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Greylab – Seoul Cafe with Cherry Blossoms

Greylab is a cozy coffee place located in Hapjeong-dong, a next-door neighbor to Seoul’s popular hipster hangout, Hongdae. I don’t know when it happened but Greylab has become my favorite cafe that I have to visit every spring as long as I live in Seoul. When it is not spring, the cafe may appear to be one regular aesthetic coffee shop with lovely decor and trendy interior.

They have a relaxing outdoor seating area in the back. And in this very spot there are three fully-grown cherry trees which is the reason for my annual visit during spring season. Imagine yourself sipping a fine cup of tea underneath gorgeous cherry blossoms canvas, this shall suffice to make Greylab the more mention of its name. What’s more is the cafe’s outdoor space is adjacent to a terrace on the second floor of the adjoining office next door. They occasionally open the door and allow Greylab’s customers to go up and take photos with the mind-blowing fluff of cherry blossoms, the most beautiful flower backdrop I have ever seen I must say.

If you too would like to see the cherry blossoms at their prime at Greylab, go follow their Instagram account to keep up with the blooming progress. And be aware that when the flowers come, the spot will be fully packed until there no longer is the sight of the petals (even on the floor ground). You may have to wait in a very long line for photos at the terrace. And don’t forget to order what seems to be its signature beverage, ice/hot apple tea. It is delicious and no doubt is an insta-worthy kinda drink.

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