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Chasing Culinary Creativity: Ice Cream Karai Ramen at Mullaedong, Men

I’m not usually one to try out unusual dishes, especially those infamous for being some of the world’s quirkiest eats. But I had an unexpected culinary adventure when I decided to give the special dish at Mullaedong, Men a shot: a spicy miso ramen topped with a whole soft-serve ice cream cone. This unconventional pairing completely changed my perspective on creative cuisine! In this post, I’m excited to share my wonderful visit to this restaurant and offer some handy tips if you’re interested in trying their unique offerings on your next trip to Seoul!

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    Finding Mullaedong, Men:

    Mullaedong, Men (문래동,멘) is a hidden gem of a ramen spot right in the heart of Mullaedong, as its name suggests. This neighborhood has quickly become one of the hippest areas in western Seoul. It’s fascinating to note that the Mullae neighborhood was once home to numerous small-scale steel factories, and now, amidst the sea of trendy restaurants and cafes, you can still spot remnants of its industrial past. It didn’t take me long to become enamored with the place from the moment I set foot there!

    The Standout Dish: Ice Cream Karai Ramen

    Now, let’s dive right into the heart of the matter. Mullaedong, Men’s claim to fame is, of course, their mouthwatering ramen bowls. But what truly sets them apart from other ramen joints in the neighborhood or even across Korea is their star attraction: the Ice Cream Karai Ramen (아이스크림 카라이 라멘). It’s the very reason we made our journey to the Mullae neighborhood this time around!

    As per the restaurant’s narrative, Ice Cream Karai Ramen has its roots in Osaka, Japan, where it has gained substantial popularity. Without its unique twist – a soft-serve ice cream cone – it would just be your run-of-the-mill spicy miso ramen. Initially, this innovation might sound a bit deceptive because the entire ice cream isn’t placed atop the bowl; instead, it’s cleverly dissected, almost vertically. Presumably, this is done to allow the creamy texture of the soft serve ice cream to meld harmoniously with the rich ramen broth.

    If you’ve ventured this deep into the post, I’m guessing you’re curious about giving this intriguing dish a try. Here are a few more nuggets of information about Ice Cream Karai Ramen that could pique your interest:

    • The price for a bowl of Ice Cream Karai Ramen is 13,000 KW.
    • The restaurant serves a limited number of bowls each day, though the exact daily quantity remains a mystery.
    • Caution for those who aren’t fans of spicy cuisine: the spiciness level may be a bit intense.

    The Ice Cream Karai Ramen Review:

    Let’s get down to my unfiltered take on the Ice Cream Karai Ramen. First off, my only regret is not removing the ice cream cone before diving into the hot and spicy ramen broth. This blunder led to the crispy cone turning into a soggy mess and expanding, resulting in a rather undesirable puffy texture. However, this was the sole hiccup in an otherwise delightful experience that exceeded my expectations.

    To start, the ice cream itself was a true delight. Its smooth, milky texture and perfect level of sweetness were spot on. The spicy miso broth, too, had its own charms. It carried a robust aroma of soy sauce and miso paste that made every slurp a flavorful journey. When the soft-serve ice cream mingled with the soup, it was like a taste explosion! The sweetness of the creamy dessert beautifully complemented the savory ramen, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

    All in all, I must applaud the genius behind this creation – a round of applause is well-deserved!

    Ordering at Mullaedong, Men:

    Mullaedong, Men has a convenient ordering system in place. At each table, you’ll find a user-friendly touchscreen where you can browse through the menu with ease, select your dishes, and process your payment. To complete your payment, simply utilize the card slot located at the bottom of the screen.

    The only potential challenge you might face is that all the information is presented in Korean. If you’re not fluent in the language, don’t worry; the friendly staff is always available to provide assistance.

    Exploring the Menu Beyond Ice Cream Karai Ramen:

    If the whole ice-cream-in-your-ramen concept doesn’t quite tickle your taste buds, fear not! Mullaedong, Men has a diverse range of delectable offerings to choose from. You can take your pick from a variety of enticing ramen bowls, including Tonkotsu Ramen (featuring a pork bone broth), Shoyu Ramen (with a soy sauce-based broth), and Tori Paitan (a chicken-based Tonkotsu Ramen). For those craving heartier fare, they also offer rice-topped bowls.

    In the realm of beverages, in addition to the usual soft drinks and alcoholic options, Mullaedong, Men has a collection of visually appealing fruity highballs that have garnered their fair share of online praise!

    Getting to Mullaedong, Men:

    Mullaedong, Men is conveniently situated just a brief stroll away from Mullae Station on Seoul Subway Line 2. Simply exit from gate 7, walk straight ahead, cross over Mullae Mullae Park Intersection (문래공원사거리), and continue down the road a short distance. You’ll spot Mullaedong, Men with its distinctive black wooden façade and sleek double-layer black tiles toward the end of the street. The entire walk should take you no more than 8 minutes.

    Gallery: Mullaedong, Men‘s Atmosphere

    Access Map:

    Quick Info About Mullaedong, Men:

    Address: 서울 영등포구 도림로139길 19 1층
    Naver Map: Link
    Hours: 11:30AM~10:00PM (Everyday)
    Instagram: @dongmen_official

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