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Best Louis Hamilton Hotel Ocean Terrace: A Coastal Retreat in Busan

After having a blast on a 3D2N trip to Busan last year, I knew I had to go back. There’s just so much more to explore in this beautiful coastal city! This year, the urge to return was real, and when I got an invite to crash at the Best Louis Hamilton Hotel Ocean Terrace, my Busan trip got a serious upgrade. Big shoutout to our accommodation sponsor—I’m dedicating this post to share our stay at this awesome beachfront spot. So, if you’re in search of a budget-friendly place with amazing ocean views in Busan, keep reading and get the inside scoop! Oh, and no need to worry—this won’t be all about praising our sponsor. I’ll be providing you with the most honest review!

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    Best Louis Hamilton Hotel Ocean Terrace Overview:

    Established in 2022, Best Louis Hamilton Hotel Ocean Terrace (베스트루이스해밀턴호텔 오션테라스) is situated in Gijang-gun, nestled between Haeundae-gu and Ulsan in the northern part of Busan. This hotel is under the management of Best Louis Hamilton Design Group, a distinguished boutique hotel brand rooted in South Gyeongsang Province. When it comes to the Ocean Terrace branch, here’s a glimpse of the experiences you can expect:

    Immersive Ocean Views at Every Turn:

    Best Louis Hamilton Hotel Ocean Terrace stands tall at 12 stories, boasting a rooftop terrace that capitalizes on its prime location along the shoreline. The entire structure is designed to offer panoramic ocean views, with every room providing a picturesque scene of breakwaters, a bustling fisherman village, small harbors, and the sparkling ocean.

    No need to request a specific room for the view; every corner of Best Louis Hamilton Hotel Ocean Terrace with windows treats guests to these stunning vistas. Whether you’re in the lobby with its expansive head-to-ceiling windows, the cleverly installed glassy window in the left elevator shaft, the spacious top-floor pool area, or the balcony with another head-to-ceiling window in each room, the visual delights are omnipresent.

    Interior Design and Ambiance:

    The lobby at Best Louis Hamilton Hotel Ocean Terrace boasts one of the most vibrant and playful scenes I’ve encountered. In the area in front of the reception counter, you’ll find sets of striking white curvy benches resembling a cloud of soft marshmallows, complemented by a captivating media art display.

    Adding to the hotel’s personality are the zebra-patterned carpeted floors. While I personally find them chic and delightful, my companion, with a highly sensitive sense of dust, wasn’t as thrilled – it happened to be his least favorite design choice.

    Room and Facilities:

    Let’s take a peek at the room. Given that each room offers similar views with slight variations in perspective, there’s a consistent floor plan and decor across all rooms, with a notable distinction being the inclusion of a ryokan-style wooden bathtub.

    The room features a double bed and a single bed side by side, a choice that initially puzzled me as the maximum capacity is stated for two guests. Despite this, the room remains spacious even with both beds.

    I appreciated the overall glitzy and polished aesthetic of the room. A captivating digital display simulating a fireplace rests beneath a flat-screen TV. The installation of goldenish cushions on the wall behind the beds adds a touch of elegance to the room’s monochrome theme.

    The wash-up zone steals the spotlight right as you enter the room. The area exudes luxury with its bright and glossy decor and items. The bathroom comprises a toilet and a separate shower room, situated after the impressive bathroom sink. While not overly extravagant, I admired the high standard selection of bathroom fixtures.

    Additional comforts in the room include a safe deposit box, a snack corner, welcome drinks, and an electric kettle, among other amenities. It’s worth noting that, among the provided snacks and drinks, only water is complimentary.

    Extra Insights:

    Sunrise Spectacle: For those with a penchant for photography, I strongly suggest setting an early alarm to catch the mesmerizing sunrise. The sight of the sun ascending behind the ocean serves up an incredibly beautiful moment that’s not to be overlooked!

    For Night Owls: If you’re a nightlife enthusiast, take note – there’s a weekly rooftop party to spice up your evenings. In the warmer months, anticipate a lively atmosphere with events ranging from nightclub parties to bubble extravaganzas, featuring both domestic and international DJs performing in the infinite pool area.

    Proximity to Nearby Attractions:

    Situated in the northern part of Busan, Best Louis Hamilton Hotel Ocean Terrace offers convenient access to the following attractions:

    • Daebyeon Port (대변항): 3 minutes by car
    • Haedong Yonggung Temple (해동 용궁사): 6 minutes by car
    • Lotte Premium Outlet Dongbusan Branch (롯데프리미엄아울렛 동부산점): 6 minutes by car
    • Lotte World Adventure Busan (롯데월드 어드벤처 부산): 7 minutes by car
    • Songjeong Beach (송정해수욕장): 12 minutes by car
    • Greetvi Coffee Seosang (그릿비 서생점): 28 minutes by car

    More Pictures of Best Louis Hamilton Hotel Ocean Terrace:

    Access Map:

    Quick Info About Best Louis Hamilton Hotel Ocean Terrace:

    Address: 부산 기장군 기장읍 연화1길 27 베스트루이스해밀턴호텔 오션테라스
    Naver Map: Link
    Hours: Check-in 3:00PM, Check-out 11:00AM
    Rates: ~100,000KRW/night
    Booking: Hotels Naver
    Closest Bus Stop: Yeonseo Church (Stop Number 16070)

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