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The Ultimate Guide to Ski Resorts in Korea

As winter paints Korea in a magical white, the options for fun seem endless, and two favorites stand out: skiing and snowboarding. But with so many cool spots to choose from, finding the perfect place to experience these winter wonders can be a bit of a puzzle. Don’t worry, though – this guide is here to unravel it all for you! We’re about to dive into a lineup of awesome ski resorts across Korea, each with its own flavor and flair. If you’re gearing up for a winter escapade in Korea and dreaming of cruising down snow-covered slopes, whether on skis or a snowboard, think of this guide as your secret shortcut to an unforgettable icy adventure! 

Author’s Note: It’s important to keep in mind that certain details, like ski lift prices and operating hours, provided in the ‘Quick Info’ section for each resort, are derived from the previous winter season. Consequently, you may encounter some alterations when you plan your visit to these resorts in the upcoming season!

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    Ski Seasons in Korea:

    In Korea, the winter wonderland opens its doors from December to late March, with most ski resorts welcoming visitors during this chilly stretch. Particularly, those resorts nestled in the remote northeastern reaches of the country, far from the hustle of Seoul, tend to boast extended seasons owing to their impressive snowfall and elevation.

    Now, let’s talk about the high-energy times when these ski resorts are abuzz! From late December to early February, the slopes come alive with enthusiasts, marking the peak skiing season in Korea. This stretch is when you can bank on the freshest, fluffiest snow in the nation, promising optimal conditions for a thrilling ride down the slopes.

    Is Skiing/Snowboarding in Korea Safe?

    Drawing from my personal experiences, I can confidently say that skiing and snowboarding in Korea offer a notably beginner-friendly environment, especially when compared to neighboring Japan. The experience of gliding down Korean slopes is not only hassle-free but also quite safe. It’s a fact – many of my friends from back home in Thailand have chosen Korea for their inaugural snow escapades, enticed not only by the budget-friendly private lessons but also the reassuring safety measures in place.

    In the numerous resorts I’ve explored, meticulous attention is given to slope maintenance and grooming. Every run is lined with protective barriers, ensuring a well-defined course and eliminating any chance of veering off track. The trail markers are exceptionally clear, guiding you through your snow-filled journey. Catering to novices, there are gentle slopes perfect for those taking their first wobbly steps on skis or a snowboard. Even on my very first runs, the beginner courses proved to be gentle enough to navigate without any tumbles.

    Are All Ski Resorts in Korea Snowboarder-Friendly?

    Absolutely! No worries on this front – in Korea, I’ve yet to come across or hear of any “skiers-only” resorts, areas you can easily stumble upon in Japan. Here, all ski resorts extend a warm welcome to snowboarders, so there’s no need to fret about accidentally winding up at a place where you’re not allowed to shred. You’ll find a friendly stance toward both activities (skiing and snowboarding) across all Korean ski resorts, and rental shops at each resort are well-equipped with gear for both options!

    Are There any Ski Resorts in Seoul?

    In a nutshell, the answer is “no.” While Seoul does offer winter delights like sledding and ice skating within the city limits, the snowy terrains tailored for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts are all situated beyond its borders.

    Navigating Korean Ski Resorts:

    To make your skiing choices easier, we’ll divide the list of destinations into two categories based on their proximity to Seoul. So, let’s delve into each list and find your perfect snowscape!

    Ski Resorts Near Seoul:

    This selection of ski resorts falls comfortably within a two-hour drive from the heart of Seoul, making them ideal for day-trippers seeking snow-filled excitement. Here’s a rundown of the advantages and drawbacks you can expect from resorts in this category:


    • Convenient accessibility from Seoul
    • Perfect for a quick day excursion


    • Tends to get crowded
    • Limited in size and slope variety
    • Operating season and night skiing period might be shorten due to less snowfall

    For those seeking snowy adventures without straying too far from Seoul, here’s a collection of ski destinations that promise excitement just a short drive away:

    1. Vivaldi Park Ski World

    Address: 강원 홍천군 서면 한치골길 262 비발디파크
    Naver Map: Link

    Operated by SONO Hotel & Resort, Vivaldi Ski World holds the crown as Korea’s most frequented ski resort. With a whopping 12 slopes and 10 ski lifts, which includes the added luxury of a gondola, this resort proudly earns the title of the largest within the Seoul metropolitan vicinity. But what really sets it apart is the vibrant and trendy vibe – plus, they’re all about keeping the fun going with some seriously extended opening hours.

