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Café MAYB: A Brunch Lover’s Paradise in Seoul

In Seoul, there’s an explosion of brunch spots popping up left and right. But not all of them check all the boxes. You know, having a spacious place where you can chill and eat comfortably, or gather with a big group of friends. And let’s not forget about the menu—tons of brunch options available all day long. Oh, and a drool-worthy selection of desserts and refreshing drinks. Guess what? There’s this amazing café in Seoul called Café May-B (메이비카페) in Guro District that ticks off all these boxes. In this post, I’ll spill the beans on why it’s become one of my all-time favorite brunch spots.

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    May-B has Egg Benedict on the menu:

    May-B has the most amazing Egg Benedict on their menu! That’s what initially attracted Tun and myself to this place. While I’m a fan of any brunch dish with crispy bacon and scrambled eggs, Tun’s absolute favorite is Egg Benedict. It’s like finding a hidden treasure because it’s so rare to come across a brunch café that serves this heavenly combination of poached eggs on toast. And finding a place that actually makes a delicious plate of eggs benedict? Let’s just say the odds are not in our favor. But then we stumbled upon May-B, and it was love at first bite! Not only do they have this unique dish on the menu, but according to Tul, the quality of their eggs benedict is simply outstanding. Every time we visit, the chef manages to deliver a consistently amazing experience, both in terms of taste and ingredients.

    MAYB’s Egg Benedict (15,500 Won)

    Spacious seating area and warm atmosphere:

    Whenever I need a peaceful spot to work on my blog, I always find myself gravitating towards May-B. I sink into one of their comfy couches, sip on my all-time favorite vanilla cold brew, and let the relaxing vibes take over. The place is huge, with ample space that feels like being inside a charming wooden barn, surrounded by tantalizing aromas. But here’s the real game-changer—during the winter months, they light up indoor fire pits that create a cozy and homely ambiance, making you want to stay and linger for hours. And when the weather warms up, their outdoor seating is equally delightful. You’ll find a row of earthy wooden chairs and tables arranged on their long and narrow terrace. They tend to be quite popular because they offer the best vantage point to soak in the summer vibes while relishing the delectable offerings from May-B.

    May-B’s outdoor seating area, typically unavailable during colder months, transforms into a cozy and popular spot during the summer season.

    An indoor fire pit is lit up during the winter season at May-B

    They have a thick book of menu filled with delectables:

    Their menu is like a thick book filled with culinary delights. Of course, they serve the most delicious eggs benedict, but that’s just the beginning. May-B offers a wide range of brunch options that you can enjoy from morning till night. And let’s not forget about their incredible beverage selection. Whether you’re a fan of hand dripped coffee, cold brew, tea, lattes, or refreshing icy blends, they have something for everyone.

    But wait, there’s more! They have two separate counter tables and two large glass shelves that display an array of delectable desserts for those with a sweet tooth. Picture delicate slices of cake, aromatic banana bread, colorful macarons, and cookies in all shapes and sizes. The best part? These treats are freshly prepared every day. You can even catch a glimpse of the skilled bakers in the baking room located across from the pick-up and return counter. It’s truly a sight to behold!

    The baking room is situated on the left, just behind the row of delectable pastries

    This is why I find myself spending entire days at May-B. I start with a flavorful brunch plate, followed by a delightful cup of joe and a scrumptious brownie while working on my pending blog entries. And when evening comes, I treat myself to a lovely pasta dish for dinner. They have it all!

    Here are just a few items we’ve ordered from May-B’s extensive menu:

    Big Brunch (plate on the right): 22,000 Won

    Avocado Shrimp Salad: 15,500 Won

    BTL Sandwich: 12,500 Won

    Pepperoni Pizza: ~20,000 Won

    Truffle Bacon Cream Pasta: 17,500 Won

    Soft Crab Rose Risotto (16,000 Won) + Hamburger Steak (17,000 Won)

    Pork Rib Platter (34,500 Won) + Kimchi Pilaf (12,000 Won)

    Conveniently Accessible:

    May-B couldn’t be easier to reach! It’s situated just a stone’s throw away from Guro Digital Complex Station on Seoul Subway Line 2. As you step out of exit 3, you’ll find yourself only a minute away from this delightful spot. It’s unbelievably convenient.

    If you’re planning to drive to May-B, fret not. There’s a spacious parking lot right next to the establishment. It’s shared with a golf club, but don’t worry—there’s plenty of space for everyone. The best part? Whether you’re a restaurant patron or visiting the sports club, you can park there for free. It’s a win-win situation!

    Entrance to May-B’s spacious parking lot

    Ideal Hub for Rental Cars:

    Here’s another fantastic aspect of visiting May-B—it’s a prime location for picking up a rental car. If you’re planning a trip outside of Seoul, rental cars can be your go-to means of transportation, and May-B has you covered. Inside its parking lot, you’ll find a variety of Green Cars, provided by the renowned Korean car-sharing platform, Green Car. It’s incredibly convenient to have these vehicles right at your disposal.

    But that’s not all. Just a few minutes away from May-B, there’s a parking area located right underneath the train station, offering even more options for rental cars. At this spot, you’ll find a wider selection of vehicles from SoCar, another popular car rental brand in Korea, compared to Green Car.

    Early Opening Hours:

    One of the things I absolutely love about May-B is its early opening hour. Unlike many cafes in Seoul that open as late as 11 am, May-B starts welcoming guests at 8:30 am. It’s a rarity to find a place that offers such an early start to the day. Not only that, but May-B also extends its operating hours until 10 to 11 pm, which is much later than the typical closing times of 7 to 8 pm or even earlier for most brunch spots.

    This makes May-B my go-to destination for a refreshing morning coffee or a delightful breakfast during my getaway trips. Whenever we have to pick up our rented car around the area, which often happens early in the morning, May-B is the perfect spot to kick-start our day. Its early opening hours ensure that we can enjoy a delicious meal or a cup of joe before our adventures begin.

    Important Considerations:

    While there are numerous reasons why May-B has secured a spot on my favorite restaurant list, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind before visiting:

    Higher prices: Undeniably, the quality and deliciousness of every dish at May-B are outstanding. However, it’s worth noting that the prices here are on the higher end. This is because they prioritize generous portions and top-notch ingredients, ensuring a truly satisfying dining experience.

    Limited power outlets: May-B provides a warm and friendly environment for those who want to work while enjoying their visit. However, it’s important to be aware that the number of available power sockets is limited. If you’re planning an extended stay and need to work on your laptops, you may encounter challenges due to the insufficient number of outlets.

    Taking these factors into account will help you have a complete picture of what to expect when visiting May-B. Despite these considerations, the overall experience and exceptional culinary offerings make it a worthwhile destination.

    Access Map:

    Quick Info About Café May-B:

    Address: 서울 구로구 디지털로32나길 51 1층 메이비

    Naver Map:

    Saturday to Monday: 8:30AM~10:00PM
    Tuesday to Thursday: 8:30AM~11:00PM 
    Friday: 8:30AM~11:30PM

    Phone: 02-859-3073

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