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Haus Coffee & Dessert: Exploring Seoul’s Cozy Retreat

On a pleasantly cool Sunday in the middle of August, we finally caught a break from the scorching Korean heat as Typhoon Khanun bid farewell to the country. That’s when it struck me – the timing couldn’t be better to explore some of the awesome places I had bookmarked on Instagram. Right up there on my list was Haus Coffee & Dessert Cafe. The main attraction? Their incredible Hanok room, which had already caught my eye in the pictures. I was so convinced by those images that I decided to turn my afternoon into a mini-adventure and head there. So, in this post, I’m excited to share my experience and a few tips, hoping they’ll help you make the most of your own visit to Haus Cafe!

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    Introducing Haus Café and Its Mesmerizing Hanok Vibe:    

    Making its debut in late 2022, Haus Coffee & Dessert (하우스 커피 앤 디저트) burst onto the scene, setting up shop in the cozy nook of Jangchungdan Park, right at the foot of Namsan. You can spot it chillin’ on the opposite side of the swanky Shilla Hotel, just hanging out near the entrance of the National Theater of Korea and Namsan Dulle-gil. Now, what makes Haus really stand out from its neighbors is its seriously cool Hanok-style architecture – a real throwback to the good ol’ Korean design.

    So, let’s dive into this Hanok vibe they’ve got going on. Instead of following the traditional script, where you’d usually find a maru (fancy word for a wooden-floored main hall) and a kitchen taking center stage, Haus decided to mix things up. They’ve turned one of the wings into these cozy seating areas. And guess what? Those spots are like Insta-gold. They blew up on the internet and convinced me to drop by that afternoon.  

    How to Get to Haus Café:

    Navigating to Haus Cafe is an absolute breeze. The trick is simple: make your way to Jangchungdan Park, and you’ve practically arrived. Conveniently positioned by exit 6 of Dongguk University Station (동대입구역), all it takes is a leisurely amble through the park. Trust me, within a mere 5-minute walk, you’ll find yourself at Haus!

    Haus Cafe’s Generous Operating Schedule:

    A standout feature of Haus Cafe is its exceptionally lengthy operating hours. From 8:00 in the morning to a late 11:00 at night, this cafe keeps its doors open every single day, even during holidays when most other places are closed. So, whether it’s a regular day or a holiday, you’ve always got Haus as a reliable option to turn to!

    Haus Cafe’s Welcoming and Cozy Ambiance:

    The serene atmosphere of Jangchungdan Park seamlessly blends with Haus Cafe’s inviting setting, adding an extra layer of allure to its captivating structures. Adding to the charm, Haus traces its origins back to the German word for home or hometown, imbuing every corner with the comfort of home and the familiarity of one’s hometown.

    Step onto their spacious lawn terrace, where you and your furry companions can bask in enjoyable moments. Inside, the main hall embraces the warm aesthetics of a hanok, while also offering access to an array of books – a collection that includes a neatly arranged assortment of 300 classic literary works from Minumsa publishing group. And don’t miss out on the special room tucked beneath the gabled roof, situated in close proximity to the park’s waterfall. This enclave boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you to immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings.

    Exploring Haus Cafe’s Delights:

    Haus Cafe boasts an impressively extensive beverage lineup, featuring everything from classic espresso coffee and refreshing cold brew coffee to traditional Korean tea, lattes, smoothies, and ade. Amid this rich variety, their standout offerings include the Black Sesame Cream Shot Latte and the delightful Jangchung Green Smoothie.

    Starting at 9:00 a.m., you’re in for a treat with a selection of 20 delectable desserts. From egg tarts and quiche Lauren to the indulgent egg in hell tart and brown cheese financier, every bite is crafted by top-notch patisseries in Korea. Expect treats like Remington Madeleines, fragrant black sesame canelé, and innovative earl gray lemon s’mores cookies. And if you’re craving something savory, the egg mayo sandwich has got you covered.

    Haus’s Patbingsu

    If your visit coincides with the summer season (from June to September), brace yourself for an additional delight – Bingsu, the Korean-style shaved ice dessert. Haus Cafe has rolled out enticing flavors this year, with red bean and peach taking the lead. These cooling delights are a perfect way to dive into sweet happiness while battling the heat of the Korean summer!

    Pricing Details:

    At Haus, the costs for beverages and pastries align with the upscale, trendy vibe you’d expect from a place in Seoul. However, when it comes to the seasonal Bingsu offerings, the prices lean toward the higher end – but it makes sense, given the generous portions designed for sharing between a duo or so. Here’s a breakdown of some pricing for various treats at Haus:


    • Americano (아메리카노): 5,000KW
    • Vanilla Cafe Latte (바닐라카페라떼): 6,000KW
    • Cappuccino (카푸치노): 5,500KW
    • Cream Shot Latte Origin (크림샷라떼오리진): 7,000KW
    • Strawberry Latte (딸기라떼): 6,500KW
    • Grapefruit Ade (자몽에이드): 7,000KW


    • Strawberry Cream Cheesecake (딸기크림치즈케익): 7,500KW
    • Egg Tart (에그 타르트): 4,000KW
    • Croissant (크루아상): 5,000KW
    • Lemon Madeleine (레몬 마들렌): 3,000KW
    • Mont Blanc (몽블랑): 6,000KW

    Seasonal Desserts:

    • Peach Bingsu (복숭아빙수): 25,000KW
    • Red Bean Bingsu (팥빙수): 21,000KW

    Helpful Tips for Your Haus Experience:

    Securing the Perfect Photo Spot at Haus: 

    The seating area on the right wing is a prime spot sought after by many visitors due to its picturesque windows and tranquil views. Expect this spot to be quite popular. If you’re aiming for a seat here, take advantage of the cafe’s extended operating hours and plan an early morning or late-night visit to beat the crowds.

    Windows in the Gabled Room: 

    Keep in mind that the windows in the gabled room might be closed due to weather conditions – it can get pretty hot in mid-summer and quite chilly in winter. But don’t fret, even with the windows closed, the area still offers fantastic photo opportunities. And remember, please don’t try to open these windows on your own. They’re not your usual windows, and opening them might require some knowledge about Hanok architecture. If you’re keen on getting a few shots with the windows open, just let the staff know, and they might arrange a brief opening for you.

    The Gabled Room still looks captivating even with all the windows shut

    Immerse Yourself in Jangchungdan Park’s Tranquil Vibes: 

    Don’t forget to take a leisurely stroll around the park itself! There’s so much more to explore – from the calming sights of lush greenery along Namsomundong Stream to monuments and statues commemorating historical figures. Plus, you’ll come across the charming structures of traditional Korean pavilions that add to the park’s unique charm.

    And that’s a wrap! You’re all set with the inside scoop on Haus Cafe in Jung-gu. My hope is that this post serves as your trusty companion, guiding you through the ins and outs of this enchanting spot. Enjoy your time at this lovely place to the fullest!

    Access Map:

    Quick Info about Haus Coffee & Dessert:

    Address: 서울 중구 동호로 257-8 장충단공원 하우스
    Naver Map: Link
    Hours: 8:00AM~11:00PM (Everyday)
    Nearest Subway: Dongguk University Station (Line 3) Exit 6
    Instagram: @haus_coffee_dessert

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