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Tips to Make Your Life in Seoul Easier

If you have the chance to live in Seoul for like a month, would you take it? If the answer is ‘Yes, I am willing to!’ here are couple things you should know beforehand. In this post I am giving you some tips, showing you some helpful applications that will make your Seoul trip or living experience much more easy and enjoyable!

1. Learn how to read Hangul (Korean alphabets) a little before you arrive

In Korea there may be enough signs dubbed with English to lead you to your destinations if they are the main tourist spots. But you can discover more when you know some basic Korean. As I see it, reading in Korean is the simplest skill you can accomplish among the four foundational skills of language learning. This will help you get around easily.

Useful websites/mobile apps to help you learn Hangul: TenguGo Hangul, LingoDeer, Talk to Me in Korean 

2. Public transports are extremely convenient

Seoul city has a very extensive transportation system. While subway trains are the fastest option to get around the city, buses will bring you to farther locations that the metro won’t. In addition, when you transfer into a different line of subways or a different bus number within 30 minutes, you will get a discount or even a free transit fare based on your traveled distance (these principles only applied to people who use T-money, so do not forget to get one first thing when you arrive). 

Useful apps: KakaoMetro, KakaoBus, KakaoMap, KakaoTaxi, NaverMap 

3. Naver account is crucial at some point

Naver is the most popular search engine in Korea. Having a Naver account will give you a lot of benefit from finding Mat-Jib (tasty house in Korean), reserving a restaurant, booking event tickets, renting a picnic set, to streaming for Naver Music.

Banners showing that making a hairdressing appointment is available on Naver Reservation

4. Daiso has everything you could possibly need

You can find Daiso almost at every corner of every neighborhood in Seoul. This little shop is amazing, selling literally everything from grocery items to international adapters. It is relatively cheap. In summer you can get a portable mini fan that costs just less than 5$. So it is the best choice in helping you settle down real easy.

5. Ways to find a room

There are numbers of living options in Seoul at a range of prices. Here are handy English friendly sites you can come across: Craigslist (most likely to find a shared room for a short-time visitor), Goshipages, Seoulhomes, Stayes. You may also check ZigBang and DaBang if you are comfortable with Korean. Or you may follow a conventional way of room searching, contacting real estate agents in the areas of your interest. Here is a list of global real estate agents who are willing to speak English with you; globalbroker.

A Korean Real Estate Agency Office named ‘Da-on’

6. Dig up on Instagram to discover the latest hot spot

There is a survey conducted by WiseApp showing that Instagram is the second-most-popular social media platform in Korea after only Facebook. It’s popularity even surpasses Naver Cafe, Korean social community. If there is a new trend coming out, you will probably see it on this very platform first.

Useful Hashtag: #seoulcafe #visitseoul #visitkorea #카페투어 #서울카페 #서울여행 #서울맛집 

There you have it, my guide to helping your trip or living experience in Seoul easier and fun. Hope it helps!

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