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Stay Goznuk: A Busan Pension with Stunning Gwangalli Beach Views

Visiting Busan twice in a month is pretty unusual, but I’m super stoked to have this chance to explore more of what this awesome coastal city has to offer. This time, I got a sweet invite to crash at ‘Stay Goznuk’ in Suyeong-gu, the hood with the famous Gwangalli Beach and that cool Gwangan Bridge. Even though the owner didn’t ask for a blog shoutout, I’m so pumped about the experience that I gotta share it here! If you’re on the lookout for a place in Busan with an epic view, keep reading ’cause this blog post is gonna grab your attention.

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    Meet Stay Goznuk:

    Freshly set up just this year, Stay Goznuk (머무르다, 고즈넋) is a cozy lodging designed in a pension style, nestled on the third floor of a building along Gwangan Beach Road (광안해변로). Any spot along this street is renowned for offering sweeping and awe-inspiring views of the beach, complemented by the striking white silhouette of the Gwangan Bridge – and Stay Goznuk is no exception.

    What Makes it Stand Out?

    I’ve stayed in a place with a Gwangan Bridge view before, and I assumed any spot with similar vistas would be just as impressive – turns out, not quite! Stay Goznuk takes up the entire floor of the building, which means it’s incredibly spacious. Within this roomy setup, Stay Goznuk boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere with impressive modern and minimalist designs. One side of the place is adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing ample natural light and offering a panoramic ocean view that captures the entire stretch of the suspension bridge. Beyond the view, right beside the glassy window, there’s a bathtub for that extra dose of relaxation – picture yourself soaking in a bubbly bath while the sparkling indigo ocean unfolds right before your eyes.

    Stay Goznuk’s Accommodations and Amenities:

    If you’re thinking about booking your stay, it’s worth checking out what Stay Goznuk offers beyond the stunning views of the Gwangan Bridge. Here’s the scoop on Stay Goznuk’s facilities:

    Spacious and Comfortable Living Area:

    Taking full advantage of its expansive 112-square-meter space, the living area at Stay Goznuk is equipped with everything you could wish for during your vacation. From a comfortable set of laid-back furniture to a 120-inch projector screen offering access to local TV programs, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and more – Stay Goznuk has got all your entertainment needs covered!

    But if you find yourself with a bit of work to tackle, there’s a cozy nook next to the bathtub where you can bring your laptop. Here, you can sit comfortably at a wooden table cleverly installed on a recessed floor for a more ergonomic working posture!

    Well-Equipped Culinary Hub:

    Stay Goznuk boasts an impressive kitchen zone that’s sure to catch your attention. Positioned just behind the sofa set, there’s an extensive kitchen island featuring an induction cooktop and a sizable wash-up sink. While it may not be intended for elaborate cooking endeavors, it’s quite remarkable that the house provides the option in case you find yourself craving a late-night fried egg or a bowl of instant ramyeon for breakfast!

    Adjacent to a massive fridge, you’ll discover another kitchen counter in this area. This counter is equipped with a lineup of appliances to elevate your culinary experience, including an air fryer, a microwave oven, a coffee machine, and a water purifier with an ice-making function, among others. Plus, all the kitchen wares and utensils are neatly stored in the middle cabinet beneath this counter. It truly serves as a haven to enhance your stay and make it as enjoyable as possible!

    3 Dreamy Bedrooms!

    Stay Goznuk is an ideal accommodation, particularly if you’re on a trip with a lively group of 5 to 6 people, as it features three distinct bedrooms! These aren’t just divided sleeping areas but complete rooms, each with its own doors and everything! 

    Bedroom 1

    While only one bedroom offers a window with a view, rest assured you won’t miss out on a restful night’s sleep as every room is furnished with a comfortable queen-sized bed!

    Bedroom 2

    Bedroom 3

    Private Shower and Toilet Spaces:

    Stay Goznuk features separate toilet and shower rooms conveniently positioned next to each other. Both of these spaces are generously sized and efficiently organized, highlighting the emphasis on space utility and design at Stay Goznuk! While I can’t confirm whether it’s a help or hindrance, the shower room boasts two sets of showers without any partition. This setup can be a significant time-saver if you’re comfortable sharing the shower space with your companions.

    Moreover, you’ll discover a plentiful supply of toiletries. Whether you’re a duo or a larger group, there are enough essentials provided to cater to at least six people or more.

    Additional Considerations:

    Now that we’ve covered the key features, here are a few more details to take into account before deciding whether Stay Goznuk fits into your Busan itinerary:

    No Pets Allowed: If you’re traveling with your furry friend, it’s important to note that Stay Goznuk does not accommodate pets.

    Occupancy Limits: While the standard capacity is set at 6 people, you have the option to pay an additional 30,000 KRW for each extra person in your group. The maximum number of occupants is capped at 8, making it a more economical choice for larger groups.

    No Smoking: Unfortunately for smokers, smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the house.

    No Bath Salt in the Tub: To avoid any drainage issues in the bathtub, the use of bath salt is not allowed. Additionally, the house does not provide bathtub products like bath bombs. If you fancy a bubbly and foamy soak, make sure to bring your own supplies.

    Extra Tips:

    So, those are the main highlights about Stay Goznuk. Now, here are a few additional tips to make your stay even more unforgettable:

    Catch the Sunrise: From a photography perspective, I highly recommend setting an early alarm to witness the breathtaking sunrise. The image of the sun ascending behind the Gwangan Bridge is an incredibly beautiful moment you won’t want to miss!

    Prime Spot for City Celebrations: To maximize your experience at Stay Goznuk and in Busan, consider booking your stay for a Saturday to enjoy the fantastic Drone Light Show. Alternatively, mark your calendar for the last week of October or the first week of November to secure a private space for viewing the magnificent fireworks during one of Asia’s most significant events – the Busan International Fireworks Festival!

    Rates and Booking Information for Stay Goznuk:

    As indicated on its Naver Smart Place page, the nightly rate for Stay Goznuk varies between 310,000 KRW and 1,250,000 KRW. To check availability and secure your reservation, you can use either of the following two links:

    Getting to Stay Goznuk:

    If you’re not arriving in Busan by car, chances are you’ll be coming through Busan Station. Getting to Stay Goznuk in Gwangalli Beach from Busan Station is a breeze. Simply head to bus stop number 03720 near exit 6 or 7 of the subway station. Board bus number 41 and travel for 19 stops. Disembark at Gwangan Cafe Street Entrance (광안리카페거리입구) – stop number 14098. Stay Goznuk is a quick two-minute walk south from the bus stop. The journey takes approximately 35 minutes, and the bus fare is only 1,550 KRW.

    Access Map:

    Quick Info about Stay Goznuk:

    Address: 부산 수영구 광안해변로 193 3층
    Naver Map: Link
    Hours: Check-in 4:00PM, Check-out 11:00AM
    Number of People: Standard 6 / Maximum 8
    Parking: Free for one car
    Instagram: @stay_goznuk

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