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Geumdwaeji Sikdang: A Feast for the Senses in Seoul’s Sindang-dong

It was only when I had the opportunity to join a group of friends for a delightful barbecue night at Geumdwaeji Sikdang that I discovered the existence of this renowned restaurant and its status as one of the most acclaimed barbecue establishments in the Sindang area, and even throughout Seoul. In this article, I will exclusively focus on Geumdwaeji Sikdang, sharing my personal experiences from the visit and providing valuable insights to consider before planning your own visit to this remarkable venue.

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    Introduction to Geumdwaeji Sikdang:

    Geumdwaeji Sikdang (금돼지식당), which translates to “golden pig restaurant” in Korean, is a renowned dining establishment located along a bustling main road in Sindang-dong. It stands out with its striking gold-on-white-tile signage and a crowd of patrons eagerly awaiting a seat.

    Image Source: Geumdwaeji Sikdang’s Naver Place

    Geumdwaeji Sikdang specializes in offering exquisite cuts of YBD pig, a crossbreed of Yorkshire, Berkshire, and Duroc. This unique combination results in succulent and flavorful meat that sets it apart from other restaurants. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and culinary excellence has not gone unnoticed, as it has received high praise and the prestigious Michelin Bib Gourmand award for several consecutive years since 2019. 

    Prepare for a Patience-Testing Wait:

    One thing to bear in mind when planning your visit to Geumdwaeji Sikdang is the inevitable long waiting time, particularly during dinner hours. Despite its spacious three-story layout, capable of accommodating large groups, you may still find yourself waiting for an hour or even two, even on weekdays.

    No Reservations, No Exceptions:

    Following in the footsteps of many popular dining establishments, Geumdwaeji Sikdang operates on a strict no-reservations policy. This approach ensures efficient seating management and minimizes the impact of no-shows and latecomers. To secure a spot and avoid the crowds, early birds have the advantage. The restaurant begins accepting names for the waitlist as early as 10:00 AM, even though the official operating hours start at 11:30 AM until 11:00 PM. You can either register your phone number at the tabling machine or inscribe your name on the waitlist sheet, patiently anticipating the moment when your name will be called.

    The Food:

    During our visit, our group of four eagerly sampled every offering available. We indulged in a single portion of each meat selection, a serving of the kimchi stew, a portion of pork rind, and steamed rice for two.

    The Bon Samgyeop arrived in generously sliced portions, boasting an ideal ratio of meat to fat. The attentive staff expertly cut it into delectable bite-sized pieces. Seasoned with the restaurant’s meticulously chosen Maldon Salt, the flavors were truly exceptional. Equally impressive was the succulence of the Deung Moksal. However, it was the Noonkkot Mogsal that stole the spotlight. Grilled to perfection, the crosshatch cut pork neck exuded juiciness, tenderness, and an unforgettable flavor.

    While the grilled pork skin was satisfyingly good in its own right, it was the eringi mushroom that truly stole the spotlight. It was placed on the grill even before the meat. Upon completion, the staff skillfully sliced it into pieces. To our delight, the mushroom had been foil-wrapped with a delectable chunk of butter, infusing it with a delightful aroma. The result was a remarkably delicious treat.

    The kimchi stew perfectly complemented the meal, enhancing the dining experience to its fullest. Braised for a minimum of two hours, the pork had very soft texture, and its flavors harmonized beautifully with the soup. While denser than traditional kimchi-jjigae, it captivated our taste buds with its rich, spicy, and pungent notes, elegantly balanced with the succulence of the pork.


    Geumdwaeji Sikdang offers reasonably priced meat selections. Bon Samgyeop is priced at 19,000 won for 150 grams, Noonkkot Mogsal at 18,000 won for 150 grams, and Deung Moksal at 21,000 won for 150 grams. These prices are highly competitive for a grilling restaurant in Seoul.

    How to get to Geumdwaeji Sikdang:

    To reach Geumdwaeji Sikdang, situated in the prime location of the Sindang neighborhood, you have several convenient options utilizing the city’s efficient subway system. You can embark on your gastronomic adventure by alighting at Yaksu Station, accessible via Line 3 or 6, and exiting through the welcoming doors of exit 2. Alternatively, you can opt for Cheonggu Station, served by Line 5 or 6, and emerge into the neighborhood through the inviting exit 1. For seamless accessibility, Yaksu Station is the recommended choice.

    Writer’s Reflections:

    Drawing from my own experience, I find myself yearning to return to Geumdwaeji Sikdang for another round of their exceptional Noonkkot Mogsal and the indulgent, melt-in-your-mouth eringi mushroom. However, I must admit that the pork belly grill did not quite meet my expectations after enduring a lengthy wait of an hour and a half. Comparing it to the unforgettable samgyeopsal experience at Majangdong Kimssi, I have yet to encounter a restaurant in Korea that can surpass their delectable rendition. Nonetheless, Geumdwaeji Sikdang offers a culinary adventure worth exploring beyond the limitations of personal preferences.

    All in all, my evening at Geumdwaeji Sikdang was nothing short of lively and memorable. It was a true delight to indulge in each dish, from the delectable Noonkkot Mogsal to the spotlight-stealing buttery mushroom. Despite the patience-testing wait and the no-reservations policy, the experience at Geumdwaeji Sikdang was well worth it. I left the restaurant with a satisfied palate and a lively spirit, eager to return for another vibrant evening of dining.

    Access Map:

    Quick Info About Geumdwaeji Sikdang:

    Address: 서울 중구 다산로 149
    Naver Map: Link
    Hours: 11:30AM~11:00PM (Everyday)
    Instagram: @gold_pig1982

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