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Geunpodonggul Cave: Unmissable Photos Spot on Geoje Island

If you’re planning to visit Geoje Island in South Gyeongsang Province, Korea, you can’t miss Geunpodonggul (근포동굴), also known as Geunpo Cave. It’s the ultimate Instagrammable spot on the island and a must-visit for all photo enthusiasts.

Geunpodonggul is located in Geunpo Village in Nambu Township. It is a twin cave that is said to be a result of tunneling processes during the Japanese colonial period in 1941, for the purposes of mobilizing supply crops and artillery. Today, some parts of the tunnels are used as warehouses while others are neglected, but the twin caves have gained immense popularity due to their stunning visuals. 

The caves’ entrances offer two different cutouts that give an equally breathtaking view. The turquoise ocean provides the perfect backdrop to the caves, making it a perfect spot for taking photos. And the light shining through the cutouts creates a beautiful and eerie ambiance inside the caves, making it a unique experience for visitors.

The 1st Cutout

The 2nd Cutout

Geunpodonggul has become an Instagram sensation due to the stunning silhouettes that you can capture at the entrances. It is highly recommended to visit the cave during sunset, as the golden light adds a beautiful touch to the silhouettes of the caves’ entrances. The golden light and pastel color painted sky add a beautiful touch to the silhouettes of the caves’ entrances.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that Geunpodonggul is a very popular spot. So, if you’re visiting during peak hours, be prepared for a long wait. To avoid the crowds, it’s better to swing by on weekdays or early in the morning. Also, each team is instructed to take no longer than five minutes within each cave, so you need to be mindful of other people waiting in line.

Apart from the caves, you can also take a photo sitting in the cute wooden frame, an installation built not far from the cave’s entrance. It’s another photo op that adds a bonus to visiting Geunpodonggul.

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Access Map

Quick Info About Geunpo Cave 

Address: 경남 거제시 남부면 저구리 489-18

Naver Map: Link

Admission Fee: Free

Parking Space: Yes and Free

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