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Foundry Coffee Exposed: A Hidden Gem in Seoul’s Mullae Art Village

Although my stop at Foundry Coffee was unplanned, I couldn’t be more delighted with this serendipitous find. In this post, I’ll share all the details about this charming café and explain why it deserves a spot on your list of must-visit places when exploring Seoul’s Mullae neighborhood!

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    About Foundry Coffee:

    Situated in the fashionable Mullae Art Village in western Seoul, just south of the river, Foundry Coffee (파운드리커피) is a recently established café that opened its doors earlier this year. Nestled on the second floor of an old and rustic building, the café has transformed a modest space into a cool, relaxing corner where patrons can savor aromatic drinks and delightful sweet treats. What captured my attention the most was the hands-on approach of a young man, presumably the owner, who oversees every aspect of the café’s operations. From taking orders and crafting a perfect cup of coffee to preparing visually appealing desserts, this young entrepreneur handles it all with finesse. His dedication is evident in the unique items he features on the menu, surpassing the typical offerings found in many Korean cafés.

    Foundry Coffee’s Temptations:

    While the menu at Foundry Coffee does feature some classic coffee choices like americano and vanilla latte, the majority of their drink selections deviate from the typical offerings found in Korean coffee establishments. Notably, there’s a section reminiscent of a western pub or bar, showcasing items like the iconic Irish Coffee. Another section draws parallels to a sophisticated espresso bar, akin to Molto. Although the variety in each category may not be extensive, Foundry Coffee distinguishes itself through its innovative and unconventional approach. Here’s a breakdown of Foundry Coffee’s Temptations:


    • Americano: 4,500KW
    • Cafe Latte: 5,000KW
    • Vanilla Latte: 5,500KW
    • Tangerine Latte: 6,000KW


    • Con panna (espresso, cream): 4,000KW
    • Shakerato (espresso, ice, sugar): 4,500KW
    • Honeycomb (espresso, honey): 5,500KW


    • Tropical highball: 7,000KW
    • Italy beer: 7,500KW
    • Irish coffee: 7,500KW
    • Espresso martini: 9,500KW


    • Honeycomb affogato: 6,500KW
    • Milk tea: 6,500KW
    • Tropical ade: 6,500KW 

    Regarding the delectable desserts, they are equally noteworthy. Although the selection comprises only three items, each stands out as uncommon. Two of them were entirely unfamiliar to me before my visit to Foundry Coffee, marking my introduction to pavlova and canape. For those unacquainted, pavlova is a dessert centered around meringue, crowned with whipped cream and fruits, while canape resembles a petite appetizer, featuring a pastry base adorned with savory toppings— a fitting complement to the café’s cocktail-inspired beverages. The sole familiar dessert on the menu is Crème Brûlée, a luscious custard base crowned with a layer of caramelized sugar. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing for each dessert:

    • Pavlova: 8,000KW
    • Crème Brûlée: 5,000KW
    • Canape: 6,500KW 

    A Concise and Candid Evaluation:

    This review focuses exclusively on the desserts sampled during our visit, as several of the coffee options we intended to try had already been removed from the menu. Our group of five shared two plates of pavlova and a petite bowl of crème brûlée. The choice of fruit toppings for the pavlova depended on the availability, with one adorned with luscious shine muscat and the other adorned with fresh figs. Both variations were remarkably delightful, featuring a meringue base with a satisfyingly crisp crust that transitioned into a soft, mellow texture with the addition of whipped cream. The burst of sweetness from the fruits elevated the experience to a delightful climax. Moving on to the crème brûlée, it adhered to the standard expectations, yet what stood out was its moderate sweetness, particularly in the custard base, which I found appealing.

    Foundry Coffee’s Fruity Pavlova

    Café Ambiance:

    I cannot overlook the noteworthy atmosphere at Foundry Coffee, which immediately captivated us upon entering. The welcoming ambiance is characterized by a delightful blend of industrial design elements. The interior incorporates exposed architectural features such as pipes, brick walls, and concrete, creating a charming industrial aesthetic. Complemented by Edison light bulbs, steel furniture, and home décor in a chic and neutral color palette, Foundry Coffee adeptly embodies this trendy style with a flair for design.

    Reaching Foundry Coffee:

    Foundry Coffee enjoys a convenient location, a short and pleasant walk from Mullae Station on Seoul Subway Line 2. Upon exiting from gate 1, proceed straight ahead, cross the Mullae Mullae Park Intersection (문래공원사거리), and continue down the road for a brief distance. You’ll find the cafe on the second floor of the building at the street’s end. The entire journey should take no more than 8 minutes.

    Access Map:

    Quick Info about Foundry Coffee:

    Address: 서울 영등포구 경인로77길 22 2층 202호
    Naver Map: Link
    Hours: 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Wednesday to Sunday), closed on Monday and Tuesday
    Instagram: @foundrycoffee_

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