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Japan Year-end Getaway : Himeji Castle & Kobe

Having been living in Korea one thing that makes me consider myself as a lucky one is how easy it is to leave for Japan from here. The flight from Seoul to any part of Japan is way cheaper and shorter than from anywhere else. So, I couldn’t miss the chance of revisiting it for the world!

Here comes a wonderful short break at the end of the year, and people are following their made bucket lists. Roaming across Japan is my ultimate this time that I bought a JR pass as the choice for transportation. I pinned out to start my journey from Kansai and let’s see where the trip is ended up to.

Day 1 (2018-12-29) : Hyogo – Kobe – Kyoto

In the afternoon on Saturday of December 29, I caught up with my boyfriend at KIX and headed out towards Osaka. We decided at the last minute to visit Himeji Castle in Hyōgo Prefecture since neither of us have been to the place.

Visiting tourist spots during holiday in Japan, there will be some drawbacks for you to encounter. In an instance, the main sightseeing areas of many popular places are closed and some of the regular transports are unavailable. No exception not even at Himeji Castle. No accesses are allowed inside the castle but you can still stroll around the area within the castle walls. We arrived at San-yo Himeji station at around 4 pm. The sun was setting, the sky was about to get dark as we reached the castle but the place was ours with only a few people on the road. I was awed by the vastness of the premise. Its imposing size and beauty are stunningly well preserved.

After contemplating the sensation of Himeji Castle with full pleasure, we left for Kyoto. On the way back, we of course couldn’t miss a chance to spend our perfect dinner in Kobe where I was craving for its signature, Kobe Beef, one of the most talked-about Wagyu.


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