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Spring in Korea – Blooming Daisies on Ganghwa-do

Having seen many pictures online of a small but cute daisy field at Mahogany Coffee made me include Ganghwa-do into my flower hunting place this spring. We got a very good chance to visit the cafe on one of Korean national holidays, the Buddha’s Birthday. This year it was celebrated on May 19 which was also the perfect timing for the daisies to bloom in Ganghwa-do, the fifth largest island in Korea. It normally takes only a 1.5 hour drive from Seoul to Ganghwa county but the road will be pretty busy during weekends and holidays. So, plan your trip to this island well because you do not to wait almost an hour long in the car just to cross over the Ganghwa Bridge (강화대교) like we experienced. You can opt to come here by bus too but be aware of the much less scheduled time for buses to arrive outside the city. 

We eventually arrived late in the afternoon at Mahogany Coffee and as expected, the parking lots were full. The place was jam packed with families and couples who apparently were pretty excited about the daisies at Mahogany Coffee. The better idea here was to explore around a little and we finally got seats at the cafe next door, Cafe Doredore Gangwha Branch. This is actually the place where you can get the matching daisy cake (9,500KW/Slice). It was pretty tasty too and not to mention how instagrammable it would look when you hold the cake in the middle of the daisies. Totally worth a snap. 

While wandering around I also noticed that there were areas around the cafes that went under the form of extension so hopefully there will be more daisies and seats for everyone in the next season of spring.  And in June when all the daisies are long gone, the place will start to shout out its name again with colorful fluffy shrubs of hydrangeas. So, to conclude my plan to see the daisies in Ganghwa-do, this turned out to be one impressive trip I had this spring because I could catch them during their prime. It was the cutest daisy field I have ever seen! Never put Mahogany Coffee and Cafe Doredore off your list when exploring Ganghwa Island.


Naver Map
인천광역시 강화군 화도면 흥왕리 355-21

Naver Map 
Mahogani Ganghwa Branch
인천 강화군 화도면 해안남로1844번길 19

Date of My Visit: 2021.05.19

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