experience all that the city has to offer, staying overnight can become a compelling option. 

In this article, we will provide a firsthand account of our stay at Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort, a splendid hotel conveniently located close to the birch forest. Prepare to gain valuable insights into this remarkable establishment as we take you on a journey of discovery. 

Discover Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort:

Nestled within the premises of Inje Speedium (인제스피디움), an internationally renowned motor racing circuit inaugurated in 2013, the hotel offers a distinctive experience. Beyond its breathtaking views of the Hanseok Mountain, guests are treated to an unparalleled panorama of an expansive racing track. The establishment features two distinct accommodation options: Hotel Superior and Condo Family. While the Hotel Superior is ideal for pairs of travelers, the Condo Family is tailored to accommodate groups of families, providing a diverse range of options for various types of guests.

The Benefits of Choosing Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort:

During our visit, which coincided with the bustling winter season in Korea, Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort stood as one of the rare available options in Inje. This happened to be particularly fortuitous, as our trip revolved around exploring the stunning Wondaeri Birch Forest. Notably, the hotel’s strategic proximity to our destination proved to be a mere 10-minute drive from the forest, ensuring convenient access and saving us precious travel time.

Accommodation Experience at Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort:


Boasting a distinguished 4-star certification from the Korea Tourism Organization, Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort surpassed expectations with our stay in the Hotel Superior room. The spaciousness and overall ambiance were in line with the standards befitting a luxury establishment. Here’s a glimpse of what you can anticipate during your stay at this exceptional hotel:

  • Bed:

Our room featured a queen-sized bed that comfortably accommodated two individuals. Despite the bed’s central placement, the room remained generously spacious, allowing for unhindered movement and relaxation.

  • Bathroom:

Impeccable cleanliness defined the bathroom experience. A highlight was the inclusion of a bidet toilet, a personal favorite. The well-functioning shower cabin added to the convenience. Complimentary bottled toiletries and plush towels were thoughtfully provided, enriching the sense of indulgence.

  • Other Amenities:

Within the room, several amenities enhanced our comfort. A television provided entertainment, while a compact closet, complete with a clothes rack and hangers, catered to our storage needs. A delightful coffee set beckoned those in need of a quick caffeine fix, featuring a water boiler, glasses, and cups. It’s worth noting that the Hotel Superior building does not feature a kitchen area. For guests seeking a culinary setup, the Condo Family option offers a comprehensive kitchenette for your convenience.

Facilities and Activities:

Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort presents an array of diverse offerings that cater to a range of interests and preferences:

Sports Driving Sessions: For automotive enthusiasts, the resort provides exhilarating sports driving sessions at an accessible rate of KRW 60,000 per session. It’s a chance to feel the thrill of the track firsthand.

Classic Car Museum: Immerse yourself in automotive history at the Classic Car Museum, accessible for an entrance fee of KRW 6,000. Explore a curated collection that showcases the evolution of automobiles over time.

Time Gallery: Experience the essence of time through the captivating exhibits of the Time Gallery, a free-entry attraction that offers insight into various historical epochs and cultures.

Fitness Center, Spa, and Pool: Guests seeking wellness and relaxation will find solace in the well-equipped fitness center and rejuvenating spa. When summer arrives, the pool transforms into a vibrant oasis, offering refreshing dips and leisurely lounging.

Room Service: Enjoy the convenience of room service, where a delectable array of dishes awaits at your fingertips. From hearty BBQ sets to light breakfast plates, and from boxes of fried chicken to elaborate Korean cuisine accompanied by an assortment of side dishes, the room service menu ensures a delightful culinary journey without leaving your room.

Hospitality and Services:

Our time at Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort was made even better by the super friendly staff. Right from the start, everyone welcomed us warmly and kept that positive vibe going throughout our stay.

Checking in was a breeze, and the folks at the front desk knew all about the local area. They gave us great suggestions and answered all our questions in easy-to-understand English. Plus, when I asked for some extra toiletries on the phone, they didn’t waste any time. I got what I needed in less than 10 minutes – talk about fast!

The team at Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort really knows how to take care of their guests. Their quick and caring service added a special touch to our stay, making it an experience to remember.

Where to Book:

When it comes to making reservations, there are a couple of choices available. You can go ahead and book directly from their Naver Place page. Alternatively, if you browse through for Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort, you’ll also find some budget-friendly deals from their partner sites!

All in all, Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort proved to be more than just a place to rest; it was an experience that encapsulated the essence of Inje’s allure. From its comfortable accommodations and engaging activities to the genuine warmth of the staff, every aspect contributed to a stay that was both invigorating and memorable. Our time here was a blend of comfort and heartfelt hospitality, making it a destination we won’t soon forget.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Full Transparency: I arranged and experienced my stay at Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort on my own, and the thoughts shared here are entirely my personal impressions.

Access Map:

Quick Info About Inje Speedium Hotel & Resort:

Address: 강원 인제군 기린면 상하답로 130 인제스피디움
Naver Map: Link
Hours: 2:00PM (Check-in) | 11:00AM (Check-out)

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