    Vivaldi Park Quick Info:

    • Hangul: 비발디 파크 스키월드
    • Number of Slopes: 12
    • Longest Course: 900m
    • Lift Ticket: 39,000KW~61,000KW (4 hours)
    • Equipment & Clothing Rent: Yes
    • Operating Hours: 8:30AM~3:00AM
    • Website: 

    Getting to Vivaldi Park Ski World Other Than Driving:

    If you’re not keen on driving, there are alternative transportation options to reach Vivaldi Park Ski World. The resort offers convenient shuttle bus services connecting three key regions: Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi-do. You can find comprehensive information about the shuttle stops and make online reservations on their official website

    Alternatively, to make your journey truly carefree, you might want to contemplate booking a tour package. To whet your appetite, here’s a collection of enticing Vivaldi Park tour options:

    Vivaldi Park Ski Packages:

    2. Bears Town Ski Resort (Closed)

    Address: 경기 포천시 내촌면 금강로2536번길 27
    Naver Map: Link

    Nestled in Nacheon-myeon (나천면), Bears Town Ski Resort claims the title of the nearest ski getaway from Seoul. This prime location is a boon for those seeking winter thrills without venturing too far beyond city limits. According to their Naver Place page, the resort boasts a grand total of 11 ski slopes and 8 lifts, all primed to whisk a whopping 15,200 eager skiers up the slopes every hour.

    Bears Town Quick Info:

    • Hangul: 베어스타운리조트 스키장
    • Number of Slopes: 11 
    • Longest Course: 2,500m
    • Lift Ticket: 62,000KW~68,000KW (4 hours)
    • Equipment & Clothing Rent: Yes
    • Operating Hours: 9:00AM~12:00AM
    • Website: 

    Getting to Bears Town Ski Resort Other Than Driving:

    While the official website might be catching some virtual rays, fear not – alternative ways to reach Bears Town Ski Resort still exist, thanks to public transportation. All you need to do is jump on Seoul Subway Line 4 (the blue one) and alight at Onam Station (오남역). From there, a quick 20-minute taxi jaunt, setting you back around 15,000KW, will have you at the resort’s doorstep. Alternatively, if you’re game for tour-style convenience, take a gander at these nifty tour packages:

    Bears Town Ski Packages:

    3. Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort

    Address: 강원 춘천시 남산면 북한강변길 688
    Naver Map: Link

    Tucked away in Chuncheon City, Elysian Ski Resort claims a unique distinction – it’s the sole resort in Korea that boasts easy subway access, now that’s a breeze! The icing on the cake? It’s conveniently close to Nami Island, Gangchon Rail Bike, and the enchanting Garden of Morning Calm, giving you the golden opportunity to blend these captivating activities into one unforgettable expedition.

    Elysian Gangchon Quick Info:

    • Hangul: 엘리시안 강촌 스키장
    • Number of Slopes: 10 
    • Longest Course: 1,500m
    • Lift Ticket: 58,000KW~68,000KW (4 hours)
    • Equipment & Clothing Rent: Yes 
    • Operating Hours: 9:00AM~12:00AM
    • Website: 

    Getting to Elysian Ski Resort Other Than Driving:

    Here’s a neat trick – hop on the Gyeongchun Line (경춘선) departing from Seoul, and it’ll whisk you directly to Baegyang-ri Station (Elysian Gangchon) (백양리 (엘리시안강촌)). Once you’ve arrived, a free shuttle service will be at your service, departing every twenty minutes and zipping you straight to the resort’s doorstep. And if you’re all about tour-style simplicity, these handy tour packages might just tickle your fancy:

    Elysian Ski Resort Ski Packages:

    4. Jisan Forest Ski Resort

    Address: 경기 이천시 마장면 지산로 267
    Naver Map: Link

    Stepping onto the scene in 1996, Jisan Forest Resort proudly holds its place as one of South Korea’s longest-running ski destinations. Nestled in the heart of Icheon (이천시), this gem is just about an hour’s drive away under typical traffic conditions.

