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Chasing Winter Thrills: A Weekend at Vivaldi Ski Resort – Sponsored by Klook

Just two weeks back, I had a blast spending the whole weekend at Vivaldi Ski Resort in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, courtesy of Klook Travel. It was my first time letting someone else organize my winter trip, and I’ve got to say, it was a breeze! In this post, I’ll spill the details of my chill 2-day, 1-night retreat at Vivaldi Ski Resort. From easy-peasy transportation to and from Seoul, travel insurance thrown in, fancy digs, to tons of fun stuff at the resort – this package had it all! No more waiting – let’s jump into the deets of the Vivaldi Park Ski Retreat: 2 Days of Adventure with Wonder Trip!

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    Discovering Vivaldi Park Ski Resort:

    Vivaldi Park Ski Resort stands out as one of Korea’s most popular ski destinations, thanks to its convenient location near the capital and consistently upgraded amenities. Nestled in Hongcheon City, Gangwon Province, the resort is just a quick two-hour drive from Seoul, making it an ideal spot for an exciting winter day trip from the city. The resort boasts a range of winter activities, featuring 12 ski slopes equipped with modern lifts and Gondola cable cars for thrill-seeking skiers and snowboarders. Families can revel in the expansive Snowy Land, offering a snowy playground, while the Ocean World waterpark provides a rejuvenating onsen-like bath to unwind those muscles after a day of snowy adventures on the slopes.

    Exploring the Vivaldi Park Ski Retreat: A 2-day Adventure with Wonder Trip Tour Package:

    Klook Travel offers a variety of tour packages for those keen on experiencing Vivaldi Park Ski Resort, and among them is the versatile ‘Vivaldi Park Ski Retreat: 2-day Adventure with Wonder Trip Tour Package.’ This specific package lets you tailor your own winter getaway. As previously mentioned, the resort’s highlights include skiing and snowboarding, the Snowy Land theme park, and the Ocean World water park. With this tour package, you have the flexibility to craft your two-day itinerary from the following options:

    • Option 1: Skiing or snowboarding for both days
    • Option 2: One day of skiing (or snowboarding) and one day at Snowy Land
    • Option 3: One day of skiing (or snowboarding) and one day at Ocean World

    We chose option number 2, opting for a day of downhill excitement on the slopes and another day of sledding fun at Snowy Land. I went with this plan as I hadn’t experienced the snow theme park yet, and I’d heard about its recent makeover and organization. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore what this attraction has to offer.

    Hassle-Free Transportation:

    In addition to covering the main activities at the resort, the tour package takes care of your round-trip transportation from and to two convenient locations: Hongdae and Myeongdong areas. You’ll be riding in a spacious red shuttle bus adorned with a noticeable Wonder Trip sign on the front windshield. 

    For the Hongdae gathering point, simply head to exit 4 of Hongik University Station on Seoul Subway Line 2 at the designated meeting time (around 7:40 a.m. – the bus departs at 8:00 a.m. sharp!). The bus parks in the alley near AK shopping mall adjacent to exit 4. 

    If you opt for Myeongdong, locate Shinsegae Department Store on your map, just a short 100 meters from Hoehyeon Station’s exit 7 on Seoul Subway Line 4. Once you arrive at these meeting points, you can easily spot staff wearing red or orangish jackets and holding red Wonder Trip Flags, ensuring you’re in the right place! 

    The Bus Parking Area at Vivaldi Park

    When heading back to Seoul, return to the same drop-off spot at the resort and keep an eye out for the familiar red buses.

    Inclusive Travel Insurance Coverage:

    A notable feature of this package is the comprehensive 48-hour insurance coverage for all snow activities. In the unlikely event of an incident, the included Korea hospitalization insurance offers support with coverage up to 50,000,000KRW. Make sure to complete the insurance form, as the staff will guide you through the process while you’re on board the bus to the resort.

    Exceptional Customer Service and Support:

    One positive aspect I observed during this Klook tour is their highly dedicated customer service and support. From pre-tour reminders to in-bus guidance and an on-site foreigner customer booth, their experts provide timely assistance and efficiently address any queries throughout the journey.

    In-bus Guidance

    On-site Customer Booth

    Upscale Accommodations:

    This 2D1N tour package provides a night’s stay in expansive rooms conveniently located near the ski fields. Guests are assigned either family or suite rooms equipped with essential amenities for their comfort.

    During our journey, we enjoyed a stay in a suite room at Sono Belle B building, centrally positioned within the resort, just a three-minute walk from the snow house where the resort’s rental shops are located, making it one of the most convenient accommodations.

    Sono Belle B Establishment

    While the official check-in time is 3:00 PM, early check-ins are possible if approved. Since the tour brings you to the resort early in the morning, you may need to find a place to store your luggage. You can use the coin lockers in the lobby area or utilize the resort’s guide map space to leave your belongings (a common practice).

