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Konjiam Ski Resort Review: A Fun Day Trip from Seoul at the Beginning of the Ski Season in Korea

This past weekend marked the official kickoff of the ski season in Korea. Numerous ski resorts throughout the country, including Konjiam Ski Resort, have been presenting enticing deals to celebrate the commencement of the snowy adventure season. We seized the opportunity to partake in this fantastic offer. In this post, I’ll recount our day trip to Konjiam Ski Resort, one of Seoul’s closest skiing destinations, and divulge all the details about our visit during the initial days of the season. This account aims to provide you with insights into what to anticipate if you’re considering hitting the slopes in Korea during the early days of December!

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    Konjiam Ski Resort Overview:

    Nestled in Gwangju City within Gyeonggi Province, just 50 kilometers south of Seoul, Konjiam Ski Resort is renowned for its iconic Hwadam Botanic Garden. Conveniently reachable within a 40-minute drive from Gangnam District, this resort stands as the premier skiing destination in the capital area. Offering an impressive array of nine ski slopes and a fleet of five efficient ski lifts, Konjiam has the capacity to accommodate up to 15,000 enthusiasts per hour for a seamless and thrilling winter sports experience.

    Ski Resort Opening Times in Korea:

    Typically, in Korea, the majority of ski resorts gear up to welcome visitors right at the onset of December. Larger resorts situated farther away from Seoul often commence operations on the first day of December. However, those in closer proximity to the capital, like Konjiam and Jisan Ski Resort, tend to open their doors a bit later, within a few days or a week after the month begins. If you’re as excited about the season as I am and eager to hit the slopes as soon as they open, here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

    What to Expect When Visiting During the Early Days of the Ski Season:

    Discounted Lift Tickets:

    Following the announcement of the season’s opening day, many ski resorts in Korea typically unveil discounted deals for their lift tickets. Some resorts even offer bundled packages that include special accommodations and lift ticket combinations for visitors to relish the onset of the winter season. It’s worth noting that while these discounted packages are enticing, they are only available for a limited time. For instance, Konjiam Ski Resort recently promoted a 50% discount on lift tickets for three days, spanning from the inaugural day of their 2023-2024 ski season on December 8 to December 10.

    Reduced Crowds:

    One notable advantage of visiting a ski resort at the start of the season is the likelihood of encountering fewer people. When we went to Konjiam Ski Resort on its second day of opening, which happened to be a Saturday – a prime day for such activities – the crowd was surprisingly sparse. Finding a parking spot was a breeze, and even in the late afternoon, there was hardly a line at the lift platform. Such a scenario is quite rare during the peak season in January!

    Limited Slope Choices:

    The reduced number of available slopes during the opening week is primarily due to the lower volume of visitors. At Konjiam, only three out of nine slopes were open – two intermediate and one beginner. This is a notable downside of an early visit, as your choices for courses are limited. If you’re an experienced skier or snowboarder, the lack of access to advanced pistes may leave you wanting more, potentially leading to some boredom.

    Suboptimal Snow Conditions:

    My primary concern during the visit revolved around the snow conditions. The entire week had seen warm weather, and on the day of our visit, the average temperature was 14 degrees Celsius – the warmest day I’ve ever experienced for snowboarding. Surprisingly, the ski resort was still operational. While there was indeed snow on the slopes, it’s essential to be aware that when the entirety of the snow is artificial, coupled with relatively high air temperatures, you’ll encounter thin and icy surfaces rather than the desired fluffy and thick layers of snow.

    Additional Information about Konjiam Ski Resort:

    Suitability for First-time Skiers/Snowboarders at Konjiam:

    Similar to many ski resorts in Korea, Konjiam provides a particularly welcoming setting for first-time skiers and snowboarders. The resort features a variety of beginner hills, all equipped with protective barriers to establish clearly defined courses, minimizing the risk of inadvertently straying off the intended path.

    Choosing Between Resort and External Rentals for Snow Gear:

    The decision of whether to rent snow gear from outside or within the resort hinges on your preference for convenience and your transportation arrangements. Opting for resort services streamlines the process, eliminating the need for an extra stop at an external rental shop. While prices may be slightly higher, the convenience may outweigh the cost difference. 

    However, if you have your own vehicle, I highly recommend exploring external rental options. Numerous ski/snowboard rental shops in close proximity, particularly those adjacent to Konjiam, exude a modern and trendy vibe. External rentals typically offer a broader selection of equipment and apparel, often at a slightly lower cost compared to resort rentals. During our visit, we discovered a newly opened rental shop called ‘Konjiam Rental Shop‘ which, being a fresh venture, presented a range of new and pristine gear. They also offered fantastic deals to promote their business, and we opted for a 6-hour rental of a snowboard and boots, costing only 19,900 KRW!

    Getting to Konjiam Ski Resort Without Driving:

    Navigating your way to Konjiam is a straightforward task, even if you don’t have access to a car. Consider the following convenient options:

    By Bus:

    If you’re journeying from Seoul, several bus routes connect to Konjiam Resort:

    • Bus 1113-1: Runs from Gangbyeon Station to Konjiam Bus Terminal (Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes).
    • Bus 500-1: Travels from Jamsil Station to Konjiam Bus Terminal (Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes).
    • Bus 500-2: Operates from Samseong Station to Konjiam Bus Terminal (Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes).

    For those arriving from other cities in Korea, initial bus routes can be taken to Gonjiam Terminal, Icheon Bus Terminal, Yongin Bus Terminal, or Seongnam Bus Terminal. Subsequently, transfer to another bus that directly reaches Konjiam Resort.

    By Train/Subway:

    For those who prefer train or subway travel, follow these steps:

    • Take the Sinbundang Line from Seoul to Pangyo Station.
    • Transfer to the Gyeonggang Line at Pangyo Station.
    • Alight at Gonjiam Station.
    • From Gonjiam Station, you can easily hail a taxi to reach Konjiam Resort.
    Konjiam Resort Shuttle Bus Service:

    For the 23/24 winter season, Konjiam Resort offers a convenient shuttle bus service from Seoul. The bus connects Exit 4 of Jamsil Station in Seoul’s Songpa-gu directly to the resort. Reservations can be made online or by phone, with English inquiries accommodated. The pricing details are as follows:

    • One-way: 20,000 KRW
    • Round-trip: 38,000 KRW
    • Free for children up to 3 years of age

    You can find the bus timetable here.

    Tour Packages:

    And if you’re all about the smooth-sailing tour experience, these handy tour packages might just catch your fancy:

    And that’s a wrap! If you’ve stuck around till now, you’ve pretty much got the lowdown on hitting up a Korean ski resort during its opening season and what’s in store at Konjiam Ski Resort. I hope this post amps up your winter adventure vibes and nudges you to dive deeper into Korea, even when it’s freezing. Cheers to more cool travels!

    Access Map:

    Quick Info About Konjiam Ski Resort:

    Address: 경기 광주시 도척면 도척윗로 278 
    Naver Map: Link
    Operating Hours: 9:00AM ~ 12:00AM
    Number of Slopes: 9
    Longest Course: 2,200m
    Lift Ticket: 64,000KW~76,000KW (4 hours)

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