Autumn in Korea

A Walk Along Hyoja Street: One of Seoul’s Most Beautiful Paths for Autumn Foliage Viewing

Seoul, the bustling capital city of South Korea, is known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant cultural attractions. Among the many picturesque locations scattered throughout the city, one standout destination for autumn foliage viewing is Hyoja-ro (효자로), located along the western walls of Gyeongbokgung Palace in the charming neighborhood of Tongui-dong.

Stretching approximately 1.3 kilometers, Hyoja-ro is a road adorned with fully grown ginkgo trees, creating a breathtaking avenue that attracts locals and tourists alike. The street is so renowned for its autumnal beauty that it has been affectionately dubbed “Gaeul Danpung Gil” on Naver Map, which translates to “autumn leaves street” in Korean. During the fall season, when the leaves transform into vibrant hues of gold and orange, Hyoja Street becomes a captivating tapestry of colors.

Beyond its natural splendor, Hyoja Street offers visitors a wealth of cultural and artistic experiences. The area is dotted with art galleries and culture exhibition halls, providing opportunities to explore the vibrant arts scene of Seoul. These creative spaces showcase a diverse range of artworks, allowing art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the local cultural landscape. Whether you are a seasoned art lover or simply appreciate aesthetic beauty, these galleries along Hyoja Street are sure to captivate your senses.

At the end of the street awaits a unique attraction, the Cheongwadae Sarangchae Museum. This museum offers visitors a chance to delve into the rich tapestry of Korean culture and learn about the history of former Korean presidents. As you explore the exhibits, you’ll gain valuable insights into the nation’s heritage and its journey through time. The Cheongwadae Sarangchae (청와대사랑채) Museum is a testament to South Korea’s enduring traditions and its remarkable progress as a nation.

One of the highlights of a stroll along Hyoja Street is the awe-inspiring view of Bukaksan Mountain (북악산). Rising majestically behind the Cheongwadae, the official residence of the president of South Korea, Bukaksan Mountain provides a stunning backdrop to the already captivating scenery. The juxtaposition of nature and urban splendor creates a harmonious setting that will leave you in awe. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture this remarkable sight and immortalize your visit to Hyoja Street.

Getting to Hyoja Street is a breeze, thanks to Seoul’s efficient transportation system. The most convenient way to reach the street is by taking the Seoul Subway to Gyeongbokgung Station on Line 3. From there, simply exit through either exit 4 or 5, and you will find yourself a stone’s throw away from this enchanting destination. The accessibility of Hyoja Street makes it an ideal choice for both locals and tourists seeking a tranquil escape from the bustling city.

As autumn casts its magical spell over Seoul, there is no better place to experience the beauty of the season than Hyoja Street. With its vibrant foliage, artistic allure, and stunning views, this picturesque pathway offers a feast for the senses. Whether you’re seeking a serene walk amidst nature’s splendor or a cultural immersion in Seoul’s artistic scene, a visit to Hyoja Street will leave you with cherished memories and a deep appreciation for the wonders of autumn in South Korea’s capital city.

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Access Map

Quick Info About Hyoja-ro

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 창성동 23-1
Naver Map: Link
Nearest Subway: Gyeongbokgung Station (Line 3) Exit 4, 5

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