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Checking in Pohang at Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Filming Locations

I am well aware that writing about what the title suggests might be considered late. Undoubtedly, countless articles have already been published online, extensively guiding readers through the picturesque city of Pohang and its various locations used to portray the fictional Gonjin Village in the highly successful 2021 K-TV series, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (갯마을 차차차).

Nevertheless, I am eager to share my own experiences with fellow enthusiasts of the show during my time in this significant coastal town of Korea. Even for someone like me, who is not the most avid TV watcher, following in the footsteps of a broadcast production proved to be an enjoyable pursuit.

Our group consisted of four individuals, two of whom were fervent fans of Chief Hong, the main male character from the series. As we embarked on our journey from Seoul to the southeastern coast, traversing the road by car, it took us roughly three and a half hours to reach Cheongha-myeon, the second northernmost township of Pohang, where Cheongha Market lies. If your primary purpose for visiting this area is to trace the healing scenes of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, then this location serves as an excellent starting point for your exciting quest.

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    Cheongha Market

    Nestled in the heart of Pohang, Cheongha Market, also known as Cheongha O-il-jang (청하5일장), comes alive five times a week with its bustling local charm. This vibrant market served as the backdrop for the heartwarming Gongjin Market in the serie. Walking through its lively stalls not only allows you to immerse yourself in the show’s settings, but it also showcases the city’s commitment to tourism rejuvenation. Pohang has thoughtfully preserved the filming facilities, enhancing the market with modern amenities like ample parking space, clean restrooms, CCTV surveillance, and informative filming location signboards.

    No matter if you arrive in Pohang without a clear idea of where to follow your favorite show’s trail, fear not! These well-placed signboards will act as your trusty cheat sheets. Simply snap a photo of the board, and you’ll have all the information you need to direct a taxi driver to the nearest filming destination. Let this be the start of your fun-filled excursion, tracing the footsteps of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha in this delightful coastal town.

    At Cheongha Market, you can look forward to discovering several captivating film sets, which include Bora Supermarket (보라슈퍼), Cheongho Hardware Store (청호철물), Gongjin Restaurant (공진반점), the Squid Tower (오징어탑), and Oyun Cafe (오윤카페).

    Bora Supermarket (보라슈퍼)

    Gongjin Restaurant (공진반점)

    Cheongho Hardware Store (청호철물)

    Squid Tower (오징어탑)

    Oyun Cafe (오윤카페)

    Naver Map: Bora Super
    경북 포항시 북구 청하면 청하로200번길 1 보라슈퍼

    Cheongjin 3-ri Fishermen’s Welfare Center

    As we embarked on our journey to the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region, where Pohang City awaits, I made the most of the time on the road by delving into the captivating show centered around a blossoming love story in the picturesque Gonjin Seaside Village. During this enlightening moment, I discovered that Yoon Hye-jin, the female lead character, is portrayed as a dentist, and the location chosen for her dental clinic can be found nearby the Cheongjin 3 Ri Breakwater, situated in the same township as Cheongha Market.

    The set for her office is located on the second floor of Cheongjin 3 Ri Fishermen Welfare Center, offering a breathtaking view overlooking the East Sea. While the greenish banner, adorned with the clinic’s fictitious name and contact info, still graces the exterior, and the entire floor boasts a meticulously crafted interior resembling an actual infirmary, unfortunately, visitors are not permitted to enter the building. For fans, this restriction might initially seem disappointing, and some may question whether it’s worth a visit. However, I firmly believe that the location compensates with numerous merits to offer.

    The surrounding picturesque views of the bustling port and gently swaying fishing boats are a treat for the eyes. Moreover, there’s a hipster-style coffee shop adjacent to the welfare center and a delightful Tonkatsu (돈가스) restaurant with an ocean view nearby. These options present an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

    Furthermore, if you happen to visit the welfare center after exploring Cheongha Market, you’ll likely pass by one of the city’s landmarks, the Igari Anchor Observatory Deck. This scenic spot is an absolute must for a photo shoot, ensuring you capture unforgettable memories. Despite the restrictions on entering the set, the overall experience offers plenty of rewarding encounters and stunning sights for anyone exploring the charm of Pohang City.

    Naver Map: Cheongjin 3 Ri Fishermen Welfare Center
    경북 포항시 북구 청하면 해안로 1884-2 청진3리어민복지회관

    Seokbyeong 1-ri Breakwaters

    In the scenic expanse of Pohang City’s coastline, you’ll discover a myriad of breakwaters and lighthouses adorning the shores. Among them, there is a distinctive red lighthouse that holds special meaning in the love story of Chief Hong and Hye-jin, making several noteworthy appearances in the show. This iconic lighthouse stands proudly at the tip of Seokbyeong 1 Ri Breakwater, gracefully nestled in the enchanting Guryongpo-eup.

    Even though the breakwater appears to be situated in a secluded and distant part of the filming locations, our fellow travelers were resolute in checking it off their bucket list. The reason being that Chief Hong’s House set is conveniently positioned just before the pathway leading to the lighthouse. For devoted fans of Kim Seon-ho, the talented actor behind the character Hong Doo-shik, this spot became an absolute must-stop destination on our journey.

    Kindly take note that the green-roofed house, which served as the residence of Hong Doo-shik in the show, is privately owned and currently inhabited by a family. As such, we kindly request that you refrain from entering the property. While passing by, please maintain a respectful silence and avoid causing any disturbances to the local residents when approaching or leaving the premises. Showing consideration for the privacy and peace of the homeowners is greatly appreciated.

    Naver Map: Seokbyeong 1 Ri Breakwater
    경북 포항시 남구 구룡포읍 석병리
    Naver Map: Chief Hong’s House
    Gyeongsangbuk-do Pohang-si Nam-gu Ilchul-ro 204beon-gil 15

    To sum up, I thoroughly enjoyed using the reference photos as a guide for our mission and embarking on an exciting hunt to find the filming spots. It’s incredible how many Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha locations are scattered throughout Pohang City. Regrettably, due to time constraints, we couldn’t explore all of them beyond what was mentioned earlier. However, for those seeking more alternatives, I’ve compiled a short list below. I sincerely hope that your experience in the real-life Gongjin Village will deepen your love for Korea’s enchanting east coast even further~:)

    Other Locations

    Wolpo Beach: Chief Hong’ surfing scenes
    Address: 경북 포항시 북구 청하면 해안로2394번길
    Sabang Memorial Park: Boat on the hill
    Address: 경북 포항시 북구 흥해읍 해안로 1801
    Gonyunsan Mountain: Featured in the scene with Chief Hong and Ji Seong-hyun standing before ocean panoramic view  
    Address: 경북 포항시 북구 흥해읍 칠포리
    Sea Punggyeong: A seafood restaurant featured Hye-jin and Chief Hong having lunch together
    Address: 경북 포항시 북구 흥해읍 죽천길 109
    Yangpo Port: Seafood auction location
    Address: 경북 포항시 남구 장기면 양포리

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