    Jisan Forest Quick Info:

    • Hangul: 지산 포레스트 리조트 스키장
    • Number of Slopes: 7
    • Longest Course: 1,200m
    • Lift Ticket: 60,000KW (4 hours)
    • Equipment & Clothing Rent: Yes 
    • Operating Hours: 7:00AM~4:00AM
    • Website: 

    Reaching Jisan Forest Ski Resort Without a Car:

    Start your journey from the Seoul Express Bus Terminal, where you can catch a bus bound for Icheon Bus Terminal. Once you arrive, you have a couple of options: you can opt for Bus #12 and disembark at the Jisan Resort Bus Stop, or you can hop into a taxi headed straight for the resort. And if the idea of effortless touring appeals to you, these convenient tour packages might be right up your alley:

    Jisan Forest Ski Resort Ski Packages:

    5. Konjiam Ski Resort

    Address: 경기 광주시 도척면 도척윗로 278
    Naver Map: Link

    Get ready for some snowy excitement just 50 kilometers south of Seoul at Konjiam Ski Resort. With a lovely collection of 9 ski slopes and a speedy lineup of 5 ski lifts, they can whisk up to 15,000 thrill-seekers uphill every single hour. And if you’re up for some intermediate-level action, you’re in for a treat because most of the slopes here fit the bill!

    Konjiam Quick Info:

    • Hangul: 곤지암리조트 스키장
    • Number of Slopes: 9
    • Longest Course: 2,200m
    • Lift Ticket: 64,000KW~76,000KW (4 hours)
    • Equipment & Clothing Rent: Yes 
    • Operating Hours: 9:00AM~12:00AM
    • Website: 

    Getting to Konjiam Ski Resort Without Driving:

    Reaching Konjiam is effortless, even if you don’t have your own vehicle. Utilize the resort’s convenient shuttle services or opt for a train journey and disembark at Gonjiam Station on the Gyeonggang Line. From there, you can choose to hail a taxi or board the 광주9 bus. For those who prefer a seamless tour experience, explore the enticing options available with these convenient tour packages:

    Konjiam Ski Resort Ski Packages:

    6. Oak Valley Ski Resort

    Address: 강원 원주시 지정면 오크밸리2길 58
    Naver Map: Link

    Tucked away in Wonju City, Gangwon-do, Oak Valley Ski Resort stands as a true gem, all still within a convenient 2-hour drive from Seoul. Nestled amidst a scenic oak tree-laden terrain, this resort boasts top-notch slopes and facilities that are nothing short of impressive. On the skiing front, Oak Valley is celebrated for its peaceful atmosphere, appealing to those looking to escape the crowds, and it’s especially favored by intermediate skiers. In fact, more than half of its nine slopes are tailored for those at the intermediate level.

    Oak Valley Quick Info:

    • Hangul: 오크밸리 스키장
    • Number of Slopes: 9 
    • Longest Course: 1,600m
    • Lift Ticket: 53,000KW~66,000KW
    • Equipment & Clothing Rent: Yes 
    • Operating Hours: 8:30AM~4:00AM
    • Website: 

    Reaching Oak Valley Without a Car:

    Here’s the scoop for reaching Oak Valley without your own wheels. Start by grabbing an intercity bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (서울고속버스터미널) bound for Wonju’s bus terminal (원주고속버스터미널). Once you’ve landed in Wonju, it’s a breeze – simply hop onto the shuttle buses provided by Oak Valley Resort. These buses make their rounds about every 40 minutes. For the nitty-gritty on bus schedules and more, check out the details right here. Or, if you’re all about the easygoing tour approach, these sleek tour packages might just catch your fancy:

    Oak Valley Ski Packages:

    7. Yangji Pine Resort Ski Valley

    Address: 경기 용인시 처인구 양지면 남평로 112
    Naver Map: Link

    Yangji Pine Resort, located at the foot of Mount. Dokjo next door to Yangji IC of Youngdong Highway, a distance of 40-minute drive from Seoul, is equipped with 8 slopes and 6 ski lifts to cater the winter fun near the city!

