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Spring in Seoul – Plum Blossoms at Bongeunsa Temple

After those countless freezing and grim days of winter, the much warmer temperature of March has again brought smiles back on to our faces. There are no intense or prolonged cold spells in the forecast in any part of Korea, so we officially declare that the cold, dark season is over. And for putting up with the cold, spring rewards us with lines of dazzling flowers. In Seoul, Bongeunsa temple is always the first location to receive the celebration of spring. Whenever the popular pink apricot flowers by one of the prayer chambers are spotted, the news spread like a wildfire. This soon attracts a number of photographers whose works will further propagate the beauty of spring at the temple. Not only the scene of the plum blossoms boasting their charm against the traditional Hanok-style tiles that will woo your sight, there are also several other flora in the area posing for attention.  

Gallery: Bongeunsa in Spring


More info about Bongeunsa temple
Hours: 5AM-9PM everyday
Telephone: +82-2-3218-4800
Entrance Fee: Free of charge
Naver Map: 서울 강남구 봉은사로 531 봉은사

All the pictures in this post were taken on 2021.03.03 and 2021.03.14

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