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Seosomun Shrine History Museum

Seoul is crammed full of pleasant delights for visitors to discover – from a plethora of quirky cafes to magnificent grand palaces overfilled with prosperous history, to national and modern museums where Korean culture is displayed.

When it comes to the showcase, the city takes it seriously. That’s why you can find a bunch of lists online guiding you to the most recommended museums in town. They boast from where you can see such ancient relics and learn what Korea was like in the olden days, to the place you can admire the latest artifacts ever exhibited.

But as far as I can see, none of the lists has yet included ‘Seosomun Shrine History Museum’, the brand-new instagrammable place in Jung-gu District, Seoul.

Located close to Seosomun, one of the four small historical gates in Seoul, Seosomun Shrine History Museum was opened in the summer of 2019. If you are reaching out from exit no.4 of Chungjeongno Station just walk towards Seosomun Historical Park. The museum sits underneath the park.

It takes up four underground floors to reflect upon the history and the present showing the religious significance of the sanctuary.

On the first basement floor, plummetting down the ramp and following the sound of the soothing hymn, you will see Consolation Hall, the massive theatrical space with an installation of digital nature being projected on chamber four walls.

After busking enough in the ambiance of the dim but delight hall, you will notice a shaft of sunlight (well, if somehow you visit in the mid of the day) passing through an array of 24 doors at the end of the room.

The doors open to Heaven/Sky Square, the hottest spot that captivates all Korean Instagrammers attention at the moment.

Upon entering the square you will find yourself being embraced with red-bricked structure leading up to the blue sky on one fine day.

Within this rectangular plaza, there is a foundation of art pieces called ‘People on Feet’ which constitute 44 standing people who passed away from martyrdom.

At the other end of the passageway connected from the Consolation Hall, there is the major exhibition space that displays relics and historical records of Catholicism in the late Joseon Dynasty.

Moreover, the museum accommodates an astonishing lineup of sculptures and paintings created by different individual artists. Hall after hall is installed with various exhibitions and performances.

Since its opening, it is said that over half a thousand people have visited this great spot. After the visit, I was completely amazed by all those beautiful minds behind the creativities and their efforts of trying to link the history and religious heritage together.

How to get there: Seoul subway line 2 –> Chungjeongno Station –> Exit 4 –> walk straight toward the park –> at the park, take an elevator down to the first ground floor

Access Map

Essential Info About Seosomun Shrine History Museum

Opening Hours
Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday (9:30 am ~ 5:30 pm) |
Wednesday (9:30 am ~ 8:30 pm) |

Admission Fee: Free

Address: 5 Chilpae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 중구 칠패로 5 (의주로2가))

Phone: +82 2 3147 2401

Reference: [1], [2]

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