Summer in Korea

Summer in Jeoguhang: a Hydrangea Lover’s Paradise

If you’re looking for a picturesque summer destination in Korea to explore, then you definitely should consider putting Jeoguhang (저구항) in Nambu township, Geoje Island on your list. This small port is a hidden gem that transforms into a stunning hydrangea lover’s paradise every year from mid-June to late-July. If you love flowers and want to experience their beauty in a truly unique way, then Jeoguhang is the perfect place for you.

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    What you can expect when visiting Jeoguhang in Summer

    Beyond its transportation function, Jeoguhang is home to one of the biggest hydrangea clusters you can find in Korea’s southern region. During the summer months, the inclined promenade that stretches along the waterfront of the port will be covered in a sea of blue and white hydrangeas with some pink interspersed, creating a stunning scene that is simply ethereal and mesmerizing.

    One of the most amazing things about the hydrangeas in Jeoguhang is the way they contrast against the ocean. When the flowers are in full bloom, they create tons of photo opportunities. 

    You can use them as a frame of a picture of you strolling with the turquoise ocean in the background, or you can sit on one of the wooden benches in front of a drape of hundreds of hydrangeas, or walk down the inclined wooden stairways that are surrounded by beautiful flower shrubberies.

    And to keep your camera even busier, you can also find that there are many photo zones and art installations located throughout the flower field. If you seek to snap some fun shots with these decorations, please note that they are subject to change every year depending on what’s come to the mind of the port’s curator, and what you see during your visit may differ from the pictures included in this post. 

    In addition, to make your visit even more worthwhile, you may want to plan your visit to coincide with the Nambu-myeon hydrangea festival which has been held here since 2018. It is usually organized on either the last weekend of June or the first weekend of July. This two-day event is one of the most significant festivals of the year and is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the hydrangeas while experiencing the local culture. 

    How to get to Jeoguhang

    Getting to the port is easy, as it is accessible via public buses from Gohyeon Bus Terminal in downtown Geoje. The buses include bus no. 54-1, 53, 55-1, 54, and 53-1, all of which can take you no longer than an hour and a half to get to the Jeoguhang. You can also drive there and take advantage of the large parking space established right in front of the passenger terminal. If you want to explore more of the area, you can also visit the Jeoguhang mural village, located by the entrance of the port, where you can admire many colorful graffities.

    All in all, a trip to Jeoguhang during the summer is a great way to enjoy the beauty of hydrangeas, take stunning photographs, and experience local culture. With its breathtaking views, easy access, and numerous photo opportunities, it’s easy to see why Jeoguhang is known as a hydrangea lover’s paradise.

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    Access Map

    Quick Info About Jeoguhang

    Address: 경남 거제시 남부면 저구리

    Naver Map: Link

    Parking Space: Yes

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