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Where to Capture Beautiful Pictures of Seoul Tower + Map

Amidst the bustling and buzzing cityscape of Seoul, there’s a real showstopper that steals the spotlight every time – Seoul Tower! Perched up high on Namsan Mountain, this humdinger of the ever-developing metropolis gives you jaw-dropping views of the whole shebang. It’s like the city’s beating heart, with a dash of old-school charm mixing it up with the shiny new vibes. And as the sun dips below the horizon or the city lights up in a dazzling display, Seoul Tower takes center stage, a sight to behold. If you’re on the hunt for the most picturesque spots to capture Seoul Tower in all its glory, you’re in for a treat! Let’s buckle up and take a wild ride through the coolest spots to snap this iconic tower like a pro!

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    1. Haebangchon Shinheung Market:

    Hangul: 해방촌 신흥시장
    Naver Map: Link

    Nestled at the foot of Namsan Mountain, Haebangchon’s Shinheung Market enjoys a prime location that provides a perfect vantage point for admiring the city’s breathtaking views, complete with the majestic presence of Seoul Tower. While you soak in the cool vibes and enjoy the picturesque scenes at the trendy eateries within the market, don’t miss the enchanting experience of strolling along Sinheung Road (신흥로). Here, you’ll discover mesmerizing images of the towering icon peeking down the steep alley from the mountain’s edge, framed by the rustic facades of medium-height establishments lining the road. A visit to Haebangchon would be incomplete without a leisurely walk down this very road!  

    2. Namsan Park Baekbeom Square:

    Hangul: 남산공원백범광장
    Naver Map: Link

    True to its name, Namsan Park Baekbeom Square is conveniently situated in close proximity to the Namsan Mountain, the cherished location of our target landmark. Here, an organized viewing point offers a crystal-clear panoramic view of Seoul Tower, serving as a photographer’s dream. Moreover, a delightful bonus awaits as you capture an iconic shot where the city’s wall gracefully appears before the tower and the mountain, near the park’s entrance. This image is akin to a voluntary quest that every photographer embarks upon while exploring the city’s beauty. 

    3. National Museum of Korea: 

    Hangul: 국립중앙박물관
    Naver Map: Link 

    Just a stone’s throw away from Ichon Station’s exit 2, the National Museum of Korea isn’t just a haven for history and art buffs; it’s also a gem for those seeking remarkable views of Seoul Tower. As you step into the association building to collect your tickets, prepare to be awestruck by the mesmerizing juxtaposition of the tower as a backdrop against the sleek and majestic hollow structure of the establishment. This extraordinary combination creates a truly unique photo opportunity. Additionally, the museum boasts a vast and expansive staircase reminiscent of seating rolls in a grand stadium, where visitors can take a moment’s respite from their explorations or patiently await their companions. This adds a delightful touch of quirkiness to your shot, with the silhouettes of people at the bottom of the frame perfectly complementing the captivating view of Seoul Tower. Without a doubt, the National Museum of Korea is a place that promises to deliver amazing images and unforgettable memories.     

    4. Noksapyeong Station Overpass:

    Hangul: 녹사평육교
    Naver Map: Link

    Beyond being a celebrated filming location for the wildly successful K-drama, “Itaewon Class,” the Noksapyeong Station Overpass in Yongsan District offers an excellent vantage point to soak in the lively energy of the city’s bustling roads, all while basking in the presence of Seoul Tower. From this unique spot, you’ll witness a captivating sight – a bustling congregation of hundreds of homes below the towering landmark, infusing an extra touch of charm into the view. Prepare your camera, for this spot promises a delightful blend of urban dynamism and iconic cityscape, creating picture-perfect moments worth capturing. 

    5. Noop Cafe & Pizza Pub:

    Hangul: 눕카페&피자펍
    Naver Map: Link

    Nestled in the charming neighborhood of Habangchon, Noop Cafe & Pizza Pub shines for its laid-back ambiance and joyful moments. Yet, what truly elevates this fancy eatery to our list is its exceptional proximity to Seoul Tower. Reserve one of their quirky VIP chambers, designed like adorable igloos, for a delightful outdoor experience while indulging in panoramic views. From here, marvel at the shiny towering skyscrapers harmoniously mingling amidst a sea of quaint brownish houses stretching beyond the base of Namsan Mountain. 

