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Hani Kalguksu: An Unmissable Dish in Seoul’s Sindang-dong

This year has truly been a captivating journey of exploration for me. I’ve had numerous opportunities to immerse myself in the enchanting allure of Seoul, thanks to my participation in various tourism events showcasing the hidden gems of this vibrant Korean capital. Among these remarkable experiences, I stumbled upon a culinary treasure in the trendy Sindang neighborhood – Hani Kalguksu. I seldom write about restaurants unless they manage to delight my taste buds, and Hani Kalguksu has earned its place on my website for a reason. Let me share with you the details of this gastronomic discovery – read on to find out more!

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    Introducing Hani Kalguksu:

    Founded by a group of culinary enthusiasts with a successful track record in three esteemed barbecue establishments—Mongtan, Geumdwaeji Sikdang, and Tteurak—each recognized as a top-tier dining destination in Seoul. Departing from the conventional Gogi Jib, they have ventured into a new realm of culinary distinction with Hani Kalguksu (하니칼국수). Situated on a stylish street in Sindang-dong, central northern Seoul, this establishment invites patrons to explore the unique and flavorful world of Kalguksu cuisine.

    What is Kalguksu:

    If you’ve tuned into the popular Netflix series “Street Food,” especially the episode featuring Seoul’s renowned Gwangjang Market, the term Kalguksu (칼국수) might sound familiar. This dish is a bowl of noodle soup distinguished by its handcrafted wheat flour noodles, skillfully cut with a knife. The name “Kalguksu” stems from the method of cutting the noodles rather than extruding or spinning them. While the variations of Kalguksu abound, depending on the soft mixed ingredients used for the noodles and the diverse complementary elements in the broth, a prevalent choice at many Kalguksu establishments is haemul kalguksu (해물칼국수), featuring a mild-colored broth adorned with an array of seafood.

    What Sets Hani Kalguksu Apart:

    Upon a glance at the featured dish of Hani Kalguksu, a distinctive element quickly becomes evident. Instead of the traditional mild-colored broth, it boasts a vibrant reddish soup generously adorned with fish roe and a heap of green vegetables. The image of Algoni Kalguksu (알곤이 칼국수) may not be unfamiliar to those acquainted with Korean cuisine and drinking culture, particularly if you’ve indulged in the hearty Al-tang (알탕) known for its hangover-relieving properties. As a devoted Al-tang enthusiast, the opportunity to visit and savor this delightful creation—an amalgamation of my favorites with Kalguksu—filled me with excitement.

    Hani Kalguksu stands as the exclusive eatery in Seoul offering this exceptional kalguksu dish. If you have a penchant for pollack’s roe, liver, and milt, this is a menu you certainly won’t want to miss!

    What’s Available Beyond the Signature Dish:

    During my visit, I noticed the presence of the more common seafood kalguksu on the menu. However, I have recently checked and discovered that Hani Kalguksu has undergone a significant menu update. Some items were removed, and the clams kalguksu I had previously tried has been replaced by a delightful bowl of shrimp kalguksu.

    For those less inclined towards aquatic offerings, Hani Kalguksu also features non-seafood options such as Bo-ssam (보쌈), a set of boile d-pork wraps. This ensures that even if fishy flavors aren’t your preference, there’s still a satisfying option available.

    Here’s a brief rundown of the recent updates to Hani Kalguksu’s menu:

    • Pollack’s Egg Kalguksu (알곤이 칼국수): 12,000KRW/bowl
    • Shrimp Kalguksu (새우 칼국수): 10,000KRW/bowl
    • Hani Boiled-pork Wrap (하니 보쌈): 20,000KRW/a single serve
    • Fried Pork + Seasoned Pollack (육전 명태회무침): 20,000KRW/a single serve
    • Seasoned Pollack (명태회무침): 8,000KRW/a single serve

    Food Evaluation:

    While dining at Hani Kalguksu might require a generous budget due to its placement at the higher end of the pricing spectrum, the culinary experience was truly exceptional. The standout dish, Algoni Kalguksu, was impeccably executed, featuring an abundance of pollack’s roe and milts. The red broth, rich and flavorful, heightened the enjoyment of every bite of the hearty, hand-cut noodles. The addition of Minari (Korean water celery) provided a refreshing and crunchy element to the bowl, enhancing the overall dining experience.

    Our choice of Hani Bossam was equally delightful. Accompanied by premium side dishes, including kimchi, salted shrimp, and soybean paste, the boiled pork showcased expert preparation, boasting a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Together, these elements constituted a satisfying Bossam set that left a lasting impression.

    Additional Tidbits:

    One menu per person applied: It’s important to mention that Hani Kalguksu follows a one-menu-per-person policy, a common practice in many Korean restaurants. When dining at such establishments, it’s good to be aware that sharing a single portion dish is not customary. Ensure that each member of your party orders their own menu to fully experience the culinary offerings at Hani Kalguksu.

    It can get very busy: Due to its popularity and unique offerings, Hani Kalguksu tends to attract a sizable crowd, especially during peak hours. It’s advisable to plan your visit accordingly or make reservations to secure a spot, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable dining experience.

    Solo eater-friendly: Whether you’re flying solo or prefer a more intimate dining experience, Hani Kalguksu is welcoming to solo diners. The cozy ambiance and attentive service make it a comfortable choice for those looking to savor their meal alone or enjoy a moment of solitude.

    Take-out is available: If you’re in the mood to enjoy Hani Kalguksu’s delectable offerings in the comfort of your own space, take-out options are available. This convenient service allows you to indulge in their signature dishes without the need for a dine-in experience, catering to various preferences and lifestyles.

    Getting to Hani Kalguksu:

    Located just a 2-minute walk from either exit 12 or exit 1 of Sindang Station on Seoul Subway Line 2 or 6, the restaurant is easily accessible by public transportation.

    Access Map:

    Quick Info About Hani Kalguksu:

    Address: 서울 중구 퇴계로 411-15
    Naver Map: Link
    Hours: 10:30AM~10:00PM
    Phone: 0507-1312-6909
    Instagram: @hani._.noodle

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