Spring in Korea

Gallery: Discovery Nangok Road During the Season of Spring

I used to reside on the enchanting ‘Nangok-ro’ in the Nangok district, and my old apartment building was conveniently close to Sindaebang Station. While the road itself appeared ordinary, designed to cater to the residential neighborhood, it held a captivating secret that could mesmerize anyone passing by during a particular time of the year.

Every weekday, I walked up one sidewalk in the morning and down the other in the evening, never truly appreciating my surroundings until the arrival of my first spring in this area. One morning, my musings were interrupted by a breathtaking sight of pastel flower buds adorning the footpaths. That’s when I realized the road was graced with blossoming cherry trees. A few days later, these seemingly ordinary pavements transformed into a haven for buzzing bees as the cherry blossoms burst into full bloom.

During the evenings, for the rest of the week, I found myself voluntarily spending extra time strolling along this road, captivated by the soft glow of lights from the storefronts on both sides. This created a romantic and ethereal atmosphere unlike any other neighborhood in Seoul. Each year, as the cooler months waned and warmer weather approached, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the cherished memories I gained in this delightful corner of Nangok. As the season approaches once again, I’ll ensure my camera is ready to capture another beautiful array of cherry blossom pictures along Nangok Road.

  • Camera: Fujifilm X-A5 + 35mm f1.4
  • Edit with: Lightroom
  • Location: Nangok-ro [Naver Map]
  • Shooting date: 2020.04.01/2021.03.26

Shooting in Daylight

Shooting During Nighttime

Access Map

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