    6. Sinyongsan Station Overpass:

    Hangul: 한강초교앞보도육교
    Naver Map: Link

    Yongsan District unveils yet another captivating area where the harmonious interplay of cityscape and Seoul Tower takes center stage. For those seeking a breathtaking vista, the overpass near Sinyongsan Station on Seoul Subway line 4 offers an unmissable opportunity. To access this vantage point, simply follow a straight path from station exit 3, a brief 400-meter stroll. This overpass has earned its fame, often showcased on Instagram by local photographers who’ve embraced its allure. Picture in mind: our iconic star tower framed by the sleek, towering structures of Yongsan’s buildings, while the dynamic flow of traffic hums along the road at the base of Seoul Tower. It’s an enchanting tableau that captures the very essence of Seoul’s beauty, an image that lingers long after you’ve seen it.  

    7. Namsangol Hanok Village:

    Hangul: 남산골한옥마을
    Naver Map: Link

    Namsangol Hanok Village, known as the “Village of Traditional Houses in the Namsan Valley,” resides in the Pil-dong neighborhood within Jung-gu, Seoul’s central district. This village doesn’t just offer a window into the diverse lifestyles and activities of the Joseon era; it also presents numerous angles to capture Seoul Tower, courtesy of its prime position nestled at the foot of Namsan Mountain. What sets Namsangol Hanok Village apart from other spots on our list is its showcase of quintessential Korean traditional architecture. Moreover, if your visit aligns with April, the breathtaking blossoms of plum and cherry trees are a stunning added treat!  

    8. Banpo Seoraeseom:

    Hangul: 서래섬
    Naver Map: Link

    Emerging as an artificial island crafted in the mid-1980s, Banpo Seoraeseom, or Seorae Island, graces the Seocho District along the banks of the Hangang River. Although it doesn’t nestle in the immediate vicinity of Namsan Mountain, Seoraeseom unfurls the serene tapestry of the city’s beloved river, where Seoul Tower stands as a striking element against its breathtaking backdrop. Venture here during May to experience a visual spectacle as the island is painted in the splendid gold of blooming canola fields. This shot is nothing short of an enchanting fairytale come to life!  

    9. Banpo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain:

    Hangul: 반포대교달빛무지개분수
    Naver Map: Link 

    Mere moments away from Seorae Island, the Banpo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain takes the spotlight as the go-to place for a vibrant spectacle that ignites the city during warmer months – the enchanting rainbow fountain show. Yet, what truly cements its position on our curated list is the sweeping panorama of the cityscape it presents, with Seoul Tower taking center stage in this captivating visual narrative!

    10. Chungmuro Station:

    Hangul: 충무로역
    Naver Map: Link

    Nestled north of Namsan Mountain, Chungmuro Station, served by Seoul Subway lines 4 and 3, emerges as a hub of breathtaking vistas showcasing the allure of Seoul Tower. In this guide, I have a gem of a spot to share with you, right near this very station – the area in front of Pildong Myeonok (필동면옥) restaurant. As the sun dips below the horizon, you can capture an enchanting image of the tower, creating the most romantic scene in Seoul’s photo album. And to sweeten the deal, Pildong Myeonok happens to be a restaurant renowned for its cold noodles, proudly featured in the Seoul Michelin Guide. Visiting this spot guarantees more than just a stunning snapshot of Seoul Tower – it promises a culinary experience that’s equally delightful!

    11. Seoul Station:

    Hangul: 서울역
    Naver Map: Link

    Stepping out of exit 11 at Seoul Station unveils a coveted view that has lured countless Korean Instagrammers – the captivating sight of Seoul Tower gracefully poised along the ascending path of Huam Road (후암로). To add a personal touch to the frame, consider crossing the crossroad in front of Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation, creating an enchanting tableau that combines your presence with the city’s iconic landmark!

    Congratulations, you’ve reached the conclusion of this all-inclusive guide designed to assist you in discovering prime locations for capturing stunning images of Seoul Tower! Undoubtedly, there exist numerous other captivating viewpoints waiting to be uncovered. In the spirit of expanding this collection, I’m excitedly gearing up to explore and share even more remarkable spots. Your visit to this post is greatly appreciated, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Keep an eye out for future updates as we continue our journey to unveil more enchanting Seoul Tower vistas!

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