    Yangji Pine Quick Info:

    Reaching Yangji Pine Resort Sans Wheels:

    If you’re not up for a drive, no worries – there’s a nifty alternative to reach Yangji Pine Resort from Seoul. Just hop aboard a bus at Seoul Nambu Terminal (서울남부터미널), headed for Yangji Intersection (양지사거리), and you’re looking at around 40 minutes of travel time. Once you hit the intersection, a quick 5-minute taxi ride will zip you straight to the resort’s doorstep.

    Exploring Other Premier Ski Resorts:

    In this selection, you’ll find ski resorts that fit the bill for those seeking a more far-flung adventure, typically requiring over 2 hours of drive time from Seoul. Let’s dive into the perks and downsides you can anticipate from resorts in this category:


    • Experience higher snowfall, resulting in superior snow quality
    • Enjoy an extended ski season
    • Revel in larger resort areas with a bounty of slopes
    • Escape the crowds, thanks to fewer visitors than city-adjacent resorts


    • Not tailored for quick day trips
    • Accommodations can become an added expense, given the need for overnight stays

    Now, if you’re ready for an exhilarating winter getaway in locales that are a bit more removed from the city deeper in Korea’s mountainous terrains, here’s a roundup of ski destinations that guarantee just that:

    8. High1 Resort

    Address: 강원 정선군 고한읍 하이원길 500 밸리스키하우스
    Naver Map: Link

    High1 Resort boasts a distinctive position perched in the highlands of Gangwon Province, ensuring consistent snow conditions all season long. This unique elevation places it at the pinnacle of Korean skiing destinations, reaching a remarkable altitude of 1,345 meters. Plus, it’s no small fry; the resort spans a sizable expanse with 20 exhilarating slopes and a network of 7 lifts.  

    High1 Quick Info:

    • Hangul: 하이원 스키장
    • Number of Slopes: 20
    • Longest Course: 2,328m
    • Lift Ticket: 62,000KW (4 hours)
    • Equipment & Clothing Rent: Yes 
    • Operating Hours: 10:00AM~10:00PM
    • Website: 

    Getting to High 1 Resort Without a Car:

    High1 Resort pulls out all the stops with a range of shuttle buses, with some even departing directly from Incheon Airport and Seoul during the winter season! The comprehensive list of available buses is right here for your perusal. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for a hassle-free tour experience, these enticing tour packages might be just what you’re looking for:

    High1 Resort Ski Packages:

    9. Phoenix Pyeongchang

    Address: 강원 평창군 봉평면 태기로 174
    Naver Map: Link

    Nestled in the cradle of Taegisan Mountain, Phoenix Pyeongchang or Pheonix Park is a hot spot for some pretty cool reasons. Firstly, it’s got primo snow, a bunch of slopes that feel like winding valleys, and an epic snowboarding park that’s a total adrenaline rush. And this is where all the freestyle ski and snowboarding action went down during the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, so it’s a magnet for winter sports lovers.

    And here’s a fun twist – Phoenix Pyeongchang also has a soft side. It’s the backdrop to some classic K-dramas like “Winter Sonata” and “Autumn in My Heart,” adding a touch of nostalgia and romance to its already impressive charm.

    Phoenix Pyeongchang Quick Info:

    Getting to Phoenix Pyeongchang Without Driving There Yourself:

    You can hop on the train at Seoul Station, bound for Pyeongchang Station. From there, catch a bus to Phoenix Pyeongchang. They’ve got a handy English guide on their website to steer you in the right direction. Or, if you’re all about a fuss-free tour experience, these tempting tour packages might be your ticket to snowy bliss:

    Phoenix Pyeongchang Ski Packages:

    10. Yongpyong Ski Resort

    Address: 강원 평창군 대관령면 올림픽로 715
    Naver Map: Link

    Like Pheonix Park, Yongpyong Resort is a heavyweight in the ski scene, and it’s not hard to see why. First off, it hosted the 2018 Pyeongtaek Olympics Alpine Skiing events, which is a pretty big deal. But the real star here is that it served as the breathtaking backdrop for one of the most iconic Korean dramas of all time – “Winter Sonata.” And if that’s not enough to pique your interest, they’ve got a sweet ace up their sleeve: Anifore, a recreational forest that transforms into a magical winter wonderland, perfect for keeping your itinerary packed with adventure!

