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Majangdong Kimssi: A Meat Lover’s Paradise for Samgyeopsal

Ever since relocating to the charming Sinjeong neighborhood last year, I’ve embarked on a delightful culinary journey, exploring various eateries in and around Yangcheon-gu, an enchanting region situated in the southwestern part of Seoul. Amongst these experiences, one restaurant’s name has consistently graced my credit card billing statement – Majangdong Kimssi Sinjeongnegeori Station Branch. In this post, I aim to document the reasons that continuously draw me back to this exquisite meat grilling house, even in the absence of any special occasion marked on my planner.

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    About Majangdong Kimssi:

    Majangdong Kimssi (마장동김씨) is a renowned chain of Korean barbeque restaurants. As the name suggests, the delectable origins of this establishment trace back to Majangdong, a neighborhood nestled within Seoul’s Seongdong district, known for housing Korea’s largest meat market. Mr. Kim, the apparent owner of the brand, channeled his passion and expertise as a former meat restaurant proprietor in Majangdong, dedicating himself to crafting the exceptional experience that Majangdong Kimssi is known for. The restaurant’s specialty revolves around serving mouthwatering samgyeopsal (삼겹살), succulent fatty pork belly, and moksal (목살), a cut of meat from the pig’s neck.

    What’s on the Menu:

    Majangdong Kimssi offers a diverse range of delectable options on their menu, including à la carte choices and enticing set menus. When my boyfriend and I visit, we always delight in the So (소) Set, perfect for a party of two. For larger groups, there’s the Jung (중) or Dae (대) Set, designed to satisfy three or four people, respectively.

    The sets come with mouthwatering selections, such as samgyeopsal, moksal, geuppdaegi (껍데기 – pig skin), and a delightful assortment of grilled vegetables. While ordering a set, you’ll have the choice to keep the pig skin in your course or opt for either a bowl of snow crab soybean paste stew (꽃게된장찌개) or kimchi stew (묵은지찌개). Personally, I relish the grilled pork skin, but my partner isn’t as fond of it, and since 150 grams is a bit much for me alone, we happily agree to complement our meal with the flavorful snow crab soybean paste stew.

    Beyond their exquisite grilled selections, Majangdong Kimssi offers an array of tempting dishes, including mul-naengmyeon (cold noodles in chilled broth), bibim-naengmyeon (spicy cold noodles), pachae ramyeon (instant noodles topped with Korean scallops), ojingeo bokkeumbap (spicy squid fried rice), and plain steamed rice.

    How to Enjoy Your Meal at Majangdong Kimssi:

    At Majangdong Kimssi, your dining experience is elevated to a new level of hospitality. Unlike many other Korean barbeque establishments where you take charge of your meal, here, an attentive host or hostess will be at your service to ensure you savor each moment to the fullest. They begin by offering a brief introduction to the brand, followed by an array of delightful side dishes set before you on the table. You’ll receive expert guidance on which dipping sauce perfectly complements each meat option. From cooking and preparing the mouthwatering grills to serving up delectable morsels, every step is expertly handled by their professional staff, leaving you with a truly memorable and enjoyable dining experience. 

    One aspect that I simply cannot overlook without mentioning is the captivating presentation of their dishes. Your chosen barbeque selections arrive on a platter beneath a kitchen cover enveloped in billowing smoke, creating a visually stunning treat. It’s a small yet impressive spectacle that sets the stage for a delightful feast. The best part is that you need not worry about missing the opportunity to admire this display; your attentive host will kindly inquire if you’d like to capture the opening scene with your phone. For me, it’s always a resounding yes, even if my video album already boasts plenty of footage of this mesmerizing moment.

    At Majangdong Kimssi, the tabletop grill serves as the focal point for an array of delightful dishes and bowls, filled with endlessly refillable banchan (side dishes), dipping sauces, and barbeque wrappers. To truly savor the exquisite taste of the perfectly cooked samgyeopsal, it’s highly recommended to lightly touch it with Maldon Salt, a premium salt with a history dating back to 1882, said to have originated off the coast of England. Alternatively, you can wrap a tender piece of meat with dried grilled seaweed, topped with a hint of pungent wasabi, and dip it in a cup of rich kanjang (soy sauce).

    For those familiar with the traditional Korean barbeque etiquette of wrapping the grilled delights in lettuce or perilla leaves, smeared with ssamjang (soybean paste), the restaurant has all the necessary ingredients thoughtfully prepared for you to indulge in this customary culinary experience.

    Where to Experience Majangdong Kimssi in Seoul:

    Majangdong Kimssi has garnered a devoted following for its delectable meat offerings. Presently, there are over 18 fully operational Majangdong Kimssi restaurants scattered across the country. While you can easily find their chains in major cities like Busan and Daegu, in Seoul, the Sinjeongnegeori Station Branch stands as the exclusive destination for meat enthusiasts to savor their mouth-watering samgyeopsal and moksal. 

    How to get to the Sinjeongnegeori Station Branch:

    To reach the Majangdong Kimssi Sinjeongnegeori Station Branch (마장동김씨 신정네거리역점), you can take Seoul subway line 2 (green line) and transfer to a train bound for Kkachisan (까치산) at Sindorim station. From there, disembark at Sinjeongnegeori Station. Upon exiting at exit 4, enter the first alleyway and proceed straight for approximately two minutes. Then, take a left at the end of the street. Continue walking straight for another two minutes, and you’ll spot the distinctive orangish brick facade of the restaurant nestled right at the corner along the road.

    Impressions of Majangdong Kimssi:

    While the brand promises exceptional meat quality, I must admit that their moksal doesn’t quite live up to the hype. It doesn’t stand out compared to other meat cooking restaurants in Korea. However, their samgyeopsal is truly outstanding! It is the best pork belly I’ve ever tasted, and the reason I find myself returning to Majangdong Kimssi whenever I crave high-quality pork grills. The most delightful aspect of their samgyeopsal is leaving the thinly sliced morsels on the briquette grill until they turn scrumptiously brown.

    Besides their delectable three-layered pork, the common Korean cuisines served at Majangdong Kimssi are also impeccable and consistently savory. I adore every dish in the shiksaryu (식사류 – a single meal genre) section, and they come at surprisingly affordable prices. Even the meat options can be as low as 21,500 KW per person.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend Majangdong Kimssi to anyone seeking an exceptional samgyeopsal experience. The food and ingredients are remarkably fresh and clean, enhancing the overall deliciousness of the grilled dishes. It’s the kind of place you’ll likely want to revisit after your first try.

    Pachae Ramyeon (파채라면)

    Mulnaengmyeon (물냉면)

    Kkotge-doenjang-jjigae (꽃게된장찌개)

    Access Map:

    Essential Info:

    About Majangdong Kimssi Sinjeongnegeori Branch

    Operating Hours:
    16:00-01:00 (Mon - Fri)
    12:00-01:00 (Sat)
    12:00-23:00 (Sun)

    Address: 서울 양천구 중앙로34길 17 마장동김씨 신정네거리역점
    Naver Map: Link

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