Wiggle Wiggle Zip: A Colorful and Whimsical Shopping Experience in Seoul

If you’re on the hunt for a unique and playful shopping experience in Seoul, you can’t miss Wiggle Wiggle’s flagship store in Apgujeong – the Wiggle Wiggle Zip (위글위글집). Since its opening in April this year, it has quickly become a must-visit spot for those who are looking for colorful, fun, and whimsical products.

Wiggle Wiggle is a Korean lifestyle brand that’s all about fun and playful designs. From colorful bathrobes and cute home slippers to quirky umbrellas and eye-catching socks, they’ve got a little bit of everything. And now, with their new flagship store, you can experience all of that in one place.

Eye-catching Exterior

Located right next to the Dosan branch of the popular London Bagel Museum, the bleak dark  tone of the store’s exterior is the first thing you’ll notice when visiting the store. It features an ironic black color that appears when all the colors are mixed, adding a fun and playful element to the storefront. It’s a unique and creative way to express the colorful and witty sensibility that Wiggle Wiggle is known for. And once you step inside, you’ll see how the interior is filled with all the colors of the world.

Image Source: @yogigotdaoom

It is said that the store is intentionally designed to look like a compressed copy of Wiggle Wiggle’s colorful world. That is why there is the term “Zip” in the store’s name. Think of it like a compressed version of all the best things that Wiggle Wiggle has to offer! 

What you can anticipate from each floor

One of the coolest things about the store is that it’s designed with the “PhotoPress (Photo+Express) Generation” in mind. You know, the people who love taking pictures and sharing them on social media. And with four floors of unique and photo-friendly spaces, there’s no shortage of opportunities for the perfect shot.

Image Source: @wigglewiggle.zip

1st & 2nd FLOOR

On the first and second floors, you’ll find the cashier and photo booth area, as well as the “Smile Room” which features a range of fun and unique products, including goods for pets and more.


On the third floor, you’ll find the Dress Room, which features a range of fashion and homewear products. But the highlight of this floor is the Flip Room, where all the furniture – including beds and dressing tables – is attached to the ceiling. Step into this new world and let your imagination run wild.

The Store’s Highlight: Flip Room


On the fourth floor, you’ll find “Wiggle Home”, which offers a range of living and tech products that are both practical and stylish. The terrace area is also located on this floor, which is equipped with a range of colorful decorations, including a half-pink car body and a colorful setting that looks like a bus station. The terrace area is the perfect spot to take a break from shopping and soak up the colorful and fun atmosphere of Wiggle Wiggle Zip.

So if you’re in Seoul and looking for a fun and memorable shopping experience, be sure to check out Wiggle Wiggle Zip. It’s a store that’s sure to put a smile on your face and a pop of color in your life.

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Quick Info About Wiggle Wiggle Zip Dosan

Address: 서울 강남구 언주로168길 31

Naver Map: Link

Hours: 11:00AM~8:00PM

Nearest Subway: Apgujeongrodeo (Suin-Bundang Line) Exit 5

Instagram: @wigglewiggle.zip

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