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Capturing the Beauty of Autumn in Seoul: Exploring Namsan Baekbeom Square Park

Baekbeom Square Park (백범광장공원) is a beloved destination among photographers, renowned for its captivating scenes that have become favorites on social media. The park features the iconic Seoul Tower perched atop Namsan Mountain, with a short segment of Seoul city’s wall (서울 한양도성) in sight adding to its charm. These images have circulated widely on the internet, captivating the attention of viewers, including my own. Eager to witness the beauty firsthand, I recently had the opportunity to visit this stunning park during the peak of autumn. The surroundings had transformed into a vibrant paradise, with trees adorned in hues of red, orange, and gold. 

In this article, I am excited to share the incredible autumn shots that can be captured in Baekbeom Square Park. I hope you enjoy this visual journey and find inspiration in the vibrant colors and enchanting landscapes of this remarkable place. 

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    Brief Introduction to Baekbeom Square Park:

    Baekbeom Square Park is a plaza and park located on Namsan Mountain in Hoehyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. It is named after the pseudonym of Baekbeom Kim Gu (1876-1949), a leader, educator, and politician who symbolized the spirit of patriotism that led to Korea’s independence. In 1969, a statue of Baekbeom Kim Gu was erected in the square to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his death. Due to its picturesque scenery, Baekbeom Square has also served as a filming location for popular Korean dramas such as “Itaewon Class” and “If You Like It.”

    Best Photo Spots to Capture Autumn Foliage at Baekbeom Square Park:

    Given the park’s expansive size, there are numerous spots that offer stunning vistas. Here are some of the ultimate locations to capture the beauty of autumn:

    Sopa Road (소파로):

    Sopa Road is a scenic path running alongside the park’s western walls, leading up to Namsan Mountain. Lined with deciduous trees such as ginkgos, red maples, and zelkovas, this road provides an excellent vantage point for photographing Seoul Tower. Anticipate capturing impressive shots of this iconic city landmark framed by vibrant autumn foliage in the foreground. For photography enthusiasts who appreciate composition and framing, Sopa Road is a true paradise.

    A Photo Shot From Sopa Road

    Arranged Photo Spot:

    Within the park, not far from the statue of Baekbeom Kim Gu, you’ll find a designated photo zone and viewpoint. From this spot, you can capture magnificent scenes of Seoul Tower and the surrounding cityscape. Be sure to bring your camera to this location, as it promises stunning and clear shots of the tower.

    A Photo Shot From The Photo Zone Platform

    Silver Grass Field in Front of Lee Si-young Statue:

    Another notable feature within the park is a statue of Lee Si-young (이시영선생상), a former vice president. A meandering street in front of the statue leads downhill, passing through a field of silver grass. During the fall season, the golden hue of the grass creates one of the most enchanting sights imaginable.

    The Field of Silver Grass

    Namsan Tower Featured Golden Hue of Silver Grass

    At the End of the Walking Trail Near the Main Entrance:

    If your visit to Baekbeom Square Park is solely to capture the iconic shot that has gone viral on the internet, mark this spot on your list. Located at one end of the city’s wall, closer to the main entrance, this area offers a panoramic view of the park, encompassing all its remarkable elements: the wall, Seoul Tower, and the scattered red hues of maple trees. As you linger at this spot, don’t forget to turn around and face your camera lens towards Sowol Road, where another amazing vista awaits!

    Baekbeom Square Park Iconic Shot

    The view of Sowol Road captured from Baekbeom Square Park

    Sowol-ro (소월로):

    Sowol-ro, also known as Sowol Road, stretches from the main entrance of the park downhill towards Hoehyeon Station of Seoul Subway Line 4. Walking down this road provides an additional bonus. Close to the station, on the left footpath, you will find an elevator that leads to Seoullo 7017 skypark. This platform offers a breathtaking view overlooking Toegye-ro (퇴계로) Road and the branching sky garden of Seoullo 7017. At the far end of the skywalk, the iconic greenish dome of Seoul Station Central Hall stands beautifully amidst a jungle of towering buildings, providing a spectacular view worthy of a visit!

    Seoullo 7017 Skypark Stretching Along Toegye-ro

    There you have it—my tips for capturing stunning photos at Namsan Park’s Baekbeom Square. These locations offer a perfect blend of the city’s landmarks and the vibrant autumn foliage. I hope this post helps you make the most of your visit to the park. Thank you for stopping by my website!

    Access Map:

    Quick Info About Namsan Park Baekbeom Plaza:

    Address: 서울 중구 회현동1가 100-115
    Naver Map: Link
    Admission Fee: Free
    Nearest Subway: Hoehyeon Station (Line 4) Exit 4
    Date of My Visit: November 5, 2022

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