    Quick Overview of Sono Belle B Suite Room:

    • Capacity: Standard for 5 people, maximum for 8 people
    • Room Size: 85.90㎡
    • Room Type: 2 bedrooms, living room + kitchen, 2 bathrooms
    • Bed Type: 1st room – Double or Twin Beds or Ondol with bedding sets; 2nd room – Ondol with bedding sets
    • Room Amenities: TV, Telephone, Refrigerator, Air-conditioning, Hairdryer, Rice-cooker, Induction cooktop, Basic kitchen utensils, Towels, Shampoo, and Body wash

    We were incredibly lucky to have a room with a balcony that offered stunning views of the snowy hills and slopes throughout our stay. Our good fortune extended even further as our visit coincided with a weekend, allowing us to witness a dazzling fireworks display right from the comfort of our room! Adding to the nighttime charm, Vivaldi Park arranged this special fireworks show. Set for 9 p.m. on Saturday night, the spectacle promised to illuminate the winter sky, creating a magical ambiance over the snow-covered slopes below. This event aimed to craft unforgettable moments for both locals and tourists, seamlessly blending the thrill of winter sports with the enchantment of a starlit spectacle.

    Day 1: Skiing and Snowboarding Adventures

    The tour package generously includes a 7-hour lift pass for skiing and snowboarding each day, ideal for those on the beginner side of winter sports enthusiasts.

    Vivaldi Ski Park boasts a variety of 12 slopes: 2 for beginners, 5 intermediate, 4 advanced, and 1 for experts.

    Equipped with 10 ski lifts, including a gondola, the park may have a total slope length of 6.7km, making it smaller compared to European or American ski parks, but it guarantees a delightful day out.

    What sets Vivaldi Park Ski Resort apart is its vibrant atmosphere! The slopes are creatively named after different music genres, accompanied by music blasting from speakers along each slope.

    For a more laid-back and easy-going experience, “Blues” is the perfect choice. “Reggae” kicks it up a notch, while “Techno” stands out as one of the more advanced slopes. As a general rule, the faster the beat, the more challenging the slope becomes.

    My personal favorite was “Hip-Hop,” featuring a steep and wider slope compared to others. I also enjoyed “Jazz” for its spacious width, although it tends to attract more crowds as it caters to intermediate/beginner skiers.

    Day 2: Snowy Land Adventures

    For those who prefer a break from skiing and snowboarding, Vivaldi Park Snowy Land is the perfect alternative, catering to both kids and adults. Positioned atop the mountain, this theme park has its own dedicated Gondola, exclusively serving Snowy Land, distinct from the sightseeing gondola. It’s essential to note that the Snowy Land pass includes a round-trip gondola ride (to and from Snowy Land) with no re-entry permitted.

    The Snowy Land area is expansive, offering a diverse range of snowy activities. The main sledding slopes at Snowy Land include Rafting Sleigh Slope, Snowy Racing, Kids Sleigh Slope, and Family Sleigh Slope. Snowy Racing comprises two types of slopes: a 20-degree slope and a steeper 30-degree slope, accessible only for individuals taller than 130cm.

    Numerous play zones and photo spots are scattered throughout the park, enhancing the overall experience. Snowy Land also provides convenient on-site dining options, including restaurants, street food trucks and stalls, and cafeterias, ensuring you can enjoy all the fun without worrying about hungry tummies!

    Additional Tips and Insights:

    Consider the Add-Ons for Skiing and Snowboarding:

    Keep in mind that the package includes only the lift pass and basic equipment, such as a pair of ski or snowboard boots, skis and poles for skiers, and a snowboard for snowboarders. If you require additional sets of snow apparel and safety gear like helmets, goggles, and gloves, make sure to include them when booking the package.

    Explore Bonus Fun at the Resort’s Entertainment Center:

    To make the most of your Korean resort experience, don’t miss out on the bonus activities available at the underground mall. This area is brimming with diverse entertainments, including a small theme park, arcade, bowling, table tennis, billiards, sauna, restaurants, cafes, and crafting workshops, among others. As a guest staying overnight at the resort, you may also enjoy discounted rates on many of these activities. Look out for discount vouchers received after checking in at the lobby!

    Dress Appropriately for Snowy Land Exploration:

    A crucial tip for those including Snowy Land in their tour package: remember to wear suitable winter attire, such as long padded clothing, winter gloves, and snow boots. Given the likelihood of exposure to snow and outdoor waiting in lines for various snow activities and rides, it’s essential to be well-prepared. Additionally, carrying some heat packs to keep your hands warm is highly recommended!

    Reflecting on my weekend getaway at Vivaldi Park Ski World, I can’t help but express my sheer delight and gratitude. The experience was nothing short of a thrilling adventure, filled with memorable moments and exciting activities that left an indelible mark on my travel repertoire.

    A heartfelt appreciation goes out to Klook Travel and their dedicated team in Korea for orchestrating this seamless escapade. Until the next trip, I’ll cherish the memories created at Vivaldi Park Ski World and eagerly anticipate the next exciting journey with this fantastic travel partner!

    Access Map to Vivaldi Park Ski World:

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