    Yongpyong Quick Info:

    • Hangul: 용평리조트 스키장
    • Number of Slopes: 28
    • Longest Course: 5,600m
    • Lift Ticket: 64,000 KW (4 hours)
    • Equipment & Clothing Rent: Yes 
    • Operating Hours: 9:00AM~11:30PM
    • Website:  

    Reaching Yongpyong Resort without Your Own Wheels:

    During the winter months, Yongpyong offers a shuttle service directly from Incheon Airport, for those who are coming to Korea for a winter getaway. You can also take a bus from a variety of different cities, including Seoul, Busan, and Daegu to Hoenggye, and take a short taxi drive to the resort. For more information about the bus, click here. Or, if you’re all about a fuss-free tour experience, these tempting tour packages might be your ticket to snowy bliss:

    Yongpyong Resort Ski Packages:

    11. Alpensia Ski Resort

    Address: 강원 평창군 대관령면 솔봉로 325
    Naver Map: Link

    Located just around the corner from Yongpyong Ski Resort, Alpensia Ski Resort held the prestigious ski jump event during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. While it may not match the size of its neighboring resort, it still delivers top-notch facilities that promise a memorable winter adventure.

    Alpensia Quick Info:

    Getting to Alpensia Ski Resort without a Car:

    Starting from Dongbu Seoul Bus Terminal, catch an express bus headed to Hoenggye Intercity Bus Stop in Pyeongchang’s Daegwallyeong Township. Once you’ve arrived, it’s a quick, under-10-minute taxi ride to the resort. And if you’re all for an easygoing tour adventure, these enticing tour packages could be your gateway to a snowy wonderland:

    Alpensia Ski Resort Ski Packages:

    12. Welli Hilli Snow Park

    Address: 강원 횡성군 둔내면 고원로 451
    Naver Map: Link

    Welli Hilli might share its Gangwon-do home with Oak Valley Ski Resort, but it earns its place in this category due to a slightly longer drive – just a touch over 2 hours from Seoul. It’s got some impressive bragging rights too! Welli Hilli is one of the rare ski resorts in Korea that boasts an international-scale halfpipe, and it holds the honor of being the first resort to feature an internationally certified mogul course.

    Welli Hilli Quick Info:

    • Hangul: 웰리힐리파크 스노우파크
    • Number of Slopes: 19
    • Longest Course: 2,600m
    • Lift Ticket: 39,000 KW (4 hours)
    • Equipment & Clothing Rent: Yes 
    • Operating Hours: 8:30AM~2:00AM
    • Website:  

    Getting to Welli Hilli without a Car:

    Leaving Seoul, you can catch an intercity bus bound for Wonju city. Upon arrival at Wonju Express Bus Terminal, simply hop on the shuttle bus offered by the resort, which will whisk you right to its doorstep. You’ll find the shuttle bus boarding point conveniently situated in front of Grand Dental Hospital, just across from Wonju Express Bus Terminal. For additional shuttle bus particulars, check here. Or, if you’re all about a smooth-sailing tour experience, these enticing tour packages could be your key to a snowy wonderland:

    Welli Hilli Ski Packages:

    13. O2 Ski Resort

    Address: 강원 태백시 서학로 861
    Naver Map: Link

    O2 Ski Resort offers an adrenaline-packed experience with its high-speed, steep ski runs, and is renowned for having some of Korea’s snowiest slopes. Nestled deep in the eastern reaches of Gangwon-do, much like its larger neighbor, High1, O2 Ski Resort benefits from its location with top-quality snow. Despite being slightly smaller in scale, the resort’s peak resting areas provide sweeping views of Taebaek City and Hambaek Mountain, enhancing the thrill of your snowy escapades!

    O2 Ski Resort Quick Info:

    • Hangul: 오투리조트 스키장
    • Number of Slopes: 16
    • Longest Course: 3,200m
    • Lift Ticket: 42,000KW~56,000KW (4 hours)
    • Equipment & Clothing Rent: Yes 
    • Operating Hours: 9:30AM~9:30PM
    • Website: 

    Reaching O2 Resort without Your Own Wheels:

    If you’re starting your journey in Seoul, your best bet is to catch an intercity bus at Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (동서울종합터미널) bound for Taebaek Bus Terminal (태백버스터미널). Once you’ve arrived at Taebaek Bus Terminal, a quick taxi ride of approximately 6 minutes should get you to the resort, and it’ll set you back around 5,500KW.

    14. Muju Deogyusan Resort

    Address: 전북 무주군 설천면 만선로 185
    Naver Map: Link

    Muju Deogyusan Resort isn’t just one of the biggest ski spots in Korea; it’s right up there with the heavyweights like High1 and Yongpyong. Tucked away in the picturesque Jeollabuk-do region, it’s a fantastic pick if you’re hanging out in the southern parts of the country. Plus, it’s famous for having some of the longest and most exciting ski slopes around. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Raiders Course here boasts the steepest slopes you’ll find anywhere in Korea! 

    Muju Deogyusan Quick Info:

    • Hangul: 무주덕유산리조트
    • Number of Slopes: 22
    • Longest Course: 6,100m
    • Lift Ticket: 65,000 KW (4 hours)
    • Equipment & Clothing Rent: Yes 
    • Operating Hours: 7:00AM~12:00AM
    • Website: 

    Reaching Muju Deogyusan Resort without Driving:

    Getting to Muju Deogyusan Resort from Seoul might not be a walk in the park, but it’s certainly doable. Here’s the game plan: First, make your way to Jeonju, which takes about 3 hours by bus or 2 hours by KTX train. From Jeonju, catch a bus at the Jeonju Express Bus Terminal (전주시외버스공용터미널) bound for Muju. This bus will drop you off at the Muju Bus Terminal (무주공용버스터미널). Once you’re there, the simplest option is to hail a taxi to whisk you away to the resort!

    15. Eden Valley Resort

    Address: 경남 양산시 원동면 어실로 1206 에덴밸리리조트 스키하우스
    Naver Map: Link

    Eden Valley, located down in Yangsan on the slopes of Sinbulsan, proudly stands as the southernmost ski spot in Korea. It’s a sweet deal for folks around Busan, being just a hop and a skip away. With 7 slopes to choose from, Eden Valley offers a decent skiing experience. But here’s the scoop – it’s not the biggest and being in the south, snow isn’t always a sure thing. So, I’d say this spot is best for locals or those in the neighborhood. If you’re traveling to Korea mainly for skiing, you might want to set your sights on the resorts in Gangwon Province.

    Eden Valley Quick Info:

    • Hangul: 에덴밸리리조트
    • Number of Slopes: 7
    • Longest Course: 1,495m
    • Lift Ticket: 63,000 KW (5 hours)
    • Equipment & Clothing Rent: Yes 
    • Operating Hours: 9:00AM~1:00AM
    • Website: 

    Getting to Eden Valley Resort:

    If you’re coming from Busan, start by catching Line 2 to Yangsan Station. Once you’re there, you’ve got a couple of options. You can either hop on Bus No. 1000 or grab a taxi. If you choose the bus, expect about a 40-minute ride, while a taxi will get you there in roughly 25 minutes.

    If you are reading this part, congratulations! you’ve just completed your ultimate guide to ski resorts in Korea, and I hope you’re now armed with all the knowledge you need to plan an unforgettable winter adventure in this beautiful country. So, gear up, hit the slopes, and make the most of your upcoming winter trip to Korea! Have a blast and create countless memorable moments on those snowy peaks!

    Map of Ski Resorts in Korea:

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