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Green and Blue Hotel – An Affordable Stay in Daegwallyeong, Korea

The other day, while browsing through my phone’s photo gallery, I noticed that I had captured numerous pictures of the Green and Blue Hotel from my trip to Daegwallyeong last winter. Curious about its current status, I checked online and confirmed that the place is still in operation. Considering the approaching peak of the cold season in Korea, I thought it would be beneficial to showcase these photos and share my experience here. This could be especially valuable for those seeking budget-friendly accommodation in an area that once gloriously hosted the Winter Olympics. 

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    Ideal Location:

    Our decision to spend the night at Green and Blue Hotel (그린앤블루 호텔) was primarily driven by its excellent location, perfectly aligned with our winter adventure in Daegwallyeong. For those traveling by car, the hotel is a mere 8-minute drive from both Yongpyong Ski Resort and Alpensia Ski Area. Additionally, Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch, another popular winter destination, is easily accessible within a 10-minute drive. The strategic positioning of Green and Blue Hotel makes it exceptionally convenient for exploring these attractions.

    Yongpyong Ski Resort – The Main Attraction in Pyeongchang

    Budget-Friendly Rate:

    In addition to the strategic location of Green and Blue Hotel, it was the enticing affordability of the deal and its availability that swiftly convinced us. Our stay coincided with a mid-February weekend, and we managed to secure a night for approximately 80,000KRW, even booking at the eleventh hour before our trip commenced. It’s worth noting, however, that prices may rise during the peak skiing period, typically spanning the entire month of January in Korea. Although our reservation was slightly outside the high season, it’s advisable to check for availability and make your reservation promptly. You can use either of the two provided links for this purpose:

    Anticipated Experience at Green and Blue Hotel:

    Having snagged the budget-friendly offer, our expectations were primarily centered around the essential aspects required for a night’s stay, given that the majority of our time was devoted to navigating the snow-covered slopes. Nevertheless, if you’re contemplating making a reservation, here are some key insights to be aware of before your arrival:

    Ambiance and Aesthetic:

    It’s crucial to highlight that Green and Blue Hotel exudes more of a motel ambiance, contrary to what its name might suggest. Therefore, brace yourself for a distinct motel atmosphere. On the exterior, it presented a somewhat weathered appearance, with no evident signs of recent renovations. The interior, while aged, did not convey a sense of dirtiness per se.

    Accommodation and Amenities:

    Being a duo, we opted for the standard room, while the establishment also offers special rooms (특실) catering to larger groups. The standard room proved to be sufficiently comfortable, featuring a set of retro-style furniture in the vicinity of a spacious king-sized bed. Each room boasts a medium-sized window offering views of Mt. Gorupogi (고루포기산).

    The room exuded warmth and coziness, equipped with amenities such as a flat-screen TV, a counter adorned with a large mirror, a compact kettle, and standard complimentary instant coffee and tea.

    Turning attention to the bathroom, it’s worth mentioning that this aspect garnered mixed reviews affecting the property’s star rating. Numerous online comments highlighted issues like unpleasant odors and a less-than-immaculate toilet. Fortunately, our experience differed, as we encountered none of these reported inconveniences. While the bathroom fixtures— including the toilet, wash-up sink, bathtub, and shower head—appeared somewhat dated, they were in acceptable condition and functioned well.

    Additional Insights:

    That covers the fundamental aspects of Green and Blue Hotel’s accommodations. Now, here are some extra tips to enhance your stay if you’re considering a night at this location:

    No Late-Night 7/11: It might be surprising for visitors to Korea, but it’s not uncommon for major convenience store chains in the countryside to close during the night. Despite having at least three 7/11 stores near the hotel, none were open when we sought snacks around 10 PM on a Sunday. Ensure you stock up during the day or be prepared to drive to Hoenggye Rotary, where you can find 24/7 operated stores.

    Limited Parking Space: While there is a parking lot within the property, it’s quite limited. During the bustling winter season, arriving early is advisable; otherwise, you might need to park on the side of the main road outside the hotel.

    On-Site Ski Rental Shop: Although I didn’t personally notice the shop during my visit (likely due to fatigue and hunger), it apparently provides equipment and apparel rental services for both skiers and snowboarders.

    Late-Night Fried Chicken Delight: This tip isn’t directly related to Green and Blue Hotel, but after a day of snowboarding, indulging in a bucket of fried chicken can be incredibly satisfying and delicious! I highly recommend this indulgence; a fried chicken take-out can truly comfort your heart and soul after an exhausting day!

    Access Map:

    Quick Info About Green and Blue Hotel Pyeongchang:

    Address: 강원 평창군 대관령면 대관령로 56 그린블루호텔
    Naver Map: Link
    Hours: Check-in 3:00PM, Check-out 11:00AM

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