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(closed) PERC SEOUL – Cafe with Flowers View

Opened in March 2019 next to the Mamma Mia Cafe, the most popular pink cafe in Apgujeong neighborhood, but PERC SEOUL just came to my attention this spring when the fully-developed trees grown in its side yard were in full swing with flowers.

PERC SEOUL is a two-story cafe with an outdoor terrace on the first floor that allows you to dine under shady trees on sunny days. These trees turn out to be beautiful deciduous plants magnolias and apricot/plum trees which during spring their blossoms captivate everyone’s attention. Thanks to my compulsive urges to capture the flower viewing spots in Seoul, I was able to catch up with the blooming plum blossoms at PERC SEOUL this year (and some magnolias in sight too). It was one of the prettiest sights of spring I had seen in the city and I am telling you why.

On the second floor, across the hallway from the cafe’s offline showroom, there was a tiny narrow balcony facing Mamma Mia’s upstairs seating areas. The corner was still big enough to fit three people who wouldn’t mind  such close interaction. Regardless of how small the platform was, it was the best spot to admire the blooming flowers from downstairs. Besides, fuschia-shaded Mamma Mia cafe contrasted with the luminous white of the magnolias together with soft-pink petals of the plum, giving out a very unique outlook.

If you are hanging around in Seoul in March, why not check out this place. Having brunch with a big beautiful fluff of flowers blooming before your eyes is worth putting on the list, I suppose. And a small fyi, PERC also sells menswear clothes and shoes online and offline. At the second-floor showroom you will be surprised by the showcase of many classic footwear brands, mostly european which is barely seen anywhere in Seoul.

PERC SEOUL Located by Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia, The Pinkish Cafe in Apgujeong
More info about PERC SEOUL

Latest Update: PERC SEOUL has been replaced by On Cheonjip Sukiyaki (온천집스키야키) since 2021

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