Spring in Korea

Gallery: Boramae Park During Springtime

These two sets of photos were captured at Boramae Park during a single spring season, with the second collection taken just a week after the first. Apart from serving as a recreational space for the Sindaebang neighborhood, the park is renowned for its cherry blossom viewing, particularly for the delightful Kansan variety known in Korean as ‘gyeop-beotkkot’ (겹벚꽃), which boasts a captivating pink hue.

  • Fujifilm X-A5 + 35mm f1.4 & iPhone 7 plus
  • Location: Boramae Park [Naver Map]
  • Shooting date: 2021.04.03/2021.04.17

Yoshino Cherry Blossom (beotkkot) Shooting

Kansan Cherry Blossom (gyeop-beotkkot) Shooting

Access Map

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