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Noeul Cafe in Seoul: A Window to Han River’s Splendor

Lately, I’ve been keeping myself busy with a fun little project when I’m not tied up with work at the office. This venture involves a quest to seek out charming cafes and restaurants in Seoul that boast captivating views of the Han River. Naturally, Dongjak Noeul Cafe had to be on my radar, so I diligently crafted a plan for a visit. The day finally arrived, and I’m genuinely excited to share my discoveries with you in this post!

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    Dongjak Noeul Cafe’s Prime Location:

    Situated at the southern end of Dongjak Bridge (동작대교), there are two magnificent observation lounges that face each other from opposite sides of the bridge. To find our featured cafe, Noeul Cafe (노을카페), head to the west side. This cafe occupies the third, fourth, and an outdoor rooftop on the fifth deck of the structure. You can access it from either the ground floor or from the bridge’s sidewalk. Given Dongjak Bridge’s reputation for offering splendid sunset and nighttime vistas of the Han River, you already have a sense of the cafe’s main attraction!

    On the other side of the road, the lounge provides views that include a glimpse of the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain at Banpo Bridge. In contrast, Noeul Cafe offers panoramic views of the cityscape, with the towering 63 Building visible on one side and a striking perspective of the iconic Seoul Tower on the other!

    Indulging in Noeul Cafe’s Offerings:

    Let’s explore the myriad delights that Noeul Cafe has in store.

    Noeul Cafe’s Layout:

    The 3rd Floor:

    This serves as your initial point of entry into the café. It houses the ordering counter, where you place your requests. Adjacent to the counter, a cozy corner beckons you to take a seat, facing the west, offering a distant yet captivating view of the skyscraper jungle in the Yeouido business district.

    A Cozy Little Corner on the 3rd Floor

    The 4th Floor:

    The 4th floor is the primary seating area, split into two distinct sections, each offering its own unique vistas. The first section aligns with the corner of the seating and viewing area on the third floor, providing a similar majestic cityscape from a slightly elevated vantage point.

    The Fourth-Floor Seating Area Overlooking the Western Banks of the Han River

    The second, more expansive section encompasses the remainder of the floor, situated closer to the bridge’s road and boasting views in the opposite direction. Here, you can relish scenes of passing trains, pedestrians strolling across the bridge, and striking panoramas of Seoul Tower atop Namsan summit. If capturing Seoul’s iconic landmark is your aim, head straight to this seating area.

    Seoul Tower Peeks Through from the Eastern Seating Area on the 4th Floor

    The Rooftop:

    Extending from the second seating section on the fourth floor, the rooftop is Noeul Cafe’s exclusive outdoor zone. It resembles a charming wooden terrace, featuring a long bench arranged like stadium seating. I need not paint a detailed picture, as every nook and cranny of Noeul Café offers breathtaking views. Weather permitting, the rooftop undoubtedly becomes the most sought-after spot for café visitors!

    Noeul Cafe’s Rooftop

    Noeul Cafe’s Operating Schedule:

    As per a Naver Blog, Noeul Cafe boasts generous operating hours, starting its day at 11 AM and wrapping up as late as 11 PM. Thanks to this extended schedule, the cafe provides an ideal setting for savoring stunning sunsets as the day turns into night!

    Taking in the Night Cityscape from Noeul Cafe

    Menu and Pricing:

    Now, let’s delve into the offerings at Dongjak Noeul Cafe and get a sense of what your wallet can expect when you pay a visit.

    Noeul Cafe boasts a selection of typical café beverages along with an array of delectable pastry items. While the sweet treats on hand may vary daily, here’s a rundown of some of the beverages and their corresponding prices at Noeul Cafe:


    • Americano: 6,000KW
    • Caffe Latte: 7,000KW
    • Cappuccino: 7,000KW
    • Vanilla Latte: 7,500KW
    • Caramel Macchiato: 7,500KW


    • Lemon Ade: 8,000KW
    • Grapefruit Ade: 8,000KW
    • Passion Fruits Mango Ade: 8,000KW 

    Fresh Juice:

    • Strawberry: 8,000KW
    • Kiwi: 8,000KW
    • Orange: 8,000KW


    • Jasmine: 6,000KW
    • Ginger: 7,500KW
    • Citron: 7,500KW

    These offerings give you a good idea of what you can enjoy at Noeul Cafe and what you might spend while savoring your choices.

    Exclusive Reservations for Seoul International Fireworks Festival:

    Here’s another fantastic discovery about Noeul Cafe – you can secure a reservation for a front-row seat during the Seoul International Fireworks Festival! This annual spectacle takes place at Yeouido Han River Park, with Dongjak Bridge renowned as one of the prime locations to witness the fireworks in all their splendor. Noeul Cafe steps into the limelight during this thrilling event. To make a reservation, simply dial the number provided on the cafe’s Naver Smart Place. It’s important to note that during the festival, dining-in after 6 PM is exclusively available to those with reservations; however, take-out service remains an option for all.

    Handwritten Notice at Noeul Cafe Regarding the Seoul International Fireworks Event

    Additional Insights About Noeul Cafe:

    No need to battle for prime seating: 

    Surprisingly, Noeul Cafe isn’t as crowded as one might anticipate, despite its breathtaking views. If you’re in search of a peaceful and beautiful cafe experience, this is the place for you, open for your enjoyment at any time of the day.

    Restroom arrangements: 

    Please be aware that there are no restroom facilities within the cafe itself. If nature calls, you’ll need to make use of the public restrooms situated on the first floor beneath the bridge.

    A mix of charm and wear: 

    Beyond its striking views, it’s worth noting that Noeul Cafe does have certain areas that may not appear pristine. For instance, the windows might give the impression they haven’t seen a cleaning in quite some time. The elevator shaft shows signs of dirt and rust, and the side stairways may be adorned with bird droppings and overgrown weeds. Hence, it’s advisable to use the side stairways only when necessary.

    Getting to Dongjak Noeul Cafe:

    Reaching Dongjak Noeul Cafe via public transportation is a straightforward journey. Begin by arriving at Dongjak Station, conveniently served by Seoul Subway lines 4 and 9. Upon exiting at Exit 2, ascend a flight of stairs to access the bridge’s sidewalk. Follow this path toward the observation structure, which will lead you to the cafe’s automatic sliding door, granting entry to the third floor!

    We’ve reached the conclusion of my in-depth article about Dongjak Noeul Cafe! I’m sincerely grateful for your interest and for joining me on this journey until this point. I trust that this guide will serve as your handy companion, enhancing your experience during your visit to Noeul Cafe. Enjoy every moment to the fullest!

    Gallery: Captivating Images Captured from Dongjak Bridge and Noeul Cafe

    Access Map:

    Quick Info About Dongjak Noeul Cafe:

    Address: 서울 동작구 동작대로 335 노을카페
    Naver Map: Link
    Hours: 11AM